A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos

  • Jun 18, 2018

Hair style in the form of a bow will look stylish and attractive to every fashionista. It does not require additional accessories, and it can be done at home on your own.

Contents of the article:

            How to make a bow for long and short hair
          • 3.2 Bow for long flowing hair
          • 3.3 How to make a bow of two tails
          • 3.4 Bantik Malvinka style: instruction for creating
          • 3.5 A hair bow with braid braid
          • 3.6 A braid with small bows made of hair
        • 4 Advice from professionals: how to perfectly make a hairdo "Bantik"
        • 5 Useful video clips about a hairstyle of a bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction and photo:

Banties Hairstyle: for what cases is suitable

The bow of hair is a universal hairdo. It can complement the everyday, business or solemn image.

For the classic and everyday image, a bow, made at the back of the head with a smoothly combed back or sideways bangs, will do. In the classic image, the emphasis is on the outfit, so more simple styling will work for him.

At ceremonial events or a romantic date, the bow on the top of the head will look perfect. In this case, the hair can be decorated with accessories.

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Tools for creating a boutique hair style

Before you start making a haircut, you need to prepare the tools you need. The main thing is to forget nothing, that in the process of creating a bow, one did not have to look for any instrument.

Tools that are needed to create a bow from the hair:

  • a pair of rubber bands of different sizes;
  • hairpins;
  • comb;
  • invisible( necessarily the same shade as the hair);

A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos

  • flat iron( used for stowing disobedient hair);
  • ornaments( optional);
  • hairspray.

Step-by-step instruction for creating the "Bantik" hairstyle

This hairstyle has several options, each with its own creation instruction. The bow can be made not only on long or medium hair, but also on short ones.

The hairstyle is performed on clean and combed locks.

How to make a bow for long and short hair

Hair bow out of hair step by step instructions( pictures given at the end of article)

Step p / n

For long hair

For short hair

Step 1

Thoroughly comb your hair

carefully combed hair

Step 2

tail braid. On the back of the head or any other place of the head

braid ponytail at the top or just below

Step 3

braided tail hair tightened not completely, It is necessary to leave a small bundle about 5 cm and then divide it into 2 parts. Secure each side with

The tail is divided into 3 equal parts. Using the second elastic band, form two halves of the bow and pin them with invisible objects.

Step 4

with lacquer

3 of the hair a little comb. Wind the middle of the bow and pin it with invisible objects

Step 5

The ends of the hair should be left from the face. They should shift back in the middle of a bow and attach invisible

Use paint to hair longer lasted

Step 6

The finished hairstyle with lacquer

Step-by-step instruction on the hair style of a bowknot with flowing hair in pictures will allow you to accurately and correctly collect curls.

Long fluffy hair bow

Loose hair gathered at the back of the neck can be decorated with a bow of curls that will give an original hairdo. Procedure:

  • comb the hair;
  • from temples to separate on both sides in strands and hold them to the nape;
  • behind the head combine the strands together and braid the tail( the bulk of the hair will depend on the thickness of the strands);
A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos Popular and unusual hairstyle bow of hair: step by step instruction and pictures
  • using a second elastic, make a loop from the tail( the longer the loop, the more the bow);
  • loop divided into 2 identical parts and stabbed with invisible;
  • ends of the tail pass through the middle of the bow and pinch invisible;
  • to fix with varnish.

If the loose curls curl, then in combination with the bow, they will make the image more gentle and romantic.

You should not make a big bow on your hair loose. It will look ugly and cumbersome.

How to make a bow of two tails

A hair bow from hair( step-by-step instructions, pictures will help to make it perfect) can be made of two tails:

  • First you need to comb your hair and straighten it, if you have curls.
  • Choose a place for a bow, for example, on the back of the head. Divide the hair with a straight cut into 2 pieces of the same size from the forehead to the top with a comb.
  • Twist 2 ponytails from each half, always on the same level. Some of the loose hair stays on the back of the head.
  • Tie the bottom 1 and 2 of the tail with an elastic band so that the distance between the elastic bands is the same.
  • Form the ears of the bow from the tails. Each tail is bent and the rubber bands are joined together by pins.
  • The hair tips are to be combed and hid under the hinges.
  • With a thin strand, with the remaining loose hair, make the middle of the bow with a pin.
  • It is necessary to fix the hairstyle with varnish.
A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos Hairstyle bantht is a malvinka of hair. Step-by-step instructions and pictures

"Banty Malvinka" hairstyle: the instruction for creating

The hairdo with a bow of Malvina hair has the following step-by-step instruction with pictures:

  • first of all, comb your hair;
  • braid the tail of the front and side strands, part of the hair must remain loose;
  • making the tail, do not tighten the hair, it is necessary to leave a small bundle;
  • the beam is divided into 2 equal parts;
  • make from each part a half bow and pin it with an invisible;
  • through the bottom of the hairstyle to stretch the tips of the tail hair to get a bowknot bundle;
  • loose hair screwed;
  • fix the entire hairstyle with lacquer.

"Bantik Malvinka" is made closer to the crown of the head, and not in the middle.

Hair bow with braid braid

This hairstyle is considered original and stylish. It consists of a pigtail-spikelet and a bow of hair. Only in this case the spikelets are weaved, on the contrary, from the neck to the neck.

How to make a haircut:

  • braid on the combed hair of the French braid, bring it to the back of the neck and collect the hair in the tail, leaving a small bundle for the bow;
  • make a bow, dividing the beam into 2 halves and securing the ears of the bow with invisibility;
  • with tail to hold the central part of the bow and pin it with invisible;
  • to use a varnish, that the hairdress lasted longer.

The braid with small bows of hair woven into a pigtail has a simple step-by-step instruction. The finished result of the hairstyle is clearly visible in the presented pictures.

Schematic diagram:

  • Properly comb hair throughout the entire length.
  • From the temple on the left side, separate and leave a small strand( up to 2 cm wide) to the right ear.
  • To create a braid it is necessary to take a part of the hair on the left side and divide into 3 identical strands.
  • 1 strand is thrown through 2 and becomes central.
  • The right strand is converted to a neighboring strand, now it is in the middle.
  • Continue the weaving by adding lateral hair to the braid.

Important! The side strands must be of the same size when added, so that they do not stand out.

A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos

  • When all the hair is woven( except for the left strand) to make a couple more bindings and fix the hair with an elastic band.
  • Now you can make bows. At the beginning of the braid under the first lower arc, push the hairpin.
  • Take a piece of hair with the remaining strands, comb it and then moisturize.
  • Collapse from the strand of the loop and thread into the stud.
  • Start pulling the pin down so that a bow forms. It is necessary to hold the loop with your finger.
  • On long hair, so that the bow is not huge, the extra tips of hair should be wrapped around the finished bow.
  • Take one more strand for the next bow and repeat the action with the hairpin under the second arc of the weave.
  • So do all the bows.
  • For the last bow the hairpin is threaded into the last arc of the weave.
  • So that the bows do not protrude strongly, press their edges with the studs to the head and fix it with lacquer.

All the waves in which the bow was made are fixed with studs. If desired, the hairdo can be decorated with beautiful hairpins with flowers, they will be both decorations and hairpin attachments.

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Professional advice: How to make perfect hairstyle «Bow»

doing hair "Bow" made of hair, except for step by step directions, even in pictures, even without them, it is necessary to comply with the recommendations of experts. This will help make the perfect hairstyle:

  • hair will be better laid, if the head wash in the evening of the previous day.
  • To ensure that the bow does not fall apart, the tips of the tail must be firmly secured.
  • If the elastic band is noticeable, it will not look very nice. Therefore, the elastic band for creating a bow must be chosen in a thin and neutral color.
  • Fixing the hairstyle with varnish, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the hair will get a wet effect, like after falling into the rain.
A bow of hair. Step-by-step instruction for doing hairstyles and photos To fix the hairstyle, do not use too much lacquer
  • To fasten the bow, it is advisable to use shortened studs.
  • A low bow of hair is best done at the back of the head.
  • Elastic bands, hairpins and invisible should be the same shade as the hair, so that they are not conspicuous.
  • If there is a bang, then it must be straightened with iron. So it will look more attractive.

being considered by the hairstyle you can do yourself no more than 20-30 minutes. In addition, each image has its own version of a bow of hair. From the very first attempts, the hairdo does not always work. Do not get upset. For a few training sessions, you can learn how to make a bow from hair of varying complexity.

Useful video-clips about the hairstyle of a bow of hair. Step by step instructions and photos:

Hair bow out of hair - a step by step instructions + pictures - in this video:

How to perform a weaving of hair bows - watch and learn: