Summer Makeover 2016

  • Jun 21, 2018

With the advent of the hot season, as a rule, I want to show myself in all its glory. Fashion designers pick up various summer images, including short skirts and shorts, light shoes, open tops and weightless bright dresses. A dense layer of makeup at this time is unlikely to be appropriate. At the same time, cosmetics should not be completely abandoned - as an end of the image is an easy summer makeup 2016, designed to emphasize facial features and give the woman a special twist.


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Features of the summer makeup 2016

In summer, our skin is exposed to a significantIn the form of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, wind, salt water, as well as heat, which causes intense sweating and can destr

oy all works in the form of carefully applied makeup. To protect the delicate skin of the face from irritation, redness and scaling and keep it healthy, in the summer special care will be required.

By following the basic rules of skin care in the hot season, it is easy to preserve the freshness of summer make-up applied and effectively created image:

  • summer you should not get involved in particular the use of scrubs. Different types of peeling and microdermabrasion are recommended to be postponed, as the skin as a result of these procedures acquires a special sensitivity to the effects of ultraviolet rays and can get a sunburn that you can not hide even the most thorough make-up;
  • in hot weather, the epidermis produces more sebum - however, the sun's rays overdry the skin, and it still needs effective moisturizing. Before applying makeup, you should regularly use a light moisturizer that does not overload the epidermis. Cream for the face and a gentle area around the eyes should be applied in the evening, and also in the morning for an hour before going out to the street( not absorbed surpluses of cosmetics need to gently wipe with a napkin);
  • on hot days it is necessary to increase the amount of consumed liquid, otherwise the face may show negative signs of dehydration in the form of deterioration of complexion and skin relief, the appearance of a network of fine wrinkles;
  • in the heat does not need to touch your face unnecessarily - try to touch the skin with unwashed hands, otherwise there is a risk of getting a whole "bouquet" of unaesthetic acne on it;
  • for use in summer it is necessary to choose soft, gentle means for skin cleansing and washing without containing alcohol;
  • In the hot weather, periodically moisturize your face, sprinkling thermal water on it - it will help to remove traces of fatigue and give the skin a fresh look.

Summer makeup 2016: a choice of cosmetics

When choosing cosmetics for summer make-up 2016, pay attention to its composition - suitable means, including in its composition, components that protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In conditions of enhanced ultraviolet activity, exposure to direct sunlight without adequate protection entails the risk of various skin lesions, including the development of tumors. Avoid health problems with sunscreen. In addition, cosmetics with UV filters protect the skin from the unpleasant effects of photoaging - irritation, dryness and flaking, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


In hot season it is recommended to refrain from applying a foundation. If the need for tinting exists, pay attention to the lightweight media with a fluid texture and the transparency effect, which contain UV filters. Tone means with the effect of sunburn is recommended to pick up no more than a tone darker than the tone of the face. For summer make-up, moisturizers with toning effect, as well as modern BB and CC creams are suitable. Such products are characterized by a light formula and have the properties necessary for hot weather( minimize the appearance of greasy shine and rashes, moisturize and protect from ultraviolet rays).In addition, a portion of the light toning agent can be done by itself, adding a small amount of foundation to the usual moisturizer. As a concealer, it is convenient to use a concealer( with a shade corresponding to the tone of the skin or one tone lighter).

In addition, in the summer it is worth replacing the compact powder with a friable agent with a lighter structure. Unlike compact, powdery powder does not cause a feeling of tightness, it looks more natural on the skin, does not clog the pores and does not accumulate in the tiniest folds of the skin, creating an unnatural mask on the face. Picking up the powder for the summer make-up of 2016, pay attention to the options with the smallest parts of mother-of-pearl and the effect of sunburn - these funds look on the skin very effectively, refreshing the face and giving it a soft glow. Loose powder should be applied with a wide brush - spreading it on the face, gently remove excess funds with a puff. For summer make-up, you should choose a rouge in warm golden-peach or coral shades, you can also replace them with a bronzer applied in the area of ​​the cheekbones, chin, and the central part of the forehead.

As a rule, tanned skin does not need cosmetics very much. To get the effect of light summer make-up, do not use a large number of different means, follow the principle of "less is better".To makeup does not "swim" in warm weather, it is worth giving preference to water-resistant cosmetics - its specially balanced composition will help to keep the freshness and gorgeousness of summer make-up 2016 for a long time. Thus, using waterproof mascara and eyeshadow for summer make-up, in any weather, you will not have to worry about its safety. The composition of such cosmetics include special pigments that do not spread and do not spread at any temperature and moisture. By changing the black mascara to a softer brown tint, you can give the summer makeup lightness and tenderness.

Using a small number of shadows of one or two natural shades, applied along the line of growth of eyelashes and over the outer corner of the eyelid, you can achieve the effect of maximum naturalness. A small bright stroke under the eyebrow will help to refresh the look. You can also give your eyes expressivity with the help of barely noticeable arrows along the edge of the growth of the eyelashes. Make-up artists are not recommended for summer 2016 makeup liquid shadows - in hot weather such cosmetics tends to slide on the eyelids and hammered into the folds, as a result of this makeup will look unnatural and even sloppy.


Picking summer cosmetics for lips( lipstick and lip), prefer natural shades - peach, coral, wine and soft pink tones, as well as nude creamy and refreshing fruit schemes. According to the presented summer makeup collections, to create a natural image of a modern girl, it is proposed to use natural shades for lips with a soft glossy gloss or the presence of mother-of-pearl. In the hot season, it is preferable to change the saturated tones of lipsticks to translucent pink or peach shades of lip gloss. Such makeup will be harmonious and refreshing to look when the weather is hot. When choosing a lipstick, you should also pay attention to the presence in their composition of sunscreen filters.

Varieties summer 2016 makeup

to look in a hot summer fresh and natural( and thus quite expressive and beautiful), apply makeup options for summer 2016 at the same time embodying the brilliance and naturalness, lightness and maximum naturalness.

Make-up is traditionally applied to cleansed and moistened skin. Prepare for the implementation of summer eye make-up can be by applying on the eyelids of the base, which will ensure a smooth application of shadows and their durability on the skin. In the heat can be limited to the use of a corrector applied by fingers and shaded under the eyes, as well as in the area between the eyebrows. This technique helps to hide dark circles under the eyes and give the face brightness. As a rule, summer make-up involves using a minimum number of shadows - with soft shading.

Light summer make-up of 2016 in natural shades or in bright colors will help create a fresh and expressive image.

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The brown eyes are expressive, which does not need special underlining. Nevertheless, with the help of unobtrusive summer make-up in natural colors( peach, bronze, olive or beige-brown scale), you can give such eyes a special attraction. It is not difficult to emphasize the natural beauty of the brown eyes, combining two or three close shades of light pastel tones, as well as in the technique of monochrome make-up( for this purpose, the mobile eyelid is covered with shadows of one shade before the eyebrow).

In addition, it is possible to cover the upper eyelid with light shades of natural tones and apply with the help of a thin brush saturated color of the shadow - along the line of growth of the eyelashes, trying to form an original arrow. Extending it slightly beyond the eye, it is easy to visually form an elongated almond-shaped incision of the eyes - this technique will give a special expressive look. In the evening summer makeup 2016 for brown eyes, you can use:

  • technique "tuxi ice" in rich matte shades of your choice;
  • various combinations of intense natural or slightly muted bright tones( in shades of pink and lilac, orange, purple, and also silver and gold).

Summer makeup for blue Eye 2016

For owners of blue eyes when creating a light summer makeup 2016 should be guided by the following rule - dark colors should be used minimally andLight should be selected in natural, close to the skin tone. Applying a small trick - highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with light flashes of light blue, silvery or milky shade, you can hide signs of fatigue on the face and give the look a special brightness.
Summer 2016 Makeup for blue eyes suggests a wide range of shades - it is not forbidden to experiment with enough light, as it were, "razbelennymi" shades of pink, lavender, orange, plum, blue, purple, green and taupe. Advantageously, the beauty of the blue iris of the eyes shimmers with pearly, silvery and golden tones, as well as the color of vanilla. For the summer make-up of 2016, the use of shadows of delicate peach and apricot shades will be relevant. For owners of blue eyes of intense color in the summer make-up of 2016, the use of intense and smoky tones is allowed. In addition, makeup artists recommend using light purple, bronze and silvery tones.

Summer makeup for green 's Eye 2016

The green color of the eyes can be effectively emphasized by applying various shades of beige-sandy, green and brown colors( for example, khaki, dark brown and chocolate tones) and smoky gray in summer make-up. With daytime summer makeup 2016 for green eyes, it is worth using light translucent shades of these tones, as well as soft natural tones( beige-brown scales, peach and apricot) that look natural on the skin. As a classic option is worth mentioning a successful combination of arrows of coal-black, smoky gray or chocolate-brown color and beige-sandy shadows. A special charm to the green eyes will be given correctly selected shades of various warm or cold shades of greenery( depending on the skin tone).Experimenting with various options, you can very well emphasize the special charm of looking at the green eyes. For evening make-up of 2016 green-eyed girls make-up artists recommend using silvery, pink, light purple or burgundy tones. To create a spectacular evening make-up for green eyes is easy, using shades of copper or green gold.

Summer makeup 2016 - photo


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