How is Fleming's ointment applied to hemorrhoids?

  • Jun 18, 2018

Fleming One of the most popular and effective remedies for hemorrhoids are ointments. In particular - Fleming's ointment. According to official figures, every third inhabitant of our planet can detect hemorrhoids. And this ailment worries mankind is not the first century. Every patient wants to cure hemorrhoids as quickly as possible - and this is understandable, because discomfort accompanies this disease of a different plan.

And to prevent a condition in which surgeon intervention is simply a necessity, hemorrhoids need to be treated in the early stages. Nevertheless, most patients do not go to the doctor with this problem at the right time, because it is so delicate and the fear of unprofessional doctors plays the ailment on hand.

With this attitude, the patient usually seeks help when an operation and a long recovery process are already required. Although in the early stages of hemorrhoids is not so difficult to cure. At this time, the pharmaceutical market offers a large number of different drugs tha

t can cope with this ailment easily.

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What is hemorrhoids?

Anal fissure, or hemorrhoids, are varicose veins of the anus and rectum. This ailment is found in both women and men. Not many people know that with prolonged course of the disease, hemorrhoids can go from proctological stage to oncological stage.

The appearance of constipation and the severity of the anus There are four stages of hemorrhoids, and the transition from stage to stage can take months, and even years. One of the first symptoms are itching and burning of the anus, the appearance of constipation and the severity of the anus. There may also be bleeding when defecating. Such an intimate disease requires an individual approach, since during treatment the doctor will prescribe a different plan for the means and procedures that will not only reduce or eliminate the symptoms, but also cure of hemorrhoids completely.

The day of the beginning of the proctologist will determine the form of hemorrhoids, the stage of development of this disease and prescribes treatment. Usually doctors for the fastest recovery of their patient prescribe a set of procedures and preparations. There can be prescribed various pills against hemorrhoids, suppositories, ointments, proper nutrition and physical exercises. With the right treatment, you can save a patient from hemorrhoids in just a couple of days.

Application of ointments from hemorrhoids

In the early stages of ointment is one of the best means to fight hemorrhoids. They remove unpleasant sensations, moisturize the anus, stop inflammation and spotting. It should be noted that the ointments remove the symptoms only in the area of ​​their application.

Components of ointments

To date, there are a huge number of ointments, which include various active substances on the functions, distributed on an ointment basis. Usually the ointment contains several components, however one of them is the leading active substance.

Ointments from Hemorrhoids Ointments for hemorrhoids can be divided into five groups according to the type of application:

  1. An ointment with an anesthetic is used to stop the pain syndrome.
  2. To reduce the size of nodes during remission use ointment based on phlebotonics.
  3. In case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory ointments are used.
  4. When thrombosis of the nodes apply ointment with a hemostatic effect.
  5. Ointments with haemostatic action are better for use in bleeding.

It should be remembered that treatment is best performed under the supervision of a specialist, and reading articles and reviews in full can not replace the experience of a proctologist doctor. Also it is worthwhile to understand what helped one person, or can always help you.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The benefits of using ointments from hemorrhoids include the following:

  • Ointment is easy to use;
  • efficiency when used;
  • local action;
  • possible treatment by such means of small children, pregnant and only giving birth to women( does not affect the whole body).

To drawbacks can be attributed only incomplete absorption of all components and fat base ointment, which leads to traces on the laundry. However, the effect of using an ointment is worth the inconvenience.

How to use

The ointment for hemorrhoids can be used in two ways:

  1. The first method is application after hygiene and defecation. When applied to the hemorrhoids, massaging can be avoided.
  2. The second way you can lubricate the anal canal from the inside. It consists in applying an ointment to a finger or a tampon, which is then inserted into the anal opening.

At the moment, many ointments are known from hemorrhoids, and one of them, which is most popular and has high efficiency, is called Fleming's ointment.

Flemming ointment

Fleming Flemming ointment contains medicinal herbs such as calendula, witch hazel and esculus. All of the above herbs act as an antiseptic, perfectly cope with small cracks and wounded due to the fact that they have a drying effect.

This product is a natural homeopathic remedy, which is perfect for both the first manifestations of hemorrhoids and in the last stages. However, it should be noted that if the form of the disease has developed into a chronic one, one ointment will not be enough - complex therapy will be required.

Fleming ointment also contains substances such as alpapinene, cineole, zinc oxide and menthol. It is thanks to menthol ointment has a powerful analgesic and antiseptic property.

  • Calendula, which is part of the ointment, has a number of healing properties - for example, this flower perfectly copes with all kinds of rashes, acts as a good antiseptic, prevents inflammation.
  • Horse chestnut fruit extract Esculus( horse chestnut) is a plant that has long been known not only in Europe, but all over the world. It has long been used to restore blood-forming function, as an anesthetic. Fresh juice of horse chestnut is often prescribed for varicose veins, as well as for hemorrhoids and thrombophlebitis. Escalus is also used for internal bleeding, and internal hemorrhoids are no exception. It has an astringent property.
  • Witch hazel is also used in folk medicine for the treatment of varicose veins, with inflammation of the mucous membranes, as well as for stopping bleeding and for healing wounds. Proceeding from all the above, it should be noted that Fleming's ointment, which includes both of the above mentioned medicinal plants, is aimed primarily at treating hemorrhoids.

As a rule, Fleming's ointment does not cause any adverse reactions, since the drug is a homeopathic remedy and has practically no contraindications.

Indications for the use of Fleming's ointment

Fleming Fleming ointment is a universal medicine that can be used not only for hemorrhoids, but also for rhinitis, allergic dermatitis and other manifestations of allergic reactions. There are cases of using Fleming's ointment even with acne eruptions - as a complex therapy.

With regular and prolonged use it is noted that Fleming's ointment improves blood circulation, increases immunity and the ability of cells to regenerate, improves the general tone of the whole organism. Therefore, this natural homeopathic remedy will help:

  • Get rid of hemorrhoids.
  • Remove puffiness in the anus and rectum.
  • Regenerate the structure of the anus mucosa.
  • Forget about itching, pain, and bleeding.
  • Resume and normalize the circulation of blood in the mucous membranes.

The drug is used only for external manifestations of hemorrhoids.

Flemings ointment from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Pregnant women Very many women face such a problem as hemorrhoids, it is during pregnancy. In addition, a woman "in a position" may be aggravated and other processes - allergic rashes and dermatitis. Due to the fact that Fleming's ointment does not contain any artificially synthesized additives - it is perfect for pregnant and lactating mothers.

However, one should be careful and here - in some cases a woman can develop an allergy even to natural plants - for example, to calendula. Therefore, before use, consult your physician.

Form release, price for medicine

Flemming ointment is a homeopathic preparation, available in 15 and 25 gram vials. Has a pleasant menthol smell, the color varies from white to light yellow. Packing carton, the instruction on application is applied. The price ranges from 190 to 270 rubles - it all depends on what dosage you prefer.

How to apply Fleming's ointment against hemorrhoids?

How to apply Fleming The greater priority of the ointment is the fact that it has virtually no contraindications. An exception is the individual intolerance of the components of the drug, as well as the age of up to two years. Cases of an overdose are not revealed - therefore to apply it it is possible, many times a day, how many it is necessary for you for simplification of a status.

As a rule, patients are prescribed the use of Fleming ointment three times a day. When hemorrhoids, the drug should be applied first to a cotton swab, then gently treat the affected area. A noticeable improvement will come in a week, but the course can be extended to 14 days - to fix the result.

If the hemorrhoids have a chronic form, the ointment is perfect as a preventative. Often the medicine is prescribed as a complex therapy, however, it is not worthwhile to engage in self-medication - it is better to contact an experienced doctor who will choose individual additional treatment for you.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Each of us knows that if you take care of your health in time, you will not need treatment. So, in order to avoid such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids, it is enough to perform the following simple instructions:

  • A flexible way of life To drive a mobile way of life. Even if you work in the office - find a free minute to stroll, this will speed up blood circulation and prevent stagnation in the venous walls.
  • Follow your stool - do not allow prolonged constipation, or, conversely, diarrhea.
  • Do not get carried away and heavy physical exertion, which include lifting weights. This is dangerous for both women's and men's health.

I would also like to add that hemorrhoids are a problem that can be solved without surgical intervention. The main thing is to start treatment on time. It is the ointment that is one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of external hemorrhoids - they will quickly help relieve swelling, pain and inflammation.

Flemings ointment from hemorrhoids - a quality tool that can be safely combined with other drugs .However, remember that for an internal hemorrhoids absolutely other treatment is appointed or nominated - more often these are suppositories.

Reviews on the use of Flemming ointment from hemorrhoids

Review No. 1

Fleming ointment against hemorrhoids After the second pregnancy, I began to worry about hemorrhoids. Like as well as nothing terrible - but at times the illness caused a lot of trouble. The pharmacy advised Fleming's ointment - I can not say that I was enthusiastic about this idea, but. ..

Literally on the second day I felt a noticeable relief! After a week of regular use, the symptoms of hemorrhoids stopped disturbing me. But I still keep the jar just in case - I do not want to repeat the problem.

Marina, Moscow

Review No.2

Hemorrhoids I suffer almost all my life. The work is. .. What just did not try! And folk medicine, and tablets, and capsules, and ointments.. .. In a word, in this matter I am already experienced enough.

Fleming's ointment was prescribed to me by my attending physician - in the complex and with more effective, non-homeopathic medicines. Ointment relieves pain and itching. But from a hemorrhoids, probably, to me it is already possible to get rid, only having addressed to the surgeon.

Svetlana Semenovna, St. Petersburg

Review №3

Reviews I got hemorrhoids two years ago. By profession - I'm a trucker, that's the way of life and affects my health. He did not try to be treated himself, and he did not apply to the doctor - it was not like a man. And my wife, after learning about my problem, bought Fleming's ointment - my acquaintances advised.

I really liked the tool! Literally for a week I already saw the result. The most important thing is that it is inexpensive and easy to apply. I advise everyone who has similar problems.

Ruslan, Samara