Strengthening nails - sealing nails with wax

  • Jun 21, 2018

Female handles have always been one of the main business cards of a woman, because they can easily tell about her health and lifestyle. Therefore, care for nails and hands should be regular and regular.


To strengthen nails, of course, is not enough just to attend the expensive nail salon. First of all, a woman should pay attention to her body. A balanced diet, lack of bad habits and a healthy lifestyle combined with vitamin therapy will preserve the beauty and youth of the skin, hair and nails.

Today's fashion trends of nail art give preferenc

e to natural manicure. All therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures are aimed at improving and strengthening the nail plates using natural components. Among such therapy, the sealing of the cuticle and nail plates with wax and other components is very popular due to its high efficiency.

Nails with flower

Nail Sealing Procedure and its Kinds

Nail plates in women are thinner in structure, and as a result of beriberi, after chemical damage or build-up they become thinner and fade even more. To prevent the harmful effects of various factors and the treatment of brittle nails, various types of innovative therapy are used. A unique sealing technique allows not only to improve the appearance of the nail, but also to restore its damaged structure through the use of various substances.

Gel Nail Sealing

The technology involves the use of a special plastic biogel or acrylic containing growth-promoting vitamins and teakwood resins. Among the advantages of this method should be noted hypoallergenic procedure and the possibility of covering the nails with colored gel to create a full-fledged manicure, but the technique requires the availability of special tools and equipment.

hour and a half technology such therapy includes several basic steps:

  1. Antiseptic entire surface of the nail plate.
  2. Hard or dry unedged nail polish manicure.
  3. Stripping the nail plate from keratinized cells.
  4. Gel coating.
  5. Drying of the coating under a special ultraviolet lamp.
  6. Accurate and uniform application of the repeated layer and its drying.
  7. Giving shine and finishing coat of nails with a protective substance.


Mineral Nail Sealing

Therapeutic technique is mainly used to effectively restore, strengthen and actively stimulate the growth of severely weakened nails in the intervals between build-up. As an active substance, special creamy formulations with crystal or pearl minerals, ceramides, growth vitamins and proteins are used. This method is based on Japanese technology and lasts about two hours, but it is considered one of the most expensive due to the use of rare materials.


Sealing wax polish strengthens

The essence of the procedure is to cover and fill up all the smallest damages and irregularities with a special cosmetic substance containing natural beeswax, which has disinfecting, reducing, anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties, and also allows to strengthen the weakened plate. Widely used in professional salons the composition is enriched with vitamins to stimulate growth, mineral substances, essential oils, wood resins, propolis, keratonids, panthenol and beta-keratin. However, if the cost of regular therapeutic manipulation in the salon is not always available, then restoration by this method can be done independently, which will take no more than half an hour.

Useful properties of the cosmetic complex for nails Belvedere:

  1. Paraffin and beeswax protect against the influence of ultraviolet and aggressive substances.
  2. Castor oil softens the cuticle, heals wounds and provides penetration of nutrients.
  3. Silicone fills the microcracks and strengthens the thinned surface.
  4. Vitamins B, D, E promote growth.
  5. Eleutherococcus disinfects the surface.
  6. Starch, glucose, pectins, polysaccharides, active microelements and essential oils nourish the nails.

The basic principle of the action of wax therapy is to create a thin protective layer, under which the nail is restored with useful substances without the negative impact of external factors. However, this technique provides a very accurate treatment of the nails to avoid their injuries and does not allow long forms of the nail. Also, such a manicure can not be covered with varnish, which eliminates the healing properties.


The technology of such a half-hour procedure includes several key steps:

  1. Cleaning. Initially, the entire surface of the nail is thoroughly cleaned from the keratinized cells. Particular attention should be paid to the area near the cuticle and to the sides. Japanese technology provides for the use of a special cucumber means for complete purification and preparation.
  2. Application of a wax-based substance. Means pasty texture of honey color with minerals of zinc and silicon is applied to the entire surface of the nail.
  3. Massaging the product. Special suede material( flap or roller) is rubbed over the entire surface of the nail plates. The composition is rubbed into the butt of the nail to prevent excessive brittleness and delamination.
  4. Thermal effect. Under the influence of the temperature created by soft suede material, blood circulation directly under the fingernail improves, which promotes active absorption of mineral substances of natural wax into the plate. The paste melts and evenly covers the nail with an inconspicuous thin film, filling all depressions and microcracks. The nail instantly acquires a healthier, well-groomed luster, even shape and a strong texture.
  5. Fastening. To enhance the gloss of nails, you must apply a special powder of a lighter color. This coating is absorbed when it enters the skin and into the already applied wax layer for active interaction of minerals, which creates an additional protective film.


Polishing nails with wax at home

What is necessary for the procedure for sealing nails?

For self-implementation of wax therapy of nails and cuticles, it is necessary to prepare such components and tools:

  • A container with boiled water of room temperature and sea salt dissolved in it.
  • Suede buff or flap for polishing the nail plate.
  • Brush for applying wax composition.
  • Natural essential oils for unedged manicure. Cuticle scab from orange tree.
  • Saw blade, scissors, nippers for correcting the shape and length of the nails.
  • Special cream coating for sealing, prepared on the basis of natural wax.
  • Sanding nail file( from 1200 grit).

The basic manicure set of tools is needed to perform a manicure before the restorative procedure. It is better to prepare the nails in advance a few hours before the sealing. At the final stage, the wax composition should be applied, which can also be prepared at home with the necessary ingredients.


Step-by-step instruction for using nail wax

A simple wax therapy technique requires, above all, careful execution of all steps to avoid injuries to the nail plate:

  1. Carefully remove the old coating from the nails.
  2. Give the nails the desired, but rather short form.
  3. Sand the nail plate from the cornwall.
  4. Unscrew the cuticle in a salt bath for about 7 minutes.
  5. Perform an uncut manicure with the cuticle removed and deburring removed.
  6. For additional massage and clarification of the nail surface, you can use a soft brush and lemon juice.
  7. Apply healing essential oil or a mixture of them to nails and cuticles, choosing a composition depending on the problems of your nails, at least 15 minutes before soaking:
  • for nutrition - castor, olive and almond;
  • for growth - avocado, jojoba and wheat germ;
  • for strengthening and restoring the structure - almond, bergamot, peach, ylang-ylang and lavender;
  • for inflammation - sandalwood, rosemary, citrus or tea tree oil, chamomile extract and eleutherococcus;
  • from delamination and fragility - bergamot, incense, sandalwood, cedar or pine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, myrrh.
  1. Remove unnecessary residue of unrefined oil and polish the surface of the nails.
  2. Apply a cream mixture based on natural wax on the entire surface of the nails with a brush.
  3. Polish the nails with a suede buff to a natural shine, and if necessary, apply a second layer of the substance and repeat polishing.

After the procedure is completed, it is recommended to cool the wax in a cold-water bath. Processing of each nail in this way takes about 3 minutes, which allows you to create a protective and brilliant nail coating in only half an hour. To prevent the thinning of the nail plates and permanent protection from the effects of external negative factors, it is recommended to repeat this manipulation with regularity for a maximum of 4 weeks.


Recipe for preparing nail strengthening

Essential Ingredients for

Wax Cream Before starting the wax treatment procedure, prepare all components and accessories for the firming cream:

  • vitamins A and E in capsules;
  • glycerol;
  • distilled water or chamomile broth;
  • container with a lid for storing the cream;
  • brush for application;
  • natural cocoa butter( can be replaced with olive oil);
  • natural cosmetic beeswax;
  • plastic stick for stirring cream;
  • dishes and a container for making a mixture in a water bath;
  • essential oil.

Wax for your nails with your own hands

The process of preparing a firming cream based on natural wax is simple enough and consists of several consecutive stages:

  1. Prepare a water bath and reduce the fire to a minimum.
  2. Place in the heating form 1 tbsp. L.Wax.
  3. When the wax melts to a homogeneous mass, pour into it according to art. L.Olive and essential oils.
  4. All the time stirring the composition, add vitamins, 2 tsp. Decoction of chamomile and 1 tsp. Glycerol.
  5. Whisk to a homogeneous mass before the appearance of a waxy layer on the walls of the mold.
  6. When forming a creamy mixture, pour it into a storage container.
  7. If you get excess fluid - remove it, and cool it in the refrigerator.

Video review of nail polish waxing

Detailed recommendations for performing the procedure at home: