How to increase hair

  • Jun 15, 2018

Long and beautiful hair is a pipe dream for many women. Unfortunately, most often, it's very difficult to achieve this: hair is brittle, liquid, grows slowly and generally, there is no time to wait until they grow to the desired length. And if earlier it was impossible to cope with this problem - except that to buy a wig, then today, thanks to the modern beauty industry, you can "grow" a thick stump in just a few hours. And at the same time it does not matter what color and volume your own hair, since you can build hair today on any hair - just to make it on your head.


      What you need to know about how to build hair
    • How to build hair: methods and types
      • Hot hair extensions
      • Cold hair extensions
    • How to build hair: t
      • How to buildHair: English technology
      • How to build hair: Italian technology
      • How to build hair: the Spanish technology
      • How to build hair: German technology( tape)
      • How to build up the hairWasps
      • How to build hair: other technologies
      • How to build hair: the best technology
    • How to increase hair at home
      • How to build hair on tresses
      • How to build hair with capsules
      • How to build hairHair on silicone rings
      • How to build hair on hairpins
      • Disadvantages of hair extensions at home
    • Contraindications for hair extensions
    • How to buildhair: video instruction

What you should know about how to increase hair


  • there are several methods of hair extensions. All of them take a certain time, so you can not make the procedure "quick": on average, all this will take from 1 to 4 hours.
  • You can grow hair today in any beauty salon, as this is a very fashionable procedure at the moment. But, depending on the level of preparation of the master and elite beauty salon, your desire to increase hair can meet with a barrier - the price of this procedure can be different, sometimes very high.
  • If you know how much it costs to increase hair and it's really expensive for you, do not worry - you can find a master who can do all the necessary manipulations at home, since it is not so difficult to grow hair.
  • A bit of practice and you can do everything at home, as it is possible to increase hair at home, so this question is limited only by the availability of financing for this procedure.
  • The technology of hair extensions is as follows: on your own hair at a short distance from the roots are attached the strands of hair that you have chosen, after which, thanks to several existing methods today, they are "glued", that is, they are being built up.
  • There is a capsular and ribbon hair extension.
  • The length of hair can be increased in a cold and hot way.

Let's consider all the methods that are used today for hair extensions.

How to build hair: methods and types


There are several types of hair extensions: capsular, ribbon, on tracks and with beads. In addition, there are methods of hot and cold build-up - they, in turn, have a huge amount of technology.

Hot hair extension

Hot technology is that the capsule( for building up) is created with a hot liquid resin. You need a thermal effect to make hair extensions.
The most popular methods are English and Italian.

Cold hair extension

Cold technology does not use any thermal impact to build hair, that is, there is no need to melt and heat something. For many women, this technology is more acceptable, since to increase hair by this method means to spare your own hair.
The most popular methods are Spanish, German and using beads.

How to build hair: technology

How to build hair: English technology


  • Refers to hot hair extension methods.
  • To build hair using English technology, you need tools such as glue gun and refractory keratin resin.
  • Thanks to this technology, you can build from 100 to 150 strands, the length of which varies from 30 centimeters to 70 centimeters.
  • The area where your hair and strands connect to build up looks visually like a grain of rice.
  • Hair extensions will be effective if trusted by an experienced professional, since in inexperienced hands an adhesive gun can spoil not only the expectation of the finished result, but also your own hair.
  • This technology will help beautifully build hair, but it has quite conflicting reviews.
  • Weak or bleached hair can grow strands of more than 3 or 4 months.
  • Correction for healthy hair is carried out every six months.

Advantages of

  • One strand can consist of hair of different shades.
  • Thanks to the temperature, the resin, when properly carried out, does not harm your hair.
  • Disadvantages

  • With neon lighting, the capsules that hold the accreted hair will glow.
  • In a bath or sauna, accreted hair can become unstuck, as at 80 degrees the keratinous resin begins to melt.
  • For a good effect, the capsules themselves should be quite large.
  • If the capsules are shallow, then the donor hair will fall out strongly.
  • This method is known for the fact that in 2 months, on average, up to 30% of donor hair is lost on combing, no matter what size capsules are - this is such a specificity.
  • You can not use a variety of hair care products like balm, mascot, gel, mousse, etc., since if these improvised products fall on keratin, the resin will lose its strength, and viscosity may appear.
  • To dry hair, it is necessary to use a hairdryer, as with natural drying keratin loses its strength.
  • How to build hair: Italian technology

    Photo of beautiful fashion woman with magnificent hair.

    • Refers to hot hair extension methods.
    • Italian hair extensions are similar to English, but the main difference is that the curls are made in the factory, and the resin is applied in the form of thin plates, not capsules.
    • Donor hair is of very high quality, as they are manufactured for this procedure only in Italy( hence the name).
    • To increase hair using this technology, you need an electric device that regulates the temperature of heating.
    • To create a lush and beautiful hairstyle you will need about 120 strands.
    • There are "only" 63 shades that are used to model hairstyles through this technology - they are all standard and created for natural hair.
    • Correction should be done once every 3 or 4 months. Advantages of
    • Donor hair can last very long - about six months.
    • The best hair extensions for those who like to visit the solarium, sauna or bath, as the keratin, which is used in this technology, is very resistant to temperature.
    • When combing, the donor hair is practically not lost.
    • You can safely visit the beach or pool - water is not a difficult obstacle.
    • Disadvantages

    • The procedure takes from 2 to 4 hours.
    • Places where they connect their own and donor's hair, to the touch are very noticeable. With unaccustomed they can even stop sleeping.
    • When growing, hair can put the plate "edge", which will lead to discomfort.
    • The donor hair is removed with a liquid that is somewhat similar in composition to acetone - it can damage your own hair.
    • How to build hair: the Spanish technology

      Blond woman with long straight hair

      • Refers to cold hair extension methods.
      • Donor hair is glued to your hair with a special glue.
      • After hair extension, small flat spikes are formed.
      • Spikes are light color, so they are more suitable for blonde women.
      • Correction is performed every 4 or even 6 months. Advantages of
      • There is no danger that high heat treatment can damage your own hair.
      • Hair care is unlimited.
      • Disadvantages

      • Donor hair is painfully removed.
      • During combing, a large amount of hair is lost.
      • You can not remove all hair extensions in an emergency - this can take several weeks, because the composition of the adhesive is very strong.
      • For the removal of donor hair, only Rueber should be used. All the rest - fakes, which will lead to the fact that during the removal of strands will suffer their hair.
      • How to build hair: German technology( tape)


        • Refers to cold hair extension methods.
        • Technology provides for the use of special hair bands - their width is about 4 centimeters.
        • There are no clips, no capsules, no glue.
        • The procedure is possible, thanks to the silicone composition.
        • There is no difference between your own and your donor's hair.
        • Hair that has been grown with the help of this technology can be stacked in different hairstyles.
        • Correction is carried out once a month, and if the hair grows slowly, then every 2 months.

        Advantages of

      • This method is best suited for those people who have thin and weakened hair, since increasing hair in this way means giving the load on the entire vegetation evenly.
      • The ribbon is practically not felt to the touch.
      • Hair after building break up into curls and in general, are similar to their relatives.
      • For bonding hair, a polymer is used which is practically harmless.
      • Disadvantages

      • Tapes may slightly "gleam" in the sun or in the light.
      • You can not do the styling, as increasing hair this way, means placing them strictly in a certain order.
      • Not always the hair that is offered for this type of build-up, has a perfect look.
      • How to build hair: beading build-up


        • Refers to cold hair extension methods.
        • The technology provides for the use of special metal beads-beads, through which they pass their own and donor hair, and then with forceps are fixed in this capsule.
        • The average for the procedure is 150 to 200 strands.
        • Correction is carried out every 4 months. Advantages of

          This is the most harmless procedure, since the hair is not subjected to any chemical or thermal effects.

          Disadvantages of

          There are beads in only 4 shades.

          How to build hair: other technologies


          There are also other technologies. They are less common and, more often than not, have much in common with the ones already described.
          For example, the French technology is identical to the Spanish one, but various dyes are added to the glue of the master, which makes it possible to apply this method to any hair color.
          But Korean technology is similar to building up with metal beads, but instead of round fasteners, micro-wheels are used that clamp strands.
          Hair extension, as in the photo, is performed in a beauty salon using one of the technologies described above.

          How to build hair: the best technology

          You can not exactly answer the question of how to increase hair using the best technology, because each of the above methods has both advantages and disadvantages.
          In addition, we all have our hair individually, so you need to look for them with the master you chose for this procedure. What to build hair - it's up to you!
          However, experts unequivocally claim that a more gentle method is still a tape build-up. But again - it does not suit everyone, but it is ideal for using it at home.

          How to increase hair at home


          How to increase hair tress

        • At home, you can build up on the hair tress - it's long tapes, which are sewn into the donor hair. You will only have to cut the ribbon into the necessary parts and "sew" - "glue" with your own thread and adhesive tape to your own hair.
        • This technology is ideal for those who have thin natural hair or dehydrated after a chemical wave.
        • However, the term "socks" of such a head of hair is not long - a maximum, a month.
        • This procedure is indicated for all, as to increase the hair in this manner can not even thinking about the health of the hair - building on Tress is harmless and does not hurt your hair. However, correction should be done more often, nevertheless, thanks to the adhesive tape on the trusses, this procedure is painless and is carried out very quickly.
        • Minus this technology - you can not make high hairstyles, as there will be visible places of joints of their own and donor hair.
        • Accreted hair can be dried with a hairdryer and curled with forceps, though, using low temperatures.
        • To remove accreted hair, you must use a special tool - a dissolving liquid "Hair Talk Extensions".
        • Sequence of operation

        • Cut off 10 centimeter strips of hair from the tape.
        • Along the head circumference, divide the hair by a cut( not above the earlobe).
        • Place most of the hair on the top of the head.
        • Place under strands of hair, which you have separated, strips with donor strands.
        • Glue the hair by attaching it with thread.
        • Back a few millimeters, do another parting around the head circumference.
        • Do all of the above manipulations until all hair is used for building.
        • Comb the hair gently.
        • Give the hair the same length.
        • How to build hair with capsules

          Capsule build-up is carried out in beauty salons, but many practice it in the home.
          Before starting work, you must know if you overdo it and overheat your hair, or vice versa, "nedogreete" capsule, spoil your appearance, and for a long time. The sequence of operation

        • divide along the circumference of the head hair parting( not above the ear lobe).
        • Take a thin strand( no more than eight millimeters in diameter).
        • Apply to your hair donor strand( which already has a keratin capsules), departing slightly from the roots.
        • Secure the joint with hot tongs.
        • Similarly, treat all the remaining strands.
        • Dissolve the hair, comb it and level it along the entire length.
        • How to build hair on silicone rings


          This technology comes from Japan - its second name is "Ring Star".Donor hair has a silicone ring, to which your own hair is attached. The ring is clamped with forceps.
          The procedure is carried out quickly, but its big disadvantage is that during the removal of "rings" the hair is severely injured.

          Sequence of work

          Exactly the same as for hair extensions with the help of capsules.

          How to increase hair barrette


          The easiest and sparing way to increase hair at home - hair on hairpins. This method is not suitable for permanent wearing, but as a hairstyle for one evening - it's the most!
          It's best to choose natural hair on hairpins, because artificial hair is not so beautiful, and they are very confused.
          By the way, this procedure is suitable for any hair: to build short hair for volume or long, for the effect - it's up to you!

          Sequence of work

          At the ends of the donor hair, there are small clips that are very easy to attach to your hair. Due to its structure and various colors and shades, the hair on the clips can be grown all over the head or hotel strands, and the most diverse colors.

          Disadvantages of hair extensions at home

        • To build hair, you need to gain certain skills, be very attentive and accurate.
        • Self-build hair at the back of the head hard - you need the help of a second person.
        • Wrongly welded donors and their hair can fall off at the most inopportune moment, which will lead to embarrassment on your part, as well as to the horror or fun of others.
        • If you damage the hair with forceps, you will have to treat them, and this is very expensive "pleasure" and, importantly, very long.
        • Do you know what is much more difficult than to increase hair at home? Carry out a correction.
        • Contra-indications for hair extensions


          • Your hair should not be shorter than 5 centimeters.
          • Your hair should be healthy: you can not build strands on brittle, weakened, thin and damaged hair. Clarified hair will be confused, so they are also not desirable to build up strands.
          • You can not increase hair to pregnant women due to hormonal imbalance, since hair often becomes brittle during this period.
          • You can not build up hair for girls who have not reached the age of 16 - the body is not ready for such a load, besides, during the growing up period there is a hormonal failure.
          • You can not increase hair, if you take antibiotics, go through chemotherapy if you have a scalp: dandruff, fungi, lice etc.
          • You can not build hair with vegetative-vascular dystonia, with frequent headaches and migraines - capsules can create additional pressure on the head, which will lead to more frequent headaches.
          • You can not build up hair to people who have sensitive scalp.
          • You can not build up hair for people who are addicted to various allergies.
          • You can not build up your hair if hair falls out very much.
          • You can not build up your hair if you hurt your scalp - until the abrasion is completely healed.
          • You can not build up your hair if you have changed the climatic belt - until the body is fully adapted.

          Standard colors

          How to build hair: a video instruction