What to do to prevent hair from getting puffed up

  • Jun 15, 2018

Owners of fluffy hair take a variety of measures to tame disobedient ringlets. But it is often such an airy, light image is a nice individual difference. If you certainly decided to change the situation and make your head of hair smooth and obedient, you need to understand the causes of this phenomenon.


  • Why is the hair pounding?
  • What to do to prevent hair from falling out
  • Special hair care products
    • Hair balms
    • Sprays, serums, gels and hair foams
    • Salon treatments
  • Folk remedies for hair care, So they do not crumble
    • Hair rinsers
    • Mask made of burdock or castor oil
    • Honey mask for hair so that it does not tumble
    • Mask made of bread for the hair so that it does not tumble
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Why does the hair get shattered?

The most important and the main reason that hair is heavily worn out is physiology or heredity. In this case, even if you are against curly and fluffy hair, this is very difficult to combat. You can periodically smooth out

the charming curls, but they will appear again and again. It is better to accept such a hair structure as a gift of nature, after all curly hair is not found very often. You can choose an interesting hairstyle for curly hair and make curls a highlight of your appearance.

The second reason for very fluffy hair may be a lack of moisture in the structure of the hair. This can occur in the summer, if you are constantly in the open sun without a hat. The hair condition is negatively affected by a lack of vitamins and a violation of the drinking regime. Hair can be puffed up if it is often exposed to dry hot air. All these problems can be eliminated by making nutrient masks for the hair and taking a complex of vitamins.

Another reason why the hair is very shaken, there may be an excessive infatuation with staining and straightening. All these effects on the hair lead to the fact that they are made dry, brittle and look disobedient sticking strands. Tip one: if you want to be beautiful, do not limit yourself to banal painting and styling of hair, do not forget to feed your hair with useful substances.

Many of us are faced with the fact that hair is shaken after washing. Then it's better to stop drying hair with a hair dryer, this will only aggravate the situation. Wet hair can be combed with a wooden comb and leave to dry at room temperature. It is not necessary to rub the hair extensively with a towel, they will dry without this traumatic procedure.

What to do if your hair does not crumble

If you are determined to deal with fluffy hair, you must abandon the hairdryer and ironing. In case you are in a hurry, and you need to dry your hair quickly, you can turn on the dryer in cold air. Direct the jet of air better to the roots of the hair, not drying them along the length.

Try not to wear synthetic clothes and comb your hair with a wooden comb. Static electricity, which is formed from synthetics, can provoke fluffy strands from your hair. So that when combing the hair is not electrified, sprinkle the comb with water.

What should I do if my hair is very fluffy and you have a very responsible day? Help in this can spray anti-static hair. Such a tool produces different brands, it perfectly helps to lay unruly hairs, besides it does not require flushing. It is only necessary to take into account that it is better to apply indelible products on the hair, avoiding getting to the scalp, deviating from the roots 5 cm.

Pay attention to the hair shampoo that you use. It surely must match your skin type and hair. If your hair is shaking, it is better not to use shampoos to create a volume, they will make your hair even more dry and naughty. After washing the hair, you can use a mask or conditioner, it does not take too long, such a remedy is applied for several minutes and washed off with water.


In any case, an integrated approach is important. If you decide to fight with excessive fluffiness of hair, 2-3 times a year, take vitamin complexes to improve the condition of the hair. Revise your diet, give up unhealthy foods in favor of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, lean meat and fish. Do not forget to drink enough drinking water. Negative on the condition of the hair is smoking.

Special care products for shaving hair

Hair balms

If after washing your hair, the hair is shaken, become unruly, you should use a balm. This remedy carefully cares for the hair, creating on their surface an invisible protective film. Balsams can be ordinary, nutritious, and can contain special additives. For example, the composition of the conditioner balm includes antistatics, so it can be used if the hair is electrified. It happens in the winter, when we constantly wear a hat. And in the composition of the balm rinse added substances that moisturize the hair and clean them from the remaining shampoo. It is better to choose shampoo and balm of one brand. Then these funds will complement each other, not counteract. Balm is selected for your hair type, given the nuances: damaged, dyed, split hair. Most balms are applied to damp hair after washing the head, aged for 2-3 minutes and washed off with water. It is important to remember that balms are applied only to the hair, deviating from the roots 1-2 cm.

Sprays, serums, gels and hair sponges

Hair products, so that they do not tumble, there are a great many, and from different manufacturers. The most important task is to choose what is right for you. There are many recommendations, but it is best to select them experimentally. Do you know what shampoo is right for your hair? Means and other means on leaving it is better to choose from this trade mark. If you have thin, fluffy hair, the means for making hair smooth and leveling should be very light, otherwise they will do harm instead of good.

To prevent hair from getting stuck, when laying it is necessary to give preference to wax, not to varnishes and gels. The varnish can dry out the already dry, fluffy curls, and the wax heavens and creates a protective film on the hairs.

Salon procedures

If the hair is curled and frayed, you can only align them by ironing. But there are also salon procedures for giving hair smoothness. Weighting your hair and making them stop fluffing will help laminate hair. All the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure you can discuss with the master hairdresser. Currently, beauty salons offer different types of hair lamination. Shevelura after this procedure looks delicious, but not all girls can afford. The downside is that lamination eliminates the furry hair for only 3-5 weeks. This procedure for hair straightening is considered absolutely harmless, even on the contrary, after lamination hair is reliably protected from the effects of dry air and drying. But experts say that if you have weakened, dry and damaged hair, then in the beginning they should be treated.

Folk remedies for hair care so that they do not crumble

To make your hair smooth and healthy, you can take advantage of the experience of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They were real sorceresses! Without any salons and cosmetics there, they kept their hair healthy and beautiful for years to come.


Hair rinsers

It's easy to make a rinse with your own hands. From the first time, the effect of equalizing the hair will not be visible, but as you apply the hair will become shiny and well-groomed.

  1. Rinser with lemon. Take in equal proportions lemon juice and water, mix. Apply to damp, washed hair, spread over the entire length. To wash a head it is not necessary. Dry your hair without a hair dryer.
  2. Rinser made of chamomile.2 tsp. Dry chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water, cover, insist 15 minutes. Filtered with infusion, rinse blonde hair. Instead of chamomile, you can prepare for the same prescription infusions of burdock or hops. Rinser from the bark of oak is suitable for caring for dark hair. Such an infusion will strengthen the hair and give them a shiny, well-groomed appearance.

Mask from burdock or castor oil


If you have very dry hair, then this mask will suit you perfectly. Burdock and castor oil have long been used to strengthen and restore damaged hair. A mask of oils can be recommended if the tips of hair are shredded and cut off. Warm the warm oil on the scalp and hair, cover the head with a shower cap and a towel. The duration of the mask is quite long - at least 2 hours. After that, wash the hair with shampoo.

Honey mask for hair, so as not to crumble

This mask gives a delightful result. If you ever tried the effect of honey on your hair, you will forever remain a fan of this mask. Folk remedies recommend making a honey mask for the night, but if you are uncomfortable to sleep at night, keep the mask longer in the daytime. Melt honey in a water bath, apply on hair. After the procedure, wash the hair with warm water. Even after the first application, the hair will become silky and shiny.

Mask made of bread for the hair so that it does not tumble

This mask can be used for weighting hair. After several sessions you will notice that your hair has become shiny and well-groomed.200 g of crumb of rye bread is poured with warm water and left until softening. Press the water, crush the crumb and mix with the egg yolk. Add 1 tsp to the mixture. Olive oil or a few drops of the oil solution of vitamins A and E. Blend the mixture on the hair and scalp, cover and hold for half an hour. The disadvantage of this mask is the complexity of its washing off, but the excellent condition of the hair compensates for this deficiency. It is better to apply the mask in a course of 5-6 procedures, then the result will be obvious.

What to do, so that the hair does not crumble. Video

Tip: what to do if the hair is dry and fluffy?