Estelle - a mask for damaged hair

  • Jun 15, 2018

Many women and men suffer from exhaustion of hair on the head. The causes of this phenomenon can be completely different: from malnutrition to poor environmental conditions. There are factors that a person can not change. Daily curls are influenced by natural factors. The sun, wind, severe frost damage the structure of the hairs, making it dead and lifeless. One by one, the strands become dry and brittle. To give hair the former strength and elasticity will help professional masks Estelle.


  • Company Estelle: the way of creation and the secrets of success
  • Hair care cosmetics production technologies Estelle
  • Hair masks Estelle: varieties and uses
    • Estelle - mask for damaged hair to protect and restore curls
    • Estelle mask for damaged and colored hair
    • Estelle mask for damaged hair with laminating effect
    • Estelle - mask for damaged hair for nutrition and moisturizing
    • Estelle - mask for damaged hair and shampoo in one bottle

This company presents a whole complex of hair cosmetics.

Special means carefully take care of, strengthen and fill with life every strand. Regular use of the products of this manufacturer will allow in a short time to return the hair shine and radiance. The main thing is to choose a product that is ideal for the type and degree of damage to the curls.

Estelle company: the way of creation and the secrets of success

Before you use a certain tool, you need to know more about the manufacturer. Estelle started manufacturing its products in Russia 18 years ago. Then it was called "Unicosmetics" and was a small firm with a rented room and a couple of thousands of tubes of paint per month. Over time, the interest of consumers, and in particular of professional hairdressers, has grown to this firm so much that many branches of the main office have been opened not only in Russia but throughout the CIS.Since then, the company has evolved into a company and began to be called "Estelle".A factory for the manufacture of cosmetics for hair has also been opened.


Today, distributors offer customers a wide range of products:

  • eyebrow dye;
  • hair dye;
  • mask;
  • gels;
  • mousses;
  • foams;
  • varnishes;
  • sprays;
  • negligee;
  • tools and so on.

Manufacturers emphasize quality, so this brand can be safely trusted. Reviews about masks Estelle only positive. The variety of species allows to choose the variant of the product, which is ideal for solving a specific problem.


In addition, in St. Petersburg, the studio opened training hairdressing skills "Estelle".Beginners are trained in the technique of haircuts, coloring and hairstyles. Experienced masters can improve their skills. Also throughout Russia there are professional beauty salons "Estelle".Visitors are always satisfied with the service and the results of their transformation.

Technologies for the production of hair cosmetics Estelle

Today there are only 2 plants in the world where the goods of this brand are manufactured. Both are located in St. Petersburg. One of them was opened in 2003.Since it began active activities of the company in the domestic and international markets.


Over time, production has expanded. Consumers became more and more, so the company's management was thinking about opening a second plant. The organization of the construction and production process involved architects, builders, biologists, genetic engineers. All the forces were aimed at creating a new high-quality product for hair, which would strike everyone with efficiency and effectiveness. In 2014, the largest plant Estelle was finally established.


Engineers and biologists have developed unique technologies for making cosmetic products, thanks to which the company has reached a new level. Estel hair products have such properties:

  • strengthens;
  • gives shine thanks to special shiny microparticles;
  • deeply saturated with color;
  • feeds;
  • moisturizes;
  • restores the damaged structure from the roots to the very ends of the hair;
  • promotes accelerated hair growth.

More than half of the professional salons in Russia and Ukraine use only Estel products. Masks, gels, mousses - the effectiveness of these and many other means has been tested and proven by positive customer feedback.

Hair masks Estelle: varieties and features of use


One of the leading trends in the cosmetics industry of this brand is the production of a variety of masks and balms. Such funds are created to improve the structure of the hairs, to give it smoothness and silky smoothness. It is necessary to pay tribute to Estel in this matter. The masks cope with such aesthetic problems as:

  • visited tips;
  • drained with multiple-color staining curls;
  • brittleness of strands treated with blondoran;
  • lack of volume;
  • rapid contamination;
  • lifelessness;
  • tarnish.

Masks of Estelle

It is important to understand that all people are individual. Due to the physiological characteristics of hair can not be chic and dense in everyone from nature. That's why you should take a responsible approach to choosing a mask. The company offers a variety of options, among which every interested person will find something that suits him specifically.

Estelle - mask for damaged hair to protect and restore curls

Hair is prone to damage, especially when it comes to women. Here in the course are all kinds of styling tools: curling irons, ironing, curlers, etc. All this is incredibly harmful to the hair. It is because of the frequent use of such devices that curls lose strength and elasticity. The structure is broken from the inside, and fragility appears. And if you take into account the frequent staining, chemical perm and other delights of modeling, the situation becomes almost hopeless.

  • The mask of Estelle Otium can help in this situation. The secret of effectiveness lies in the composition of this cosmetic product. The mask contains lanolin. This component has an enveloping property. It covers each hair individually with a protective film, thereby imparting a sheen of brilliance and volume.


  • Thanks to the complex of vitamins and minerals that are contained in the mask, the hair begins to grow faster. To this effect many women aspire. To make the action of the tool the most complete, it is also recommended to use the restoring mask Estelle.

Damaged hair

Professionals advise to alternate these cosmetics. First, you need to use the product from the Otium series to the end, and then fix the result with a restoring hair mask.

Estelle - mask for damaged and colored hair

  • Many women like to experiment with hair color. However, frequent painting leads to the fact that the curls become dull, brittle and dry. In this situation, Estelle's mask for colored hair comes to the rescue. She gently envelops every damaged hair and returns to its previous structure.


  • Separately produced mask Estelle blond. It is suitable for both natural blondes and women, whose curls were treated with blondoran. Such hair is dead and can not be restored. However, with this mask, dyed blondes can improve the appearance of their head of hair, filling each hair with nutrients and forcing it to come to life again. The only condition is the regularity of use.


Estelle - mask for damaged hair with laminating effect

Now at the height of popularity are such cosmetic procedures as keratin hair straightening and laminating curls. They are conducted with the sole purpose of making the head of hair thicker and giving it shine. However, such manipulations are carried out only in professional beauty salons and are expensive.

  • The home alternative is the mask of Estelle Keratin. It contains unique substances that create a strong coat for each hair. Thanks to this, the hair becomes more magnificent, the curly hair is leveled, each strand glitters and shimmers.


Keratin mask Estelle is suitable for all types of hair. Especially well its effect will affect the weakened and fragile ringlets. The main advantage of this mask is the ability to give shine to natural, unpainted hair. Even the most dull blond shades begin to shimmer after the regular use of this cosmetic.

Estelle - a mask for damaged hair to nourish and moisturize

company has developed a whole range of means to nourish and moisturize. Nutrition plays a major role, since the hair must receive the vitamins and minerals that need it. Without this, they become brittle and begin to fall out.

No brittleness

  • Universal is considered the nutritious mask Estelle, which is suitable for all types of hair. When applying the product, you need to focus on the ends of the curls. As a rule, they suffer most from unfavorable environmental factors. The systematic use of such a cosmetic preparation will improve the structure of the hair follicles due to a complex of nutrients. Even regeneration at the cellular level is possible.

IMG_0851 [1]

  • One of the most popular today is the mask of Estelle Couture. It was developed relatively recently, but this remedy has already saved many hair pieces from falling out. The secret of efficiency lies in the biomimetic complex of instantaneous action. Camellia oil is the main ingredient. It has a moisturizing and nourishing property. This mask is better for those who have dry hair. For a fatty type of hair, it does not fit.


  • Mask Aqua by Estelle gently moisturizes and nourishes hair. Its advantage is that it can be used even by owners of fatty hair type. Cosmetic molecules penetrate the deep structure of the hair and fill it with strength from within. Shevelura becomes noticeably more elastic due to the regular use of such a moisturizing mask Estelle.

Box 99

Estelle - Mask for damaged hair and shampoo in a bottle

For those who do not want to spend money separately for each facility, experts have created special shampoos masks Estelle. They have different names and are aimed at eliminating certain problems.


  • example, there keratin shampoos , which operate simultaneously and purified keratin mask effect.
  • cream shampoos are popular for shine .Using such a tool, you can stop using moisturizing masks.
  • Shampoo-mask for colored hair also have a double feature: they carefully remove dirt from the curls and repair damaged paint hairs.


Really effective all the tools of the Estel line are only if they are used systematically. This means that at least twice a week, you need to apply a cosmetic mixture to your hair. It is recommended to keep the mask on your hair for at least 10 minutes. Shampoo enough 3 minutes, so that the active ingredients absorbed into the head of hear.