How to apply gel emulsion Nifedipine from hemorrhoids?

  • Jun 19, 2018

Gel from hemorrhoids Nifedipine gels and emulsions from hemorrhoids Nifedipine - lightweight formulation, but their composition has a very effective therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Using a gel from hemorrhoids in complex therapy helps to get the expected result in the treatment of various forms of the disease.

Hemorrhoids have long been a fairly common disease. To combat the disease, the domestic pharmaceutical industry produces a large number of various drugs. However, they are not always effective. In addition, with a huge existing choice of medicines, it is difficult for a patient not to get lost.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, Israeli medication - gel from hemorrhoids Nifedipine - has proved its worth. This drug is especially effective from the whole line of medicines and gives an excellent expected result.

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medicament drug recommended by doctors - proktolo Gels and emulsions from hemorrhoids gami for the treatment of any stage of hemorrhoids. The drug normalizes blood circulation in the vessels, eliminating inflamed hemorrhoids and bleeding of various degrees. On the next day of treatment, unpleasant swelling and painful sensations in the anal area proceed.

The Israeli manufacturer has developed a gel that can be safely called an innovative solution in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Nifedipine is known in the treatment of hypertension. Nifedipine tablets are used to treat hypertension.

Nifedipine is a selective calcium channel blocker and dihydropyride derivative. The substance has a pronounced anti -aginal effect. It also has an antihypertensive effect. When using the drug, the flow of calcium ions is significantly reduced. Ions slow the current and do not enter the peripheral and coronary arteries.

Nifedipine The drug expands the overall vascular peripheral resistance, reduces the need for blood vessels in oxygen, has a pronounced effect of vasodilation.

Israeli specialists have developed a tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids based on Nifedipine. The medication passed the necessary test tests and meets all existing European standards. The products of the Israeli company have all the necessary quality certificates. More about

gel emulsion Nifedipine on the official website

Description Nifedipine gel emulsion from hemorrhoids

Light gel emulsion structure quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane of the rectum. The drug does not contain a variety of fats, which allows it:

  1. Nifedipine quickly absorbed into the surrounding muscle tissue of the mucosa;
  2. dry dripping and painful anal fissures;
  3. to produce the required bactericidal effect.

Nifedipine has a strong analgesic effect, eliminates unpleasant and painful itching and burning. The medicinal emulsion resembles a creamy paste, and it is easy to apply. The drug is intended for treatment in convenient home conditions.

A non-invasive method for treating hemorrhoids and cracked gels is recommended by proctologists even in the most neglected cases of the fourth stage of the disease.

Composition and action of

The drug is available in a convenient special tube. The agent for treating the disease includes

  • Nifedipine lidocaine( 2%);
  • nifedipine( 0.2%);
  • isosorbide dinitrate.

Nifedipine provides effective relaxation of smooth muscles and rapidly expands peripheral vessels. The drug helps to relax the tissues and muscles of the anus, and also lowers the rectal pressure. The second component of the drug - lidocaine removes pain and burning sensation in the anus. Isosorbide dinitrate penetrates deep into the cells and dilates the blood vessels.

Application of the gel Nifedipine from hemorrhoids

Pain sensations disappear Pain sensations disappear literally in the first hours of application of the gel. Emulsion Nifedipine from hemorrhoids is applied neatly to the surface of the anus on the first day of use. If as a result of use there were no allergic reactions, on the second day the gel is gently injected into the rectum. Apply the emulsion four times a day until the symptoms of the disease disappear completely - pain and bleeding.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is required after embolization, completing the necessary hygiene procedures. With warm water you need to wash the anus, then dry the anus and perineum with a clean cotton cloth. Inflammation will help to reduce the preliminary therapeutic sedentary bath - it will stop the flow of blood to the painful hemorrhoids.

For external hemorrhoids, a gauze swab impregnated with the drug is applied. To treat internal cracks and hemorrhoids use a special plastic tip, which will accurately and painlessly insert the gel into the rectum.

Some time The tip is wound onto the tube and easily inserted into the anus. To enter inside of a rectum it is possible and the impregnated medicine a tampon. It must be left in the rectum for a while, then removed.

Ointment from hemorrhoids Nifedipine has a strong spasmolytic effect on smooth muscles and promotes very rapid treatment of the disease. During treatment with Nifedipine, the damaged vessels and tissues of the rectal area are healed. For one or two days, pain disappears, then bleeding stops. Complete recovery occurs after - a week or a month, depending on the degree of hemorrhoids.

Indications for use

Indications for use:

  • Indications for use chronic hemorrhoids;
  • cracked anus;
  • external hemorrhoids;
  • internal hemorrhoids;
  • anal hemorrhages with hemorrhoids;
  • dropping hemorrhoids;
  • thrombosis;
  • irritation of the anal mucosa;
  • launched degree of hemorrhoids.

Nifedipine is able to cure even the fourth stage of the disease, which is confirmed by clinical studies and physicians. The drug has absolutely no contraindications and can be used without risk during pregnancy. Also, the drug can be used to treat hemorrhoids in children.

No complications The drug is recommended for men and women who suffer from any stage of the disease. For those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, for women during pregnancy and after childbirth, during the postoperative period, Nifedipine ointment from hemorrhoids is recommended. During the clinical study of the drug, no complications were found.

Doctors recommend combining the treatment with an unloading diet, which will provide a soft stool. Hard feces cause irritation of the rectal area and anal opening, bring strong pain sensations. The diet with hemorrhoids allows to normalize and facilitate emptying.

It is necessary to use a rich dietary fiber and drink plenty of fluids throughout the course of treatment with Nifedipine. From the diet it is required to exclude fried and spicy dishes, salty and smoked. Physical exercises with hemorrhoids also contribute to a speedy recovery.

More information on gel emulsion Nifedipine on the official website


Nifedipine is an Israeli drug Nifedipine is an Israeli drug. The drug can be ordered from dealer companies that offer a medicinal product at an affordable price. Israeli medicine remains in good health with Russian doctors.

The cost of Nifedipine varies within different limits for different dealers. You can place an order on the company's special website. It is enough to fill in the order form, and the manager will contact the customer within the time. Some Russian Internet sites offer a drug at a price of 8-9 thousand rubles. You can find the drug at a lower cost.

price The use of Nifedipine gel will make it possible to cure even the oldest and most neglected form of the disease in a short time. The initial stages of hemorrhoids are cured in a week, and sometimes in less time. The action of the drug is based on the vasodilating effect, and the lidocaine present in the gel contributes to the disappearance of pain sensations of any degree. The drug is recommended for pregnancy and after childbirth, safe and very effective.

More information on gel emulsion Nifedipine on the official website

Review No. 1
Reviews Excellent preparation. A little expensive, but the medicine is worth it. I had hemorrhoids caused by office sitting work. There was a prolapse of hemorrhoids, the wounds bleed profusely. Pain in the rectal area was reported. To try the emulsion of Nifedipin was advised by a friend who works as a doctor in an ambulance.

Acquired the drug, not paying attention to its high price, because the hemorrhoids exacerbated and delivered a lot of terrible sensations. Cured hemorrhoids in just seven days.

Absolutely all symptoms disappeared - on the second day of treatment pains passed, cones decreased. A week later, everything was healing, and I felt like a healthy person again. I recommend the treatment of gel to anyone who despaired of treating hemorrhoids.

Maria, 46 years - Moscow

Review No.2

Reviews I heard a lot about Nifedipine. The purchase price stopped medication. Still, the drug can hit the budget. But I got it, because anal bleeding opened after the hemorrhoidal cones came out. At the very beginning of treatment, the remedy was pleased by the fact that it immediately removes the pain.

Bleeding decreased, and hemorrhoidal nodes began to pass. The entire course of treatment took no more than ten days. And then recently I used the gel more for prophylaxis, so that the hemorrhoids do not arise again. I'm a driver, always driving. From such sedentary work there was an unpleasant disease.

Apply ointment from hemorrhoids Nifedipine three times a day. The effect of the drug was very good, the effect is excellent. I recommend that all patients have hemorrhoids for treatment.

Ivan 38 years old - Rostov-on-Don

Review №3

Reviews I myself am a pharmacist and I know the operation of ointments from hemorrhoids, which are prescribed by proctologists. A month ago, began to worry about hemorrhoids, and in a fairly strong stage. Knowing that I do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive brand-name ointments from hemorrhoids, I found many analogues of Nifedipine of domestic production.

However, I did not like their use - I did not get the expected result in the treatment of the third stage of hemorrhoids. I had to buy an Israeli cream Nifedipine. I was completely satisfied with the treatment. On the third day there were blood discharges from the anus, inflammation decreased noticeably, and hemorrhoid swollen knots also began to decrease in size. Within a week I returned to a full healthy life.

Since the treatment was a month, the disease does not bother me. I hope that this will continue, because with the use of other drugs, the disease periodically returned. I recommend the treatment of gel to anyone who despaired of getting rid of hemorrhoids. The gel helps even in the most neglected cases.

Ирина, 39 years - St. Petersburg