How darsonval from hemorrhoids is used - reviews about the treatment of the disease

  • Jun 18, 2018

darsonval from hemorrhoids In the modern world, hemorrhoids have become the most common ailment, it is equally susceptible to both men and women. The emergence of the disease is associated, first of all, with an insufficiently mobile way of life, sedentary work and inaccuracies in nutrition. Abundant consumption of high-calorie, spicy and fatty foods, alcohol abuse, obesity are the main factors leading to pathological changes in the veins of the anus.

The disease is based on stagnation in the pelvic area and the associated excess blood supply of hemorrhoidal veins, leading to the further formation of painful knots. For hemorrhoids, a chronically-recurrent course is characteristic. At the initial stages the disease develops gradually, with a minimum of clinical symptoms. The patient feels only minor discomfort in the anus, soreness in defecation, itching and burning.

Surgical intervention Over time, the disease progresses, and the severity of symptoms is increased many times. The pains become intense, the hemorrhoidal nodes increase in size, in

flame and fall out of the anus. Exacerbations of hemorrhoids can be accompanied by sufficiently abundant bleeding and other serious complications that require hospitalization and surgical intervention.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, an integrated approach is used that combines methods of conservative drug therapy, nutrition adjustment, lifestyle changes, special exercises and physiotherapy procedures. One of the most effective and effective procedures for the treatment of hemorrhoids is recognized by the Darsonval apparatus.

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What is Darsonval and how is it used to treat hemorrhoids?

Darsonval Darsonval is a physiotherapeutic method for treating hemorrhoids. Its essence lies in the impact on the affected area by pulses of alternating current of weak force, but high voltage and frequency. During the treatment session, between the attachment of the device and the treated area of ​​the body, ozone is formed which has a bactericidal effect, helps to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and, penetrating into tissues, is transformed into oxygen, necessary for metabolic processes.

As a result of this interaction, a significant reduction in the inflammatory process is noted and the patient feels better. High-frequency electrical impulses have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. There is an increase in outflow of stagnant venous blood from inflamed hemorrhoids, improving the tone and elasticity of veins, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of hemorrhoidal hemorrhage.

The use of Darsonval is justified at almost all stages of uncomplicated hemorrhoids, with its help eliminate pain, inflammation and swelling.

The effect of using Darsonval

  1. Darsonvalization with hemorrhoids increases blood microcirculation, strengthens small blood vessels( capillaries), eliminates vessel spasms and changes vascular permeability.
  2. Darsonval Simultaneously with these processes, there is an improvement in the venous system - significantly improving the tone of the veins, reducing stagnation and increasing the outflow of venous blood.
  3. Darsonval has a pronounced antispastic effect, weakens spasm of blood vessels and sphincter, eliminating associated painful sensations,
  4. Improves lymph circulation and capillary circulation.
  5. As a result of this, the foci of inflammation resolve, the supply of tissues to oxygen improves.
  6. Spark discharge and ozone formed during treatment are capable of exerting a powerful bacteriostatic and antimicrobial effect.

For the procedure use a special device Darsonval with a rectal electrode. The procedure is carried out in a hospital or on an outpatient basis. The duration of one session is usually 15 minutes. To achieve a lasting effect, it is recommended to undergo at least 15 procedures.

Principles of darsonvalization of

Principles of darsonvalization The procedure of darsonvalization is best performed in special medical institutions and only on the prescription of a doctor. If the patient, after consulting a proctologist, decides to purchase a Darsnownal portable device and apply it at home, you should carefully check the relevant documents when buying to avoid forgery. This medical device must have a registration certificate and a certificate of conformity of the State Standard of Russia.

It should be remembered that inefficient use of an electrical appliance at home can lead to injury or burns to the rectal mucosa. Therefore, it is better to entrust procedures to specially trained medical personnel.

The therapeutic method of darsonvalization appeared as a result of the work of the French scientist Jacques Darsonval. As a result of experiments on the effect of alternating currents on biological objects, in 1982 he received interesting results. It turned out that the pulses of a current of weak force do not irritate tissues, but, on the contrary, exert a favorable effect on the body.

In 1918, a Russian researcher Lazarev found that when local action of a high-frequency current of weak force, the small blood vessels expand, the veins tone increases and the blood circulation in the venous channel increases.

The Darsonval device generates a current that is supplied in the form of a damped impulse discharge. The therapeutic effect of the procedure is expressed in stimulating tissue metabolism, improving trophism of tissues and accelerating healing processes. In addition, the effect of the procedure is manifested in the removal of pain and easing of discomfort and itching in the anus.

The effect of the procedure

Darsonval apparatus For the treatment of hemorrhoids, a special Darsonval apparatus with rectal electrodes is used. Current pulses delivered to the rectum have a beneficial effect on the vessels, contribute to an increase in the tone of the venous wall and improve the outflow of venous blood from the inflamed hemorrhoidal node. Darsonval can be used at any stage of the disease, but the procedure is most effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids, when the nodes are still small and can easily be re-inserted back into the anus in the fall.

If the hemorrhoids are uncomplicated, the changes in the veins are reversible and as a result of their strengthening through the procedure of darsonvalization, it is possible to achieve persistent remission of the disease. In severe cases, with advanced hemorrhoids, the use of one device is not enough and physiotherapy procedures must be combined with the course of drug therapy prescribed by a doctor.

Indications for the procedure

phlebeurysm Indications for the procedure of darsonvalization are the following conditions:

  • Long non-healing wounds
  • Varicose veins
  • Chronic hemorrhoids
  • Anal cracks
  • Skin itch

The procedure of darsonvalization will help strengthen the walls of the rectum, improve vascular tone, reduce congestion. As a result of treatment, harmful bacteria are destroyed, the inflammation of the hemorrhoidal node decreases, edema disappears. The procedure helps to prevent bleeding, to heal cracks in the rectum, and to repair damaged tissues.

Contraindications to the procedure

Contraindications The procedure with the use of the Darsonval apparatus can not be performed with complications of hemorrhoids( purulent processes, paraproctitis, thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node).There are a number of general contraindications to the procedure, it can not be prescribed in the following cases:

  • With blood coagulation pathologies
  • During pregnancy
  • With oncological diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Hyperthermia
  • Heart rate disorders

Darsonval can cause side effects such as high blood pressure andthe occurrence of local allergic reactions. Therefore, you can do the procedure only for the doctor's prescription and in a specially equipped physiotherapy room.

The sequence of conducting darsonvalization with hemorrhoids

The procedure is done in the physiotherapy room of the medical institution. For its implementation, the Darsonval apparatus and a special rectal electrode are used.

  1. Before the procedure, the electrode is treated with medical alcohol and oiled with petroleum jelly.
  2. Darsonval The patient must first clean the intestines with microclysters.
  3. Then the patient is laid on the couch on his side and asked him to pull his legs to his stomach.
  4. An electrode injected with Vaselin is injected into the anus with slow rotational movements. The depth of the injection is 4-5 cm. The electrode should be administered very carefully, as it is quite fragile and, at fracture, the risk of injury to the walls of the rectum is high. The device should be placed horizontally, so it will less pressure on the side walls of the intestine and will not give the patient unpleasant sensations.
  5. The power of exposure to electrical impulses is selected individually, the patient should have a feeling of light heat. The first procedure lasts 5 minutes, then with each subsequent procedure add 2 minutes, gradually bringing the total exposure time to 15 minutes. The usual therapeutic treatment for Darsonval with hemorrhoids is 15 to 20 procedures. They can be taken every day or every other day.

Darsonvalization has a beneficial effect on the patient's well-being and greatly facilitates his condition with such symptoms of hemorrhoids as inflammation and pain in the anorectal area, slight bleeding from the anus, or reversible prolapse of hemorrhoids.

As a result of physiotherapeutic procedures, there is a significant reduction or complete disappearance of pain syndrome, excruciating itching and inflammation in the anus. The best effect is observed with the simultaneous application of the darsonvalization procedure with well-chosen medication.

Reviews for the treatment of hemorrhoids darsonvalem

Review No. 1

Reviews Recently treated for hemorrhoids. Recently, there were very unpleasant symptoms: severe pain, spotting, began to feel inflamed knots of hemorrhoids, which got out after defecation. However, then they set themselves up. The doctor prescribed a course of rectal suppository treatment and the Darsonval procedure.

I do not know what helped more, candles or darsonvalization, but I feel much better. In total, 15 procedures were performed. During the procedure, you feel pleasant warmth, no painful sensations. Now the symptoms of hemorrhoids have practically disappeared, there is no more pain and itching, the nodes have significantly decreased. Darsonval really helps.

Igor, St. Petersburg

Review №2

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, I tried many drugs. Many of them very effectively help with exacerbations. Recently tried to treat hemorrhoids Darsonval. The procedure was done in the physiotherapy room.

After a few sessions, I felt unwell, it turned out that this procedure is contraindicated for high blood pressure. I had to give it up. And it's a pity, Darzonvalization helps many, I thought that it would bring me relief.

Galina, Novosibirsk

Review No.3

Reviews Recently I began to feel a constant discomfort in the anus, after the defecation began to appear pain and bleeding, felt the painful nodules inside the rectum. Proctologist appointed treatment for hemorrhoids with preparations( ointments, suppositories), gave recommendations on the right way of life and diet. And he directed the procedure to Darsonval.

At the first session was wary. It turned out that there is nothing terrible or unpleasant in it. In the office everything is sterile, the medical staff is polite. The device is very gently introduced into a small depth in the anus and a few minutes to lie down. At this time, the device provides electrical impulses, you feel a pleasant warmth inside. Then you get up and go home. No pain or discomfort you do not feel. The sessions helped me, I feel much better, the symptoms of hemorrhoids receded.

Michael, Moscow