How to treat hemorrhoids of the first stage?

  • Jun 19, 2018

How to treat hemorrhoids of the first stage?

The first stage of hemorrhoids often develops asymptomatically. This is its danger. Only occasionally there are exacerbations, which signal that with health is not all right. Ideally, if at this stage to begin the right treatment and correct a way of life, then the disease will pass quickly and without a trace.

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  • 1 Symptoms of the first stage of hemorrhoids
  • 2 Lifestyle as a cure for hemorrhoids 1 stage
  • 3 Medical treatment of hemorrhoids in the first stage
  • 4 Popular methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids of the 1st stage

Symptoms of the first stage of hemorrhoids

One of the first symptoms manifestingHemorrhoids is discomfort( sensation of an alien object) and itching in the anus, a person begins to scratch an itchy place involuntarily. That is why in the old days hemorrhoids were called pochechuem.

Itching indicates that the anus can not fully close due to the increase in hemorrhoids. These are enlarged swollen veins in the anal canal. Becaus

e of their increase, the outflow of blood worsens and a knot appears.

Another symptom is bleeding. At first, it is noticeable only during defecation on toilet paper or feces. There is bleeding due to the fact that the walls of the veins become thinner and become inflamed due to stool. The harder the feces, the more he traumatizes the hemorrhoids. Therefore, with the first stage of hemorrhoids are closely related constipation.

Lifestyle as a cure for stage 1 hemorrhoids

Lifestyle as a cure for hemorrhoids in stage 1 First of all, for effective treatment of hemorrhoids at the initial stage it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and eliminate everything that provokes the disease. Sometimes only this is enough to cure. It is necessary to revise the diet and refuse from sharp and salty foods, as well as from alcoholic beverages and coffee. It is better to reduce the consumption of bread, meat, eggs, smoked foods and various spices.

Drink a lot, especially pure raw water and fermented milk products The menu should always be fresh vegetables and fruits, in which there is a lot of coarse fiber. Also it is necessary to drink a lot, especially pure raw water and fermented milk products. This diet eliminates the occurrence of constipation, which is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Laxatives should not be used, because the body quickly gets used to them and at the same time does not learn how to work independently.

If a person has a sedentary job, then he needs to get up and warm up every half hour, walk or do exercises, for example, sit-ups. It is also useful as often as possible to walk, climb the stairs and swim.

If, on the contrary, the cause of hemorrhoids is work, on which a person is constantly forced to stand, then he needs to find ways to relax.

Important and hygiene for hemorrhoids. For example, after each act of defecation, the area of ​​the anus must be washed with cool water.

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids in the first stage

First of all, rectal suppositories are used to relieve the itching and discomfort at the first stage of hemorrhoids. There are a lot of them. One of the most popular are the candle relic.

Generally candles are divided into several types. Painkillers reduce pain syndrome. They, as a rule, consist of anesthesin or novocaine. However, such drugs greatly increase blood pressure and suffer from hypertension, they should not be used. Hemostatic suppositories are based on components such as vicasol, dicinone, calcium chloride, which increase blood coagulability.

Anti-inflammatory candles from hemorrhoids have a bactericidal effect. The best of these candles contain sea buckthorn oil, which accelerates the healing of cracks and wounds in the anus and in the rectum and kills the bacteria and microbes that caused the inflammatory process. A similar effect has also such components as tea tree oil, propolis, yarrow extract, St. John's Wort, etc.

In addition to suppositories, inflammation can be helped with ointments or gels, such as aurobine, a reef. Ointment geptrombin G well relieves pain and itching, reducing inflammation of the anal opening. Pasteurizan restores the form of hemorrhoidal veins. Often, the hemorrhoidal nodes become inflamed in women during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth.

They need to use only drugs with natural ingredients that are not dangerous to the child. For example, natalside is often used, which is made on the basis of brown algae.

At the first stage of hemorrhoids, you can also do a complex operation - sclerotherapy. When hemorrhoids, a doctor can also prescribe a pill depending on the condition of the patient. So, with this disease use with analgesics, laxatives, venotropic and enzyme preparations.

In the first stage of hemorrhoids, can also be done without a complicated operation - sclerotherapy .It is painless and lasts only a few minutes. However, completely deprives the patient of discomfort in the rectum.

Folk methods of treatment of hemorrhoids of the 1st stage of

It is at the first stage of the development of this disease that folk recipes are most effective. These are candles made from honey, raw potatoes or fat, as well as numerous microclysters, which traditionally include sea buckthorn oil, propolis, chamomile, beet or potato juice.

Sitting baths from decoctions of various herbs are very effective: chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, celandine, yarrow, hop cones, walnut leaves. For the tray, first boil about four liters of water, then throw in it two or three tablespoons of dry grass and boil for 10-15 minutes.

Then the broth is poured into a bowl and after it cools down, you can sit down and take a bath. In moments of exacerbation, it is better to do such baths twice a day, one of them - before bedtime.

Also drink infusion of nettle. It is simply brewed as tea and drunk 2-3 times a day. Effectively the intestines are affected by dogwood, which must necessarily be eaten along with the bone for 3-5 berries a day.

Juice of fresh mountain ash helps well from hemorrhoids. It squeezes out, add honey to taste and drink half a glass, washing down a glass of water. This remedy can be taken for a long time and the effect of it is very good.
There is another, so-called Persian way.

For him they take a small can, warm a piece of brick well and put it on the bottom of the can. On top of the brick very finely crumbled garlic and sit on the can. Such a smoke bath is taken for 30 minutes.