Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

  • Jun 20, 2018

The skirt has always been an excellent version of the image and emphasized the femininity of its owner. In recent years, in the world of fashion designers are increasingly focusing on pleated skirts. And world fashionists already loved this outfit.

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    ItAiry, light and in its own beautiful element of the female wardrobe has several varieties. And, like almost any fashionable thing, the pleated skirt is elegantly cunning.

    Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors From what to wear pleated skirt below the knee, we describe below
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    Fashionable pleated skirt does not suit everyone, it needs to be properly picke

    d up, shoes and accessories. Otherwise, you can emphasize the shortcomings, than outwardly spoil the figure.

    Modern designers have created several styles of skirts for women to understand what it is fashionable to wear a skirt below the knee pleated, short or long skirt. All of them are beautiful and emphasize individuality in case of correct selection of other elements of clothing. You need to know how, with what, where, and when to put on a pleat.


    Mini Skirt

    pleated skirt mini length, mostly sewn from light, airy fabrics, but it has a rather dense structure. Sometimes this skirt resembles a strict school uniform. But this is an obsolete canon, so it is worth dropping all the comparisons and boldly go to meet fashion. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    Shoes under a skirt of this length should be strict, elegant and on the heel. On top it is better to wear a short shirt, a light blouse or a knitted blouse. In the latter case it is better if the blouse is translucent, perhaps in a hole and not rough knitting.

    average length pleated

    Often it produce them chiffon or other similar fabrics. Its length reaches the middle of the knee, or slightly closes it. It is recommended to wear this skirt style with a T-shirt or T-shirt , and the length of the sleeve does not matter. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

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    to strict image fit blouse with a minimum of accessories. On our feet we select shoes in accordance with the top. Under the blouse - shoes with heels, or sandals with minimally open fingers.

    In combination with a T-shirt or T-shirt, you can safely shoe sandals, ballet shoes or slips.

    length midi

    This length can afford girls with slim and long legs. Owners of chubby and short legs will visually appear lower and thicker. Midi skirts are made from dense, heavyweight fabrics. The image will be well complemented by a simple T-shirt with a sleeve, a light cardigan, a wide sweater or even a turtleneck. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    You can wear short boots, coarse boots, shoes and closed sandals in a man's style on your feet. In the cold season it is permissible to wear a jacket, jacket, hat and even a scarf.

    Such skirts are sometimes presented in 2 versions:

    • skirt edges of the same length;
    • of different lengths. The front is shorter, the back is slightly longer. This option should prefer the owner of slender legs.

    Maxi length

    This skirt, almost always, is light and airy. Usually there is a lining. Possible excellent images with a T-shirt, a wide sweater, top, blouse. Shoes - sandals, shoes with heels, sandals, ankle boots. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    Options for pleating

    The variety of models, depending on the pleating, is impressive. There are models with small and large folded decors , it is possible to combine different pleating in one skirt model.

    You can find different depth and size of the crease, the presence of several tiers, oblique and straight sections of the product floors, skirt-balloons.

    Suitable for pleated skirt

    follow fashion and dress according to the latest innovations, look stylish and fashionable want everything. But not all the girls figure allows you to dress what you like and want.

    Fashion designers believe that owners of slim long legs, thin graceful waist to hesitate and hide nothing.

    Any length of a pleated skirt is suitable for them, the mini length and length above the knee will look best. This style will help emphasize and highlight a slim figure and beautiful legs.

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    Designers and designers recommend that women with fluffy shapes wear a pleated skirt, choosing the right coloring variants and fashion prints. Do not experiment and wear a pleated skirt below the knee with anything.

    Women in the body should choose the length of the maxi, all other length options will give volume. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    Lush form you can hide behind a skirt, if a strict dress up a blouse that gently rests on the waist, and to put on a small heel. This image slim, visually gives growth and hides small flaws in the figure. The main thing is not to focus on the blouse, it should be with light fabric and have a minimum of jewelry, so as not to attract glances and not burden the image.

    Important! With not so slender, thin legs and not beautiful kneecaps, the designers advise choosing between the length of midi and maxi.

    Midi skirt is the most versatile version among all the presented styles of the of this model. The optimal length allows you to hide and focus on many aspects.

    From what to wear pleated skirt below the knee

    Elegant classic

    midi length always opens femininity, gives rigor, style and a certain modesty. It is better to choose it with slender and even legs, while having a height above the average.

    With such a skirt it is very easy to maintain the business, office style of the image, evening chic bow and day light outfit. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    to strict business style suit skirt with one embodiment of pleating in aged colors - black, white, red, dark blue, dark green, blue, brown, beige. You need to combine it with blouses and shirts. It is better that they are fitted, closed and well combined in color. Shoes - no doubt and only the shoes of the boat.

    Romantic image

    To create a romantic image with a midi skirt you need to play a little with the flowers. For example, under a blue skirt you can wear a white light T-shirt, red shoes, and the same color with a thin strap on the waist and a bag. The second option involves golfs, ballet flats or closed sandals, a tank top and a backpack.

    stylish evening dress

    skirt pleated midi, in the evening, a good complement bright corset .It can have stones, rhinestones, sequins, but not too large and in a moderate amount. In this case, the corset should be in contrast to the skirt. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    For example, a black skirt and a red corset, a purple or yellow skirt with a black corset. Excellent complement the image of chic sandals on a large hairpin, and a shiny clutch. For this version of the image, the pleated skirt below the knee fits best, with what not to wear it.

    Easy everyday image

    The casual image is well accentuated by light sandals, ballet flats, Czechs with a T-shirt or t-shirt. At the same time, upward may not be restrained. Many people welcome peas, cages or other catchy elements. However, they should be well suited to the color of the skirt. You can take a bag on one shoulder for the color of shoes and great accessories. Skirt pleated below the knee, mini skirt, maxi length. With what to wear, the actual colors

    Additions to the image with accessories

    Accessories have always played an important role in any image of .According to experts in the fashion world, the main decoration of the skirt pleated is the belt. It can be broad or narrow, bright or barely noticeable. It all depends on your image. Thin belts are more suitable for business or romantic style, but broad - for everyday.

    The main thing is that they fit well on the waist, do not squeeze it.

    Ornaments on the neck - long chains with different pendants, wide bracelets and massive rings.

    Be careful! Everything is good in moderation. Do not overdo with ornaments, because they can both decorate and spoil the image.

    Actual colors of the season

    This season, the following colors come into vogue with some features and variations:

    With what the pleated skirt combines( mini, below the knee, long) Suitable shades and colors
    Pastel shades Light green, light blue, pink, peach, beige
    Classics Black, white
    Flower print Fashionable small floral prints for lightm background
    Bright colors Blue, red, yellow, Marsala
    Ombre combination of several trendy colors from dark to light
    Rich colors Gold, silver

    CareBehind pleated skirt

    A pleated skirt of any length requires special care.

    When washing it, observe the following instructions:

    1. Wash it better in a special mesh. In doing so, do not crumple, and turn the products inside out, gently stretch the entire length of the grid and fasten;
    2. For washing experts recommend to choose a delicate mode and a liquid product, the powder can remain in the folds and leave the stains;
    3. Drying is necessary in the grid;
    4. To iron the such a skirt is necessary on the wrong side. Thin products are best ironed through several layers of gauze, gently smoothing each crease. The best option would be vertical ironing with a steam stroke.

    Useful information! For washing the skirt is suitable and a normal kapron stocking, which you no longer wear.

    A pleated skirt will give lightness and confidence. Having studied the advice of designers, it is important to remember with what you can wear a pleated skirt below the knee and correctly select accessories to make the image look complete and fashionable.

    In this case, the skirt will adorn any girl, will give elegance and uniqueness to a stylish image.

    With what to wear a pleated skirt below the knee will be shown in this useful video:

    With what to wear a pleated skirt: