Treatment of hemorrhoids of the 2nd stage - medicamentous and folk remedies

  • Jun 17, 2018

Treatment of hemorrhoids in stage 2

2nd stage of hemorrhoids occurs after initial manifestations of the disease, which the person ignored and did not begin treatment.

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  • 2 Treatment of hemorrhoids 2 stages
  • 3 Medical treatment
  • 4 Treatment with folk remedies at home

Symptoms of hemorrhoids 2 stages

The most characteristic sign of hemorrhoids at this stage is the periodic prolapse of hemorrhoids. This occurs at the time of bowel emptying, when the person is too much tied up with constipation.

The second stage of subsequent and more complex differs in that the hemorrhoidal nodes are still able to self-correct( retract) after the end of the act of defecation. However, the nodes themselves increase with time, and increasingly they start to cause inconvenience, cause discomfort.

Each emptying of the intestine is also accompanied by the release of blood from the anus. It can be seen on toilet paper, feces and on underwear. Sometimes from the a

nus, blood can be released during lifting heavy weights and other overstrain.

The appearance of blood, as well as persistent pain and itching make a person try to avoid acts of defecation. This, in turn, leads to constipation of a psychogenic nature. And any constipation only aggravates the course of hemorrhoids.

Also in the second stage of the disease, the itching and burning sensation, which provokes the fluid emerging from the anus, increases. If at the first stage the exacerbations were rare and short, then at the second stage they become more frequent and become stronger. A person almost constantly feels pain in the rectum. There is a feeling that a foreign body is stuck in the rectum.

Treatment of hemorrhoids 2 stages

Treatment of hemorrhoids in the second stage should be complex. The disease has not been started yet and it is possible to use both medication therapy and folk remedies in parallel. Also, for certain indications, it is possible to use cardinal methods for solving the problem, such as de-arterial hemorrhoidal nodes and infrared coagulation.

Concrete treatment depends on many factors: the state of the mucosa, the number of hemorrhoids.

Medical treatment

First of all, a significant relief of the condition can be provided even by simple preventive methods. To do this, it is necessary to normalize the nutrition in order to treat constipation. Under the ban should be acute products, fatty meat, alcohol. It is necessary to consume more raw vegetables and fruits, sea cabbage, flaxseed, wheat bran to drink a lot of raw purified water. The doctor can prescribe enzyme preparations that affect the peristalsis and flora of the small and large intestine: fayberlaks, regulax, etc.

In the 2 stages of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to take venotonic drugs. They strengthen the walls of the vessels, which greatly improves the patient's well-being. Most often used detraleks and troxevasin.

For localization of pain syndrome, inflammation of hemorrhoids, their bleeding and thrombosis, local treatment in the form of ointments and suppositories( suppositories) is used.

When choosing a particular drug, it is necessary to focus on the strongest symptom: pain, prevalence of the inflammatory process, thrombosis, etc. In the presence of bleeding, it is necessary to estimate the magnitude of blood loss.

For the treatment of severe pain, the use of local combined anesthetics and non-narcotic analgesics is indicated. For local anesthesia used drugs such as ulraproct, aurobin, proctogliolol, nefluyan and others.

In the presence of thrombosis of hemorrhoids and their inflammation, local anticoagulants( suppositories) and combined drugs are used that can fight with pain, inflammation and thrombosis. This proctosedil and hepatrombin G, which reduce inflammation, prevent thrombosis and swelling. Polidocanol has a local sclerosing and analgesic effect. Prednisolone reduces itching and burning, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In hemorrhoidal thrombosis, local anticoagulants, for example troxevasin and heparin ointments, are used. These preparations are well combined with water-soluble ointments - levomecol, levosin, mafinid.

If bleeding does not stop within one hour, this indicates an acute process. For its elimination apply candles with adrenaline. Also use local drugs such as beriplast, adroxone, tachycombe, spongostan, which consist of thrombin and fibrinogen. They dissolve when injected into the anal canal, forming a fibrin film.

Treatment with folk remedies at home

Treating hemorrhoids with folk remedies at home Treatment can begin with lotions from decoctions of herbs of calendula, sage and chamomile. They are recruited in equal quantities, boil with boiling water, insist and make compresses on the anus.

Sedimentary baths with the addition of herbs and propolis solution also work well. To remove the inflammation and reduce the size of the hemorrhoids, you can use ice candles. They are well used before the act of defecation, to facilitate its conduct.

Minimally invasive methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids of the 2nd degree

In the second stage of hemorrhoids, some minimally invasive methods of treatment can already be used.

For example, carry out the procedure of desarterization. It takes no more than an hour and after the procedure the patient can return to the usual way of life in a few days.
Also in the second stage, infrared coagulation and ligation by latex rings can be performed.

With sclerosing treatment, 2-3% solutions of ethoxy sclerol, thrombovar and fibrovaine are used. After their introduction, the proteins of the inner membrane of the node are denatured. The session lasts only 10 minutes, but after a couple of weeks you may need to repeat the session. In the second stage of the disease, good results after sclerotherapy are achieved in 85% of cases.

Also in the second stage of hemorrhoids, ligation of hemorrhoidal vessels under the control of ultrasonic dopplerometry can be used. Thanks to this technique, the location and number of terminal branches of the upper hemorrhoidal artery are determined. This is done by a specially designed anoscope with an ultrasonic sensor. Then a special needle with a polypropylene thread through a window in an anoscope is pierced and bandaged a hemorrhoidal vessel. This procedure can be done simultaneously with 4-6 vessels. After that, the nodes disappear.