How are candles used with propolis from hemorrhoids?

  • Jun 18, 2018

Candles with propolis Propolis has long been used to treat various diseases, and it has also become very popular for the treatment of hemorrhoids( especially in the form of candles, ointments).Propolis is a completely natural component that bees use to build their honeycomb, so it is a unique invention of nature.

He does not just anesthetize, cauterize and dry, but also eliminates anal itching. Also this component accelerates healing, restores mucous membranes, stops inflammation, relieves swelling and tension, disinfects, stops bleeding and reduces stagnation of blood in a small pelvis.

If you ask passers-by about hemorrhoids, then they will not hurry to answer such a common question. This is due to the fact that for many people this topic is in the zone of intimate discussions, although this is not so. The problem of hemorrhoids should be treated easier, like a cold and do not be afraid that other members of society will react somehow inadequately.

Every year more and more people face the problem of hemorrhoids. T

he fact is that the use of manual labor has been reduced by the means of using automated production lines, and more and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The following occupations are at risk:

  • pilot driver;
  • pilot;
  • loader;
  • programmer;
  • computer operator;Accountant, etc.

As surveys of patients with hemorrhoids have shown, they all note the sudden and inconspicuous appearance of this disease, it is also mentioned about its slow development from stage to stage and about the discomfort that persecutes patients all the time.

At the present time, science knows only four stages of hemorrhoids, which we first talk about.

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  • 2 Candles with propolis hemorrhoids as proven method
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Step hemorrhoids and their differences

  • Internal hemorrhoids Internal hemorrhoids - refers to the first stage of disease. With such a degree of development of the disease, the patient may experience itching near the anus, discomfort during defecation, or may not feel anything at all. This is a hidden form of hemorrhoids, which, as practice shows, is most often recognized by accident. Diagnosis can be made only by a doctor who prescribes treatment with photocoagulation, conservative therapy or sclerotherapy.
  • Falling of hemorrhoids at defecation - the second stage of hemorrhoids. Here the patient will feel the itching and burning of the anus, a clear pain in defecation with bleeding. At this stage, the doctor will most likely refer the patient to ligation, combination therapy, conservative therapy, or sclerotomy.
  • The third stage of hemorrhoids is the loss of hemorrhoids without defecation. This can occur with physical exertion( lifting and moving weights, climbing stairs, squats).This stage is determined visually and to the touch. In the treatment, complex therapy, surgical methods, ligation and conservative therapy are used.
  • Acute hemorrhoids - the fourth stage. The latest stage, in which hemorrhoids can not be corrected. At this stage, the patient will have to lie down under the surgeon's scalpel.

Therefore, do not delay the treatment of hemorrhoids!

candles with propolis from hemorrhoids as a proven method

propolis usually added to the composition of propolis suppositories, enemas and lotions. The most effective method of treating hemorrhoids is the use of rectal suppositories. These candles can be made at home or bought in a pharmacy.

  • petrolatum( 80g);:

    following components are taken to manufacture a suppository at home

  • wax or cocoa butter( 80gr);
  • lanolin( 80g);
  • propolis extract( 20g)

This melted on a water bath, thoroughly mixed together, are laid in molds made of paper and put in a refrigerator. To use this product, the paper is removed, and the plug is inserted into the rectum at night. This procedure is carried out daily for ten days.

It is also possible to manufacture the suppository in another way. This requires warm water and propolis in equal quantities. Propolis is dissolved in warm water, poured into molds and frozen. Before the candle is inserted into the anus, the paper is removed and the candle is put in warm water for a couple of seconds. This manipulation can be done for no more than five minutes. The course of treatment lasts ten days.

Contraindications Use candles with propolis from hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation should only be under the supervision of a doctor. This is due to the possible increased sensitivity to the components that make up the candles and the risk of causing an allergic reaction.

At the moment the market is simply full of various means and candles from hemorrhoids, which can not only leave the patient unchanged, but also speed up the process of transition from stage to stage. However, propolis candles with hemorrhoids make it possible to quickly get rid of signs of hemorrhoids.

Healing power of propolis against hemorrhoids

Propolis is indeed one of the most active medicines of natural origin, which is why it has no contraindications and it can be used by every person at any stage of hemorrhoids. Long since people have noted and appreciated the life-giving power of propolis - it effectively heals wounds, is an excellent antibacterial as well as an anesthetic.

Why Propolis?

Candles with propolis from hemorrhoids On how to treat hemorrhoids propolis at home, many people are interested in now. It would seem - in our time pharmacists have manufactured a lot of drugs from hemorrhoids, why go back to folk medicine? The thing is that propolis is a truly unique remedy that has successfully treated hemorrhoids for many centuries. In addition, candles, ointments, tinctures with propolis can be harmlessly combined with other drugs in order to strengthen their effect.

So, let's look at the main reasons for using propolis for hemorrhoids:

  • Because propolis contains analgesic substances, preparations with "bee glue" are ideal for people who have hemorrhoids accompanied by severe pain.
  • It is known that propolis is a powerful antiseptic - it quickly removes the mucosal edema, and also promotes the healing of wounds and cracks in the rectum.
  • Eliminates hemorrhoidal seals, if any, easily cures itching and burning, eliminates bleeding.
  • Again, due to its pronounced antibacterial effect, propolis prevents the development of infections in the area of ​​hemorrhoids and cracks.
  • Absolutely harmless for pregnant women, as well as for lactating women.
  • Has no contraindications.
  • Propolis can be combined with other medicines.
  • Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids can easily be made by yourself, as well as candles.
How to make medicines from external hemorrhoids based on propolis independently?

Propolis candles In case you are worried about external hemorrhoids, which is accompanied by unpleasant pain, enough to grind 15 grams of propolis and stir in warm boiled water. Healing medicine should be insisted for three days. After that the medicine is ready - in such a solution you need to moisten the bandage and do compresses. Usually, until the full recovery, the remedy should be used within 14 days.

Also such tincture is perfect for hemorrhoids prevention - especially for people who have already developed this disease into a chronic form. However, it should be remembered - the product must be heated in a water bath before use!

How to deal with internal hemorrhoids with propolis?

You can also use propolis from hemorrhoids, the recipe of which is very simple, from internal manifestations of the disease. For this you will need:

  • natural cocoa butter;
  • approximately 20 grams of propolis;
  • as well as petroleum jelly or glycerol.

Candles with propolis from hemorrhoids All ingredients must be melt in a water bath, after which the mixture is poured into molds and cooled. Candles should be applied within 10 days, after which the disease must recede.

The tincture of propolis with hemorrhoids will not only help get rid of it, but it will also put the whole organism in order - it will increase immunity, help get rid of diseases of the genitourinary system, cleanse the skin. By the way, many noted the beneficial effect of propolis even in the treatment of tumor-like diseases.

What is the peculiarity of preparation of medicines based on propolis?

Propolis itself is quite a solid substance - that's why candles are very popular. They are easy to produce on their own, besides propolis does not lose its healing properties even when heated unlike other natural medicines.

If you need to prepare a tincture based on propolis - for your convenience, it should be alcohol-containing, because it is due to alcohol propolis can be stored for a long time in a liquid form.

How to prepare a tincture of propolis for oral administration on a water basis with your own hands?

Tincture of propolis with hemorrhoids It also happens that some people are contraindicated in alcohol in any of its manifestations - that's why there are also various recipes of propolis infusions on the water. However, one should also take into account the fact that water tinctures from propolis are not subject to long storage - they should be consumed within a week after manufacturing.

So, for the solution we will need:

  1. Boiled water in which we dissolve the crushed propolis in a ratio of 2 to 1, after which the mixture is left in a water bath for 60 minutes.
  2. The solution must be heated at a temperature of 80 degrees.
  3. The resulting drug is left to be infused within 6 hours, after which the tincture of propolis is ready for ingestion.

You can also make a tincture and based on honey - the effect will be more pronounced, because honey is also an excellent antiseptic. By combining propolis with honey, you get the so-called "propolisny honey", which will help not only with the manifestation of internal hemorrhoids, but also cure colds, contribute to the overall strengthening of your body.

How to take the tincture?

Treatment should start with small doses Despite the fact that propolis is a natural remedy, do not forget that in some people honey products can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, treatment should begin with small doses, and closely monitor the body's response to therapy.

If you become ill, headache, rash, treatment should be discontinued, since such symptoms indicate that this medication is not suitable for your body. In the event that no unpleasant symptoms are found - tincture should be consumed three times a day for 30 grams before meals.

How to prepare a propolis based ointment?

Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids is another quick and effective way to quickly rid yourself of the unpleasant symptoms of this disease.

Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids The recipe is quite simple - you will need olive oil and propolis( which must be thoroughly crushed).The components must be mixed in a ratio of 3 to 1, after which the mixture is sent to a water bath. In order to obtain an ointment of a uniform consistency, the ointment should be stirred all the time. The remedy for hemorrhoids will be ready, as soon as you see that propolis has absorbed as much oil as it needs. After that, the composition should be transferred to a glass jar with dark glass, cool - and put into the refrigerator.

I would like to note that tinctures, ointments, suppositories from hemorrhoids based on propolis need not be made by yourself - they can be found in any pharmacy.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with propolis is one of the most effective folk methods that will allow you to forget about the unpleasant symptoms of the disease for a long time. However, it should be remembered that prevention is the most effective and effective way not to expose your body to danger. Be healthy!

Reviews of preparations based on propolis( candles, ointment, tincture)

Review No. 1

Candles with propolis from hemorrhoids I have never been bothered by hemorrhoids before. .. It all started after pregnancy. There was a strong itch in the area of ​​the anus, tormented by constipation, I forgot about what it means to normally go to the toilet. My friend advised Candles Propolis DN - with hemorrhoids this is an excellent, proven by me personally means!

Of course, I read on the Internet about all sorts of ointments, which you can actually prepare at home yourself - but I have absolutely no time for this. Therefore, I bought an ointment in the pharmacy. And believe me, I'm not disappointed! About the hemorrhoids long ago!

Olga, Moscow

Review №2

Hemorrhoids started after I worked as a driver for 30 years. Sedentary life makes itself felt. Besides, I had a disease like prostatitis. Wife, after talking with her friend, she learned from her a recipe for tinctures with propolis from hemorrhoids. At first, I did not trust folk medicine - but a month later I was pleasantly surprised!

Reviews Not only the symptoms of hemorrhoids disappeared, but also prostatitis! Now the whole family knows about this wonderful remedy - we treat propolis and sore throats, and colds, even the nepitis of the nephew passed after the use of propolis ointment.

Vladimir Ivanovich, 52 years - St. Petersburg

Review No.3

But my mother was preparing tincture on propolis. At me since the childhood a chronic hemorrhoids, and only propolis saves us! The truth is now of course I have to buy it in pharmacies - I live far from the family. But it really works!

Rita, 17 years old - Krasnodar