Hairstyle for a wedding

  • Jun 16, 2018

Wedding is an unforgettable day not only for the bride and groom, but also for all invited guests. The memory of the triumph will last a lifetime. Therefore, each person carefully thinks through his image, paying attention to clothing and a common style. The most important element is the hairstyle. Everyone cares about her - the bride, the groom, the guests.


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Features of the hairstyle for the wedding

Before we talk about the great variety of hairstyles for the wedding, let us dwell on features that are important to consider. These tips will be useful in preparation for the wedding.

stylists Tips on hairstyles for wedding

  • hairstyle for the wedding should be combined with the style of clothing and make-up. The bride's dress is considered to be the starting point in the choice of hair styling.
  • The hairdresser who will do the hairstyle for the celebration needs to be found in advance. You will have time to experiment and find the right styling option.
  • If the hair needs treatment or recovery, then a couple of months before the wedding should go through all the necessary procedures and put your head in order.
  • Hair dyeing or perm hairdressers are advised to do three weeks before the celebration.
  • To wash your hair is better not on your wedding day in the morning, but the night before. Then the hair will be more docile in styling.
  • If your wedding is going on in nature, then you should not pile up on your head high hairstyles. Wind and dances in the open air are unlikely to allow it to hold out until the end of the celebration. In this case, simple and romantic styling. But for a wedding in a restaurant you can create from the hair a real work of art.
  • If the celebration is taking place in the morning, the hairstyle for the wedding should not include very bright and aggressive elements - a large number of crystals, sequins, massive decorations. You risk being vulgar. This can all be added to your image in the evening.
  • For a wedding it's better to choose a stylish and restrained hairstyle. The smoothly laid or neatly selected hair will look good. Give up varnishes with sparkles to fix the hair.


choice of hairstyles for

wedding wedding day everyone wants to look perfect. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how using hair can hide the flaws of the face and emphasize the dignity.

  • For girls with a low forehead, a long bang that fits it will suit. For those who have a high forehead, it is better to choose a short haircut or a three-dimensional hairdo.
  • Small facial features can be shaded with curvy locks. For this, curl the hair on medium or large curlers.
  • The oval face will adjust the haircut - it increases the volume. But chubby girls are better to lay their hair with large curls.
  • A hairstyle with a beautiful braid braid will be more advantageous for looking at blonde hair. On dark locks the picture can be lost.
  • Owners of a large nose should choose a voluminous hair. Well complement the image of ribbon or decoration in the form of flowers.

Accessories for hairstyles for the wedding

Accessories allow you to give any hairstyle an individuality and a special charm. Styling for a wedding rarely does without them. The choice of accessories today is very great - veil, hair clips, flowers, tiaras, rhinestones, ribbons and so on. You can buy them in the store or order handmade from the masters, becoming the owner of an exclusive decoration.

Wedding Veil for Wedding

The most popular and out-of-fashion accessory that can decorate a hairstyle for a wedding is a veil. It should be in tandem with styling. Veils can be short, medium or long, as well as with one tier or several.

The long veil has a certain weight, so it's important to consider how it will be attached to your hairstyle. Such an accessory is successfully combined with smooth and voluminous styling. Relevant are the babbets, the plaits laid, simple compositions. Long veil does not fit well with voluminous loose curls.


The one-tiered veil of medium length will complement the laconic and discreet image of the bride. For her, the best choice of a hairstyle for a wedding will be a high styling with a diadem. Suitable and all the options for hairstyle in retro style. Loose hair will also be appropriate. However, too short a veil looks ugly with loose long hair.


Two-tier or multi-tiered veil looks lush and therefore will be a successful addition to a short haircut. If the hair is medium in length, then the styling should be done with a fleece. This veil is suitable for voluminous loose curls. It is fastened with a tiara or a peg in the center of the head.


The fata-mantilla creates a very touching and gentle image. Fashion for this model came to us from Spain. For her, the most successful will be smooth and restrained hairstyles, stacked in an elegant bundle of hair, low styling.


Veilettes for hairstyles for the wedding

Veilette is called a small accessory of the veil, which is attached to the bride's hair. It is suitable for those who like retro style and vintage images.

The veil looks great in combination with a short haircut. Hair can be laid in a smooth hairstyle or curl and make a light hair. The veil is attached using a peg or a small hat. It can be supplemented with flower, feathers, hair hoop.

If you have medium-length hair, then a vintage hairstyle is suitable for a veil - curls that are laid with a soft wave. Get a very stylish image of a lady from the high society of the last century.

Owners of long hair can experiment with a hairdo for a wedding and a veil. This accessory can be attached to loose long hair or to stranded strands. But it's best to do a three-dimensional style in retro style - it's a win-win option.


Flowers for hairstyles for a wedding

A haircut decorated with flowers is always a romantic and soft image. In order not to destroy it, remember the following rules:

  • Flowers for a hairstyle should be combined with a bouquet of the bride. For this you will need a consultation of the florist.
  • Instead of living flowers, it is better to use artificial flowers that will not lose their appeal until the end of the celebration. Today, such decorations are made exquisite and original. To do this, use silk, satin, organza, beads, feathers.
  • You should not complement your image with a lot of other jewelry if you already have flowers in your hair.
  • Flowers for hair decoration can be used not only by the bride, but also by her friends. Especially it will be beautiful if they match the girls.


Tapes for hairstyles for wedding

Plain belt can transform your hair into a work of art. Today such decorations are at the peak of popularity. Beautifully and correctly weave tape can only an experienced master. Hairstyles for wedding with ribbons are often complemented by flowers or beads. The effect is stunning! For a modest and restrained image, the tape can be used as a hoop or weave into a braid. The tape in the hair curled and laid with curls will look very beautiful.


tiara hairstyle for the wedding

A large number of brides prefer this accessory as a diadem. It is not surprising, because it is a symbol of royal power. And on their wedding day, everyone wants to be a queen. When choosing a diadem, note that its color should be in harmony with the color of your hair and wedding dress. Consider the length of the hair:

  • For hairstyles of thick and long hair, a high diadem is suitable. In this case, the hairstyle should be voluminous. Hair can be laid in a beautiful composition or make large wavy ringlets.
  • For short haircuts or a smooth hairstyle, it is best to choose a small and orderly diadem.
  • Any hairstyle with a diadem should not include any other hairpins or jewelry. If you can not do without them, then it's worth covering them with hair.
  • Notice the picture of the tiara. If it has smooth and rounded lines, then in the hairstyle there must be waves, bouquets, curls. If the figure is reserved and classical in the diadem, then a smooth hairstyle, a voluminous bundle, a "shell" hair style will suit it.

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hairstyles for weddings short hair

Choosing the right hair style for a wedding short hair will make the bride no less charming than the owner of long curls. For this it is enough to listen to professional stylists. They offer such options hairstyles for a wedding short hair:

  • Make lightweight fleece for volume and gently lay the hair, combing back. Hairstyle fix with a varnish and at desire decorate with a flower, a tape or a diadem.
  • Lightly curl your short hair. With mousse and lacquer, create a light mess on your head. This hairstyle looks perky and romantic. You can decorate it with flowers or a diadem.
  • In front of the hair, lay smoothly and fix with a hair gel. At the back of the head twist the strands, lightly scratch and fix with varnish. This hairstyle is called royal.
  • Leave the billet flat, laying it forward or on its side. The rest of the hair curl on the small curlers, then disassemble the locks and fix them with varnish. The hairstyle will be decorated with a narrow diadem, located at the base of the bangs.
  • If you have a haircut "square", then you need to put your hair in waves, making the average perm curling. Such a hairstyle for a wedding will be very romantic and tender. You can decorate it with veil, flowers, diadem.


Hairstyles for a wedding on medium hair

average length of hair is more common than any other. Therefore, the variety of hairstyles for the wedding in this case is more. Such hair allows you to experiment with complex styling and simple variants of loose hair.

Hairstyle for the wedding in the Greek style

This is one of the most favorite ways of girls. A hairstyle for a wedding in a Greek style will suit not only the bride, but her friends. The image of the Greek goddess is gentle and romantic. To make such a hairstyle, curl the hair on medium curlers and make a light hair. Next, without pulling the hair, lay them behind, wrapped in a loose bundle. A few strands in front, pull out so that they freely framed the face. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer and decorate with flowers or small hairpins. You can wear a hoop - it will be a classic version of the Greek style. It can also be created with tape or rubber bands around which hair gathers on the back of the head.


Vintage hairstyles for the wedding

Any vintage hairstyle for the wedding will emphasize the sense of style of its owner. These styles are very fond of Hollywood divas. Any girl can feel herself as the heroine of an epoch-making film. To do this, just select one of the vintage hairstyles and pick up the appropriate accessories.

  • Styling babbetta will help create an image of a la Audrey Hepburn. Best of all, this style will look with a satin ribbon or diadem. Also, you can attach a veil to it. To make a babette, brush your hair and wind it on a special roller, fixing it high on the back of the head. The hair on the platen gently comb to make the shape even, fix it with a varnish. If the length of your curls allows, then you can leave a few strands in a free form, winding them on a curling rod.
  • Vintage hairstyle with a veil is created easily and simply. It is enough to comb your hair smoothly back and lay it with a shell or a bundle, fastening with studs. The main decoration of this hairstyle will be a veil, a lace bandage or a flower arrangement. As a rule, such an accessory is fixed in the forehead or near the temple.


Wedding hairstyles

Creating a hairstyle with a braiding for a wedding is better to entrust to the master. At the heart of this laying can be a braid. The strands woven into it should be wide, they should not be strongly tightened. The ends of the pigtails are hidden inside the hair, while slightly pulling the strands. Hairstyle should be voluminous. You can decorate it with flowers, ribbons, beads or diadem. Fatu is best not to wear - it will hide all the beauty of the weaving.

The braids can be combined with a volumetric beam. To do this, make a parting in the middle of the head, braid the braids on both sides of the face. The hair on the back of the head should be placed in a three-dimensional bundle, after having wound them. Hide the pigtails in a bundle. Fix the hair and decorate with any of the wedding accessories.


Hairstyle for the wedding: loose hair

For those who do not want to make a complex hairstyle for the wedding on medium length hair, you can choose your hair on loose and laid curls. To do this, choose large curlers or create curls with a large curling iron.


If you have medium-length hair, but you really want to be at the celebration with long curls, then use overhead locks to create a hairstyle for the wedding. It is better to buy natural hair for this in your color. They can be curled and laid with their strands. The effect will be stunning!

Hairstyles for weddings for long hair

Long hair for a wedding hairstyle is sure to require the help of a hairdresser. Thanks to his professionalism, you can create the most incredible compositions that will become the center of the image of the bride.

Hairdo for a wedding: loose hair

Many stylists agree that one should not hide long curls in complex hairstyles. It is better to leave the hair loose. They can be curled in tight curls or soft waves. If you want to make a high hairstyle, then kill the locks on the back of the head. This way you create the effect of a flowing waterfall. A succesful addition to these styles is diadems with veil or flowers - the choice is yours!


Wedding hairstyles

It will be very beautiful to look at long hair hairstyles for a wedding of braids or any kind of weaving. The choice is great - from the usual braid to the whimsically intertwined strands. That the hairdress turned out beautiful and kept till the evening, it is best to entrust its creation to the hands of a professional. Effectively look braids or other weaving, not tightened tight, but freely flowing. This gives an image of romance. This style is best not to hide under the veil.


Hairstyle for the wedding of the gathered hair

The hairdo for the wedding of the collected hair can be done for long or medium hair. Such stacking can be of two types. The hair is collected in a voluminous composition on the vertex or on the back of the head. It is better that a hairdresser does this, but you can create some hairstyles yourself. Collect the hair in the tail. Divide it into strands and cover each with a curling rod, fixing it with varnish. After this, lay the locks on the back of the head over the elastic band, fixing them with small hairpins.


Men's hairstyles for a wedding

Agree, not only a woman should look like a queen at a wedding. An image of her chosen one is also important. A man's hairdo for a wedding is part of the image, a demonstration of taste and style. Therefore, a visit to an experienced hairdresser is also appropriate in this case. Despite the fact that men are always in the choice of haircuts, on the day of celebration you can still make a beautiful styling and pleasantly surprise your lady of heart.

Classic men's hairstyle for the wedding

A classic hairstyle for a wedding will suit every man. Hair should be combed back, making an oblique parting and opening the forehead. If the bangs are slightly longer than the rest of the hair, then it can be slightly raised, fixing with mousse or gel for styling. As a result, the image of the aristocrat of the epatage of the 30s will be obtained.


Hairstyle retro for a man for a wedding

Remember the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. His styling - the volume in the parietal part of the head, always looks spectacular. If the wedding takes place in retro style, then this is the kind of haircut that will be appropriate for the groom. This style is suitable for courageous and daring men.


Short cut for a man for a wedding

Short men's haircuts are always popular. For hairstyles for the wedding do not need much effort to style these hair. It is enough to lift and fix them with a gel. Such a hairstyle will suit confident men of athletic build.


Hairstyle for medium hair for a man for a wedding

Men with an average length of hair also need styling. The haircut can be smooth or stepped. In any case, well-washed hair should be dried with a towel, apply froth and whip the strands with a blow-dryer. The image of a romantic is ready!


Hairstyles for a wedding for guests

The main requirement of a hairstyle for a wedding for guests is to remember that the heroes celebrate the bride and groom. Therefore, guests should be beautiful and reserved. Do not try to surprise others with an incredible structure on your head. There are unspoken rules for women invited to the wedding as guests:

  • If you want to decorate loose hair or styling, then you can use ribbons, bezel or a small elegant hair clip. Avoid the rhinestones, large flowers, tiaras, very massive hairpins. With them, you risk to look ridiculous at someone else's celebration.
  • Do not make massive long curls, raising and releasing them. Undoubtedly - you will be irresistible, demonstrating the natural beauty of hair, but after all the views of the guests should be addressed to the bride. Be reserved and concise. Collect hair in a stylish tail or make an effective braid.
  • Young girls invited to the wedding, will approach a hairstyle in the Greek style. The rim or ribbon will complement the romantic image.
  • Collected in bunches and seashells, the hair will emphasize the elegant image of ladies who are over 30 or more.
  • A snail bundle made of curls is suitable for women of any age. This is the hairstyle of a real lady. It is enough to curl the hair, slightly to shake and freely to lay on the back of the head, fixing the hairpins. Such a bundle can be shifted to the left or to the right, making the hairstyle asymmetrical.
  • It will look great long hair straightened irons or slightly twisted on curling iron.


Makeup and hairstyle for the wedding

We have already mentioned that the hairstyle for a wedding is an important element of the image of the bride. However, he is not the only one and should be combined with the rest - make-up, dress, ornaments. If the bride first buys a dress, then thinks over her hair, then the final touch becomes the makeup. A few tips makeup artists will help correctly take into account all the nuances and complete the creation of the image of the bride.

  • Do not experiment with new cosmetics on your wedding day. Trust trusted brands.
  • Face peeling and décolleté zones should be done two to three weeks before the celebration.
  • Remember the main rule of makeup - the skin of the face should be in perfect condition. If you have irritation or redness, treat them beforehand. And for the wedding pick up quality masking tools.
  • If your wedding does not take place in any thematic style, for example - vamp, then give up bright and aggressive colors in makeup.
  • The bride, who chose a complex hairstyle for the image of a chic woman, can afford expressive make-up. The most logical thing to do is to focus on the eyes. They can be emphasized by two or three colors of shadows and false eyelashes.


  • To completely young brides who have chosen a romantic style and the same hairstyle, it is better to give preference to natural make-up with light shades of pastel colors. Lipstick should replace lip gloss. Such make-up is ideally combined with a Greek hairdo or loose curls.
  • The image of the bride in retro style is emphasized by the hairdo of a babette or a short haircut. In combination with them, there will be an ideal make-up with arrows and a moderately bright lipstick on the lips.
  • Elegant brides, who preferred the classic image, will use a restrained make-up in soft colors. Lipstick should be matte.

Wedding hairstyle with your own hands( video)