Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

  • Jun 20, 2018

In 2017 for the design of sunglasses included a large number of fresh ideas from famous couturiers, there was an improvement of models of previous years, using a variety of color decor, non-standard forms of lenses and frames.

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  • 2 Stylish glasses from Prada, their features
  • 3 Review of fashion models of sunglasses from Prada
  • 4 Sunglasses from Versace, their features
  • 5 Review of stylishModels of sunglasses from Versace
  • 6 Features of models of sunglasses from Gucci
  • 7 Review of stylish models of glasses from Gucci
  • 8 How much do glasses cost from popular brands Prada, Versace, Gucci
  • 9 Where to buy sunglasses, howTo distinguish a fake
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    • 9.2 "Gucci"
    • 9.3 "Prada"
  • 10 Advice from professionals: how to choose the right sunglasses

Sunglasses for women. Fashion 2017: glasses from designers Prada, Versace, Gucci

This year the frames and lenses are becoming wider. In the past there are lenses of an oval shape and rectangular glasses, they will be replaced by geometric, volumetric and figured ones.

Lenses remain the same: translucent, color, mirror, not permeable. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Wide rims contribute to better protection from sunlight, which prevents the appearance of facial creases and pigment spots on the face.

The colors and shapes of the frames strike with bright and non-standard solutions:

  1. Rim in the form of a butterfly .Lenses glasses holds a thin frame, reminiscent of butterfly wings, decorated with shiny stones.
  2. Large and noticeable frame .This year a square and wide frame entered the trend. Has a huge color range, but a greater preference for a light mustard color.
  3. "Fish" .The glasses of this model have a unprofitable and asymmetrical metal frame. The wide frame emphasizes the narrow lenses.
  4. Double frame .A thin metal frame is made by a double row, subtly emphasizes the lens. Glasses are presented in different color colors and on the edges are decorated with sparkling pebbles.
  5. "Funk" in the frame .The glasses of this model refer to the romantic style and emphasize feminine features. Externally a fragile frame with thin arches, but the quality is at the highest level.
  6. Designer plastic .Helps to embody the most extraordinary design solutions and colorful masterpieces. Elegantly rounded golden frame, which gives the glasses a sunny image.
  7. Socket of geometric shape .In such models there is an easy playfulness in the bow, in the frame and in the design. Originality distinguishes frames in the form of leaves, stones, stars, lynx eyes.

  8. "Aviators" .Trend this season for all brands. Have a streamlined shape and a wide range of colors. Externally they look soft, but sit well on the bridge of the nose.
  9. Rim with a smooth top .A model in which the upper part of the frame has a straight line. Glasses are made in a variety of colors. This season in the trend, pink glasses with a dark rim.
  10. "Chanterelles" .The frame has the form of a half-frame or without a rim at all. The color of the lenses gives preference to yellow shades, closer to the cat's eyes.
  11. «Circles» .Lenses of such models have a perfectly round shape in a plastic frame. Glasses are made in different sizes( large and small).
  12. Lenses of blue color .In this season, non-standard solutions are popular, such as a white frame with blue lenses, along the edges a thin metal edging. The glasses of such models set off the lordship of the face.
  13. Yellow Glasses .Lenses and frames in a sunny color have a double bezel that protrudes beyond the lens. Fashionable glasses of a circular shape.
  14. "Rainbow". Glasses change color, like a rainbow, depending on the angle of view. The color of the glass becomes more saturated, transparent or impermeable.
  15. Shining Rims .In a wide frame add stones, crystals or a variety of sparkles. The size of the stones can be either small or large.
  16. Horn frame .It has been popular for more than one season. The color and shape of the lens can be varied, but the frame is always large and heavy.
  17. "Overseas" .This model has large lenses, the frame is not wide. The word "oversize" is related only to the size of the lens.
  18. Clear glass .In 2017, fashion again includes models of glasses with transparent lenses.
  19. Perfect black .Always in a trend, because it's a classic. The shape of the rim and glass are varied.
  20. "Ombre" .The color of the lens has a transition from light to darker. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Stylish glasses from Prada, their features

Prada glasses( women's sun-protection), are favorites among brands, not inferior to competition for many years.

Other brands of Prada distinguish their distinctive features:

  • every collection of women's sunglasses from Prada has an innovative style;
  • the quality of this brand's products is always top notch;
  • models are decorated in a stylish design;
  • at manufacturing the best materials and details are used;
  • for a long time are luxurious accessories. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

All these differences make "Prada" glasses( women's sun-protection) special and unique.

Framing for models is made of high quality plastic or metal. Often use exclusive material that simulates the skin of reptiles, small inserts of horn and metal are added to the plastic.

The lens model, as a rule, has a rectangular outline. But there are also classical glasses with a drop-shaped, oval and trapezoidal shape.

The colors of the lenses are varied, but lenses of smoky or coffee color are in great demand. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

The glasses have original arches with smooth deflections. Jewelry plex on the arch in the form of a corporate logo is located at the center.

Unique glasses have a logo made in the form of inserts of precious metals, crystals, crystals. Each model is equipped with a unique number that protects it from counterfeits, and it is applied in a special way.

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Review of fashion models of sunglasses from Prada

This year almost all famous brands paid attention to classics. More precisely, this trend reflects the refined collections of Prada in 2017.

An interesting fact! The first collection of women's sunglasses from "Prada" appeared in 2000 and won with its high quality.

The brand has kept all the standards of elegance in its manner. This year, the fashion house "Prada" refused to display bright logos. Large frames with large lenses are designed not only to hide from sun rays, but also from extraneous views. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

This year we will be conquered by models:

  1. "Butterflies" .Points oval and raised edges at the temples. Sloping thick frame firmly holds the lens. Such models are made in turquoise, white or red color scheme.
  2. Cat's Eye .Lenses have a geometric or rounded shape. The handles are made of metal or plastic of the highest quality and clearly expressed. This model has a large selection of frames from retrostyle to house.
  3. "Aviators" .The lenses are connected with each other by a double bridge. The frame is made of thin metal and has an elegant look. The brand logo is located on the arms and is made of precious metals. In this model, stylists added minimal styling.
  4. "Weifarer" - this classic model has a black and leopard frame. Ideal for women of any age category.
  5. Round - extravagant, contain baroque elements. The frame has a variety of color solutions.
  6. «Prada Linea Rossa» - the collection has a particularly sleek style with modern silhouettes. The emphasis is on comfort and convenience.
  7. Prada Linea Rossa Sport 54 RS - this model is made in brilliant color and round design. Flexible and durable metal frame.
  8. «Prada 08PS» - the model has a metal double bridge. The frame is made in retro style.
  9. Points - "hypersite" .A large form of glasses, hiding not only the eyes, but also the greater part of the face. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Sunglasses from Versace, their features

Sun glasses from Versace have their characteristics:

  • lenses are made of mineral glass, which excludes harmfulness to the eyes;
  • have an ideal protection against sunlight;
  • with prolonged use of special polycarbonate does not lose its properties;
  • accessory has a small weight;
  • convenient form. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Versace glasses( women's sunscreen) differ from other brands in bold and frank design solutions : the use of decorative elements and innovative materials.

The purpose of such a solution is to turn an ordinary accessory into the main part of the wardrobe and to pin all the attention of others to it. The combination of frames in a classic look luxurious.

The glasses models always look versatile and are suitable for everyday suits, as well as for evening toilets. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Review of stylish models of sunglasses from Versace

Each collection of glasses from Versace is painted with new colors and forms of .The collection of 2017 includes spectacles on a rock motif, on the rim are located a variety of metal rivets.

When choosing the shape of the glasses, the design solutions have settled on the large frame "cat's eye".These glasses have a slightly raised and pointed edge.

The frames differ in the color range: white, brown, black, red, blue, orange. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

The face of the new collection of glasses from the "Versace"( women's sunscreen) was the singer Lady Gaga.

In 2017, at the peak of the fashion will be the models:

  1. "Versace Crystal Medusa" - the glasses are made in a gold-plated frame with metal elements and Swarovski crystals. This model is suitable for any type of person.
  2. Round .The model of glasses in a large round frame is made only in brown colors. The frame is made of high quality plastic.
  3. Cat's Eye. The collection contains a large selection of dragonfly shape glasses and a "cat's eye", presented in a variety of shades. In this model, the edges of the frames are raised upward, imitate the cat's eye. On the shackle is the identification logo of this brand.
  4. "Droplets". The model has smooth mirror lenses in a variety of colors. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Features of sunglasses from Gucci

The glasses from the Gucci( female sunscreen models) are very popular and recognizable all over the world with their characteristics:

  1. The materials used are exclusively of the highest quality: cellulose acetate, plastic and metal.
  2. Lenses and frames are manufactured using the newest technologies by the company "Safilo Group".
  3. Designers focus on simplicity and elegance. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Review of stylish glasses models from the "Gucci"

This year the designers settled on the absolute classic. Square and rounded shapes can be combined not only with beach attire, but also with business images.

The collection of points from the "Gucci" presents 4 variants of models: "flora with a butterfly", round, "aviators" and "cat's eye".All models are made in a calm color scheme on the arms and rim, there are red and green stripes.

It's important to know! Red and green strips on the frame, are branded jewelry brand. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

So, in 2017 to conquer the world will be points:

  1. Rounded .Glasses "Gucci"( female sunscreen) of this model are made in a frame tortoiseshell, black or white. The emphasis is on calm tones and elegance. A massive frame surrounds the round size of the lens.
  2. "Aviators" .In the development of this model, the tastes of girls were taken into consideration-especially for young women of fashion. In glasses there is a double bridge, on the bridge of the nose connecting the glasses to each other. Elegant, delicate handles emphasize feminine features. On some models the frame is made of genuine leather, which gives a certain luxury and chic.
  3. « Flora with a Butterfly» .Are made in the form of a "droplet" or a rectangle without a rim. The collection is presented in a variety of colors. On the left upper lens there is a distinctive sign in the form of a small butterfly.
  4. Cat's Eye. The frame has pointed outer corners, emphasizing facial features. This model is suitable for anyone along with and to any type of face. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017
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How much are glasses from popular brands "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci"

Sunglasses from famous brands are made of quality materials, so they can not be cheap.

And also the price depends on the decor, what stones are added, plastic or glass lenses. Glasses with glass lenses are more expensive.

Price categories are approximately the following:

  1. Points from the "Gucci" cost from 5000 to 35 000 rubles. The average cost is about 14 thousand rubles.
  2. Original models of the Prada brand start from 6000 rubles.
  3. Versace models cost from $ 150.Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Popular models and their average prices:

  • "Aviators" from "Prada" - 15 000 rub.;
  • "Aviators" from "Gucci" - 19 500 rubles;
  • "Aviators" from "Versace" - 14 000 rubles;
  • "Cat's Eye" from "Prada" - 16 000 rubles;
  • "Cat's Eye" from "Gucci" - 17 000 rubles;
  • "Cat's Eye" from "Versace" - 16 500 rubles;
  • Round glasses from "Prada" - 16 500 rubles;
  • Round glasses from "Gucci" - 18 000 rub.;
  • Round glasses from «Versace» - 15 000 rub.

Where to buy sunglasses, how to distinguish a fake

Points of famous brands can be purchased on official websites. But in order to avoid trouble in the form of poor-quality goods or the sale of counterfeit sunglasses, they are bought in well-known boutiques or official stores.

Fashion in 2017 when choosing sunglasses for women advises to pay attention to the glasses of the firms "Prada", "Versace" and "Gucci".

Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017 Choosing sunglasses for women, the fashion 2017 glasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" and some other companies advise to consider first.

Official representatives of any brand have a certificate of product quality ( if the certificate is not provided, then glasses are hand-made).

Any quality glasses have their own passport and protection level, which is written in nanometers. Data: country of manufacture, model number - applied by laser.

You can distinguish between counterfeiting of each company by several criteria.


The original logo is engraved on authentic glasses, and on fakes - it is glued. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Country of origin - Italy. If another country is listed, the glasses are not genuine. Original women's sunglasses cost from 150 dollars.


On the inside of the bow must be the inscriptions "Made in Italy" and "CE".

The second arc is marked with the logo "GG", as well as the model number of 4 digits and the color code of 5 characters. If models of glasses with nose stops, then they also have a logo "GG".

All models of this brand's sunglasses have polarized glasses. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017


The kit includes a case and a microfiber napkin , a passport of the model is attached.

The cover must be solid, upholstered in leather and have a logo. And also the logo is on the napkin.

The passport contains information on the degree of lens protection in the process of AV-A, UV-B and UV-C emissions. Each model has its own individual number. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

The lenses are made of glass, and the rim of the glasses inside the plastic has metal inserts.

It's important to know! To check the polarized glasses look at the glasses at different angles, in some positions of the glass I change the color to dark( darken).

Sunglasses for women, including glasses from "Prada", "Versace" and "Gucci" - the peak of fashion in 2017.

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Advice from professionals: how to choose sunglasses

If you pick the wrong shape of glasses, even in the most expensive ones, you can look ridiculous. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

For the correct choice of sunglasses, professionals are advised to study the shape, features and color type of the face. In addition, the choice determines the quality of lenses and frames, marking the protection against UV rays.

Regarding face shape:

  1. Women with a round outline of the face, perfectly fit the frame of dark shades in the form of a rectangle. This form of glasses will help visually narrow the shape of the face.
  2. The square shape of the face is approached by glasses that sit high on the bridge of the nose. The shape at the bottom should be slightly rounded.
  3. A rectangular-shaped face fit large glasses in a dark rim. Models of glasses with wide jumpers.
  4. The triangular shaped face stylists recommend glasses with an elegant metal rim. Preferably models of calm, discreet colors.
  5. The extended and narrow face shape is suitable for glasses with large lenses and overall frame.
  6. The correct oval shape is ideal for any model of glasses.

Regarding the facial color:

  1. Women with a cold complexion are advised to choose glasses with green or blue, black or blue, golden rim.
  2. With a warm complexion, a brown, beige or yellow, gold or bronze frame is ideal. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

With respect to certain facial features:

  1. With high nose bridge, the "aviator" glasses are winning.
  2. With a small spout, you need to choose glasses that are equipped with quality nosoporami.
  3. With a wide chin, glasses are selected completely without rim.

Correctly selected model should not bring discomfort, affect lashes, fall off during a conversation, press on the bridge of the nose or ears.

The choice of lenses pay special attention:

  1. To avoid tired eyes, choose lenses made of glass or high-quality plastic. Be sure to try on before buying.
  2. Neutral colors of the lenses are green, brown, gray. Professionals do not recommend spending a long time in glasses with bright lenses.
  3. On the inside of the shackles, there are indicators of absorption by lenses of light. Choose with a figure less than 20, which means that the lens passes less than 20% of sunlight.

The frame should ideally include the following properties:

  1. Have a convenient arcuate bend that accurately repeats the facial features.
  2. The handles should be strong and reliable. Sunglasses "Prada", "Versace", "Gucci" for women. Fashion 2017

Types of marking and their meanings:

  1. The "0" digit indicates that the glass passes 100% of the sunlight.
  2. The number "1" of is from 45 to 81%.The figure "2" - from 20 to 45%.
  3. The figure "3" - from 8 to 20%.
  4. The figure "4" - skips no more than 8%.

Marked inscription in the passport says the following:

  1. "Cosmetic" - this model of glasses is designed for everyday wearing in the city.
  2. "General" - glasses with this marking are for the beach or for prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  3. "High UV-protection" - this marking means that glasses are intended for hot tropical resorts or ski tourism, skip a minimum amount of sunlight.

In this season, designers of famous brands did not skimp on eccentricity and bold decisions, which influenced the originality of models. Each model is made in its own style. Each collection has its own highlight.

This video will introduce you to sunglasses for women in fashion in 2017, including glasses from Prada, Versace and Gucci.

From this video you will learn how to choose the right sunglasses depending on the type of person.