Treatment of thin and dropping hair

  • Mar 17, 2018

Thin hair and what to do, which cosmetics to use in this case, as well as many other issues arise with a regular periodicity.

For the beautiful half of humanity, dry, weak, split and brittle hair, which are also confused and over-stretched is a real problem, but it is not so easy to cope with it.

In most cases, hair problems occur when the hair becomes thin.


This can happen with every woman, for many different reasons. In most cases, thin and brittle hair are tangled and fall out, which makes the problem even more serious.

Very often it happens that it is impossible to cope with this problem on your own and in this case it is recommended to apply for professional help as quickly as possible to an experienced specialist who will not only determine the cause but also prescribe adequate treatment.

What exactly to do in each particular case, is solved individually, proceeding from their physiological features of an organism.

Currently, in order to cure dry, oily and thin hair, a va

riety of cosmetics are offered.

In this case, it should be noted that you should pay attention only to the cosmetics, which includes only natural ingredients.


  • The main causes of
  • Effective treatment
  • Traditional medicine

The main causes of

Hair on the head can not just become brittle and sparse. Typically, the hair becomes thin and thin over a period of time gradually.

This can not be overlooked, since this pathology in most cases accompanies the split ends, which very often seem like tangled turbulence.

Proper nutrition

In addition, during this period, the hair is very strongly shaken. In the obligatory case, there is some specific reason that has made the hair rare and liquid.

As practice shows, in this case the so-called incubation period averages on average for one month, after which thin and rare hair becomes noticeable.

Of course, it is advisable not to bring the hairline to this state. It is recommended to start treatment immediately, as soon as it became apparent that the hair is shattered, and their tips are split.

Very often in this pathology, the hair falls out simultaneously.

In order to correctly adjust the treatment, it is necessary to establish exactly the cause that caused the hairline to become thin, the hair is tangled, and the ends are sort of pushed.

Broken and dry hair causes a lot of problems, and if their tips are pinched, then this brings great discomfort to their possessor.

First of all, the thin hairline is the result of an incorrect and unbalanced diet.

When the root system does not get enough protein, iron, as well as various amino acids and vitamins, it immediately affects the hair.

They become thin, and their tips are heavily pushed. If the fatty hair is thin, then you should pay attention to those cosmetics that are used daily to care for them.

Many shampoos and balms in their composition contain sufficiently active components that affect the structure of the hair, as a result of which they become thin and sparse.


It should be noted that very often the hairline is very thin during pregnancy and childbirth.

Also lead to this may be a wrong lifestyle, alcohol abuse and smoking.

What to do in each case, defines the profile doctor, which corrects the appropriate treatment.

Effective treatment of

If the hair is brittle and strongly entangled, and their tips are severely cut, then most likely, the hair follicles do not get the vitamins and microelements they need.

This leads to the fact that the follicles, in turn, are very poorly supplied with blood.

In this case, you need to do a special massage, which will improve blood circulation, so that the hairline will grow stronger.

Massage needs to be done regularly and a special massage brush is perfect for this. To make the hair strong throughout its length, massage with special cosmetic masks is recommended.

It is necessary to completely revise your daily diet.

You should eat only natural foods, which contain a sufficient amount of useful microelements and vitamins.

Also include in the diet those products that contain protein and zinc in their composition. In this case, pay attention to salads from fresh vegetables, as well as beef or lamb.


It is extremely undesirable during the treatment to eat salty and fried dishes, all kinds of fast food.

With a balanced diet, fatty or dry hair, the tips of which are tangled, will quickly get stronger and become healthy.

It should be remembered that in order for the hair to have a uniform density throughout its length, regular cosmetic procedures should be performed regularly.

The hairline should be washed as needed, while using only detergent cosmetics that consist solely of natural ingredients.

Both fatty and dry hair have some features, and therefore shampoo should be selected, based on the type of hair.

For a while you will have to give up various styling cosmetics, as well as a perm.

It is highly undesirable if the hair is tangled and their tips are cut off, staining them, especially if the paint contains ammonia in its composition.

To make your hair really strong and healthy, you need to do daily wellness treatments with healing lotions or creams.

During this period, you should carefully treat the hairline and not subject it to various mechanical effects.

If you do everything correctly and follow all the recommendations of experts, very soon the fine hair will get stronger and get a healthy appearance.

Traditional medicine

Many fine women face the problem of fine hair in their lives.

Weak and thin hair, in addition to which the tips are tangled, cause quite a lot of trouble and trouble for the wearer.


The problem can be approached in various ways, but it is best to contact a specialized specialist for help.

An experienced doctor will help to adjust the daily diet and tell you which cosmetics are best used to quickly get rid of fragile and weakened hair.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the basic means to combat delicate hair can be at home, using proven folk recipes.

In this case, the masks prepared from natural products proved to be very good.

It is recommended to simultaneously use several different recipes at once, which can effectively affect the root system of the hairline.

Quickly strengthen the thin hair will help gelatin mask, which also gives the hairline a healthy volume.

This mask is peculiarly enveloping the hairline, due to which it becomes more resistant to harmful external factors.

To prepare this mask, you need to take one bag of gelatin and gently dilute it in warm water.

When the gelatin is slightly swollen, it will be necessary to add the conditioner to the hair and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is applied to the scalp for twenty minutes.

The so-called mayonnaise masks showed a high effect. These masks help to quickly restore the structure of the hair.

They exert an active influence on the root system at the cellular level, which further enhances the effect even more qualitatively.


To prepare this mask, one spoon of mayonnaise should be mixed with the packaging of brewer's yeast. In the resulting mass should be added vitamin drops, butter bee and one yolk raw chicken egg.

After this, the mixture should stand up and swell a little. Apply the mask over the entire length of the hair, especially carefully it should be rubbed directly into the roots themselves.

Next, the head is tightly wrapped for one hour with a towel, after which the hair is thoroughly washed off under running water.

Repeated or rapeseed oil helps cure delicate hair. In its composition, these natural remedies in large quantities contain those elements that are necessary for the root system for normal functioning.

Also as a conditioner you can use a variety of herbal decoctions. In this case, you should choose a broth prepared from chamomile, nettle or oak leaves.

In order for hair to grow stronger, and fluffy and split ends have a healthy appearance, folk recipes must be used in combination with professional cosmetics.