Rhapsody: features of the hairstyle

  • Jun 15, 2018

Very fashionable once the haircut Rhapsody remember, probably only our mothers. However, today this seemingly retro hairstyle, again in a trend and conquering more and more hearts of young modern girls.


  • Fashion on the 90th returned to the haircut Rhapsody
  • Features hairstyles Rhapsody
  • Types haircut Rhapsody
    • Haircut Rhapsody on short hair
    • Haircut Rhapsody on medium hair
    • Haircut Rhapsody on long hair
    • Haircut Rhapsody with bang on photo
  • Step-by-step algorithm according to the cutting scheme Rhapsody
    • Classical haircut Rhapsody
    • Upgraded haircut Rhapsody
  • manuals laying haircut Rhapsody
    • Laying haircut hairdryer Rhapsody
    • Laying utjuzhkom haircut Rhapsody
    • Laying curling hairstyle Rhapsody
  • Haircut Rhapsody and technology performance painting
  • Video haircuts Rhapsody

This haircut is not in vain become popular again becauseIt gives the volume to any hairstyle, even if you have thin hair, due to its multilayeredness. Hairstyle is so versatile that after washing its h

ead it does not require practically no styling and it looks amazing on the representatives of the fair sex of any age. This style is suitable for creating absolutely any image.

Technology of haircuts Rhapsody is unique also because for rare and thin hair it adds volume and gives shape to a hairdo that is not lost during the day. For thick hair Rhapsody is also considered the best option, because it allows you to remove the weight of the hair and gives them lightness. Rhapsody can be cut to any length of hair and wear it with or without a bang.

Fashion for the 90s returns in the haircut Rhapsody


Today, absolutely all fashion houses and stylists are focusing on the fashion of the end of the last century, namely, the 90's. If we compare today's fashion shows with the fashion of those years, we will find much in common. This bohemian style of boho, and clothes in the style of "boyfriend" allegedly stolen from your lover, and stylish melted hairstyles of those years. Today's fashion does not bypass the universal hairstyle of Rhapsody.

A fashionable splash on this hairstyle occurred after the television series "Friends", where the favorite of all men Rachel( actress Jennifer Aniston) appears with surprisingly chic hair. All the women of the world demanded from the hairdressers "Rachel's hair" with her voluminous cap and streaked strands. The hair of the actress became her business card, and her hair was recognized as the most desired for fashionistas.

Another representative of the fashion of the 90's is actress Cameron Diaz. This blonde also loves the haircut of Rhapsody and has not changed this style for many years. Probably, because Cameron is a sports girl and does not like to mess around with hair styling, and the profession requires a stylish image always. Her Rhapsody without a bang perfectly looked in the film "Charlie's Angels", whatever the actress's tricks did not perform.

Features of the hairdo Rhapsody


The main feature of the haircut technique Rhapsody is the method of laying strands one on top of another. The technique is very similar to the Cascade, in which the hair is cut under the slope of the ladder, but in the Rhapsody haircut all the strands are abundantly milled and layered. Thus, the voluminous cap easily fits itself and keeps the shape, and the remaining strands lie easily and freely.

Referring to the photo, the haircut Rhapsody along the length of the hair and the volume on the vertex is not the same, and near the face of the hair is cut with a ladder. The height of the cap can be made shorter and longer. Too short a crown is not recommended only to owners of curly hair, since it will have too much volume.

Another advantage of this hairstyle is that any, even naughty hair, always lie very nicely and do not get tangled, since the volume of hair is divided into levels. A haircut in Rhapsody style always looks well-groomed and neat, as if you just came from a hairdresser. With the help of various ways of simple laying the hair dryer and foam, you can create a lot of images and be in the trend always.

Types of haircuts Rhapsody

Haircut Rhapsody for short hair

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For short hair this haircut is just a find. After all, it practically does not require you time and effort to pack, but looks great. The accents of strands of different lengths beautifully frame the oval face. Haircut looks great with a bang and without, and also allows you to let go of the length of the hair, without losing the shape of the hairstyle. Filled strands easily hide the damaged ends of hair and add volume.

Haircut Rhapsody for medium hair


For Rhapsody, the average length will be ideal, and the laying will not take long. The total volume of hair can be left straight and completely without stacking, and the hair of the crown should be raised with a hairdryer to create a neat little cap and the perfect hairstyle is ready. Even if you need to remove hair, then stamping them, the volume cap still retains a well-groomed stylish hairstyle.

Haircut Rhapsody for long hair


If you decide to refresh your chic long hair, then this hairstyle is for you. The hair falls very nicely and neatly, and most importantly - do not get confused even in strong winds, as separately trimmed strands lie on different levels. Individual strands of the face, trimmed with a ladder, correct the shape of the face. Rhapsody for long hair will help to keep the length and shape the hair.

Haircut Rhapsody with bang on photo


A bang with such a haircut can be modeled as you like: milling, cutting sideways or straight, do not cut at all and remove in total length. For a haircut Rhapsody any bangs fit, and for girls it will help to correct the shape of the face and easily change the style. Any of your preferences can be safely formed with this hairdo.

For a round face, the Rhapsody will look perfect with an oblique or long bang. This effect will visually elongate the face. For an oval face shape, an even bangs is suitable, which gives an image a mystery. Also you can experiment with different forms and multilayered fashionable bangs.

Multilayer bangs will be an absolutely perfect addition to this kind of multi-level haircuts. A lower, shorter layer will create a volume for the upper, longer, which allows it to keep the shape constantly. This bang does not even have to be laid every morning. For a spectacular image, a triangular or asymmetrical bangs will be added to the Rhapsody.

Step-by-step algorithm according to the cutting scheme Rhapsody

To date, there are two main types of haircuts in Rhapsody style: classic and modernized.

Classical haircut Rhapsody


A classic hairstyle is a hairstyle with a separately cut top layer shorter than the basic length. Let's consider more details the cutting stages of this type:

  1. It is necessary to divide the hair into zones:
  • first divide all the hair vertically into 2 sides strictly in the middle;
  • separate a part of the hair from ear to ear on an even horizontal cut.
  1. Separate the temporal and parietal zones:
  • in the middle of the frontal part of the hair, separate the smooth initial zone from the bridge of the nose( if the haircut is bang) or from the tip of the nose( if without bangs);
  • cut the strands on both sides, extending them at the same level along the arc-shaped line from the initial strand of the bangs;
  • after cutting the first arc-shaped layer, go to the second, extending it according to the first;
  • tilting his head slightly down, cutting all the levels, lengthening each in strands, and finishing on the occipital area.
  1. We perform arcuate edging:
  • the lower levels are cut in the form of a trapezoid;
  • the ends of the strands are trimmed with thinning scissors on all levels.

Upgraded haircut Rhapsody

Modern stylists have slightly changed the classic haircut and offer a different look in the style of Rhapsody. In this case, the volume cap is cut much lower than in the classical version. In such a haircut, the principle of multilayeredness is also present, but it is not too pronounced due to only slightly different lengths of the layers. The bang gradually changes to the total length, due to the technique of lengthening the strands along the layers.


Rapsodia_7 Rapsodia_7 Rapsodia_7

With the help of a light foam or mousse for hair, a large large round comb and a hair dryer, you can make the Rhapsody's haircut more voluminous and airy.

The laying algorithm is:

  • on clean dry or slightly damp hair, we apply the styling agent, distributing it along the entire length with a comb with sparse teeth;
  • the upper part of the hair is pinned and go to the bottom part;
  • dividing hair into small strands, dry hair, pulling them down with a round comb;
  • hair tips can be left flat or screwed with a comb inside or out;
  • then go to the top of the hair;
  • starting from the occipital part, we lift the hair at the roots for volume, using a round comb and a warm airflow of the hair dryer from below;
  • tips of the top cap of the hairstyle spinning inside;
  • then go to the hair styling of the face and bangs, drying the strands towards the face;
  • for a better fixing of the hairdress, we cover the hair with cold air of the hair dryer;
  • for the selection of levels of hair, you can use a gel or wax and apply it to the ends of the strands of the bangs, on the face and on the hem of the haircuts;
  • for better fixing the volume of the cap, fix the effect with varnish.

Styling with a haircut Rhapsody

The new fashionable method of laying Rhapsody with ironing is quite simple.

Layout scheme is:

  • on dry hair apply a thermal protective agent, especially paying attention to the tips of the hair;
  • the lower part of the hairstyle is pulled iron from top to bottom, separating small strands;
  • , the upper part is aligned not with the roots themselves, but with a small indentation for the correct volume;
  • the tips of the top layers are rolled iron inside;
  • the outer strands near the face are leveled and brought to face;
  • bangs align and simulate to your liking;
  • the tips of the hair around the face are treated with gel or wax for the effect of feathers;
  • to fix the result will help the varnish.

Laying haircut curling Rhapsody

Using curling irons with medium-sized nozzle can create a romantic image.

The stacking procedure will be as follows:

  • for hair apply thermal protection;
  • the lower part of the hair can be left even or slightly twisted strands on the curl, creating light curls;
  • we twist the upper part with a curling rod, modeling the curls to your liking;
  • bangs can tweak on the tips inside, lay on its side or back stab;
  • locks highlight with modeling gel or wax;
  • fix the curls with lacquer.

When laying do not have time, you can always remove hair in a ponytail, beam or shell and front locks allocate modeling tool.

Rhapsody and mowing technology perform painting


Hairstyle Rhapsody in itself quite original, but even more striking strands of different lengths will look at the best hair painting. There are a lot of painting techniques for multi-level haircuts of the type, such as Rhapsody. Several colors of the hairstyle will refresh the image and add an expressive volume to the hairstyle.

Highlights has become a classic painting clippers Rhapsody. It can be applied over the entire volume of the hair or select only some strands. Also looks very impressive highlights of several colors, which creates the effect of iridescence and adds shine to hair.

Another method of color highlighting, coloring is gaining more and more fans. Strands of different colors of calm classic warm colors perfectly complement the hairstyle of a business lady. Ultra bright colors of strands will please the original natures, because all the strands can be painted in different colors.

Another trendy method today for coloring hair in the ombre style with the transition of flowers, will be perfectly combined with the Rhapsody haircut. The fact is that the gradient of color will smoothly move from one level of strands to the other and this will make the image especially expressive and memorable. The transition of color can be made clearly limited or with a smooth and slightly noticeable overflow.

If you decide to diversify the image of a multilayer complex hairdo, then today there is an unlimited number of colors for it, which only underline the original style of haircuts. Presence of several colors or shades as never is actual for a complex type of hairstyles. All dyeing colors will add color to the image and look completely different on each strand and level of haircuts.

Video haircuts Rhapsody

Any haircut technology will be available and understandable to people familiar with the techniques of haircuts and hairdressing features. Since Rhapsody's haircut is multilevel, it is considered to be quite difficult to perform, so if you want to update the image, then it's worth turning to a professional. To get acquainted, we suggest you to watch the video of the master class of haircuts of Rhapsody, which is again in the trend in the new season, on medium length hair with a disobedient texture.