Techniques and variants of the performance of hairstyle "basket"

  • Mar 17, 2018

The hairdressing "basket" is considered to be a universal variant of laying, after all such weaving on the head is suitable not only for weekdays, but also festive events.

The most interesting thing is that the hairstyle basket has several performance techniques, due to what it can look original and used to decorate the head of both young girls and adult women.


  • Classical weaving basket
  • Basket making for schoolgirls
  • Fast version of the hairdo "basket"
  • Royal "basket" - a variant for stylish individuals
  • Stacking a basket for brides

Classical weaving "basket"

This variant of a hairstyle"Basket" for long hair, is considered classic. The weaving is characterized by its simplicity and an effective result.

This hair style on straight and dense hair will look perfect, - the voluminous pigtails that frame the head allow you to form an attractive volume on the sides of the head and on the back of the head( see photo).

Stacking the basket

You need this hair style, ha

ving thin elastic bands, invisible and comb.

After the hair has been carefully combed, you can start to weave, step by step the scheme looks like this:

  • The hair is divided by the central part. We can braid plaits from any side, we use French technology in our work. Very beautiful will look French spit, executed in reverse;
  • Separate a wide strand from the temporal zone of the head, divide it into three strands and weave the braid until the length of the hair allows. In the course of the weaving, from both sides of the braid we grab loose strands;
  • After completing the braiding of braids on one side, fixing its tip with a thin rubber band, it is desirable to use elastic bands for the hair color. Then we begin to weave in the same way the second braid for the "basket" hairstyle;
  • Having received two braids, alternately wind them in opposite directions around the head, towards the forehead. As a result, we get closely spaced braids at the back of the head.
  • Ready "basket" we fix hairpins or invisible, we process a hairdress with a varnish for hair and we decorate with decorative accessories.


Weaving basket for schoolgirls

This variant of the hairstyle "basket" is most often made by moms to girls in school, but even business women do not refuse from it.

This "basket" is perfectly maintained throughout the day and does not require any correction.


Variation of hairstyle

We begin to weave a hairdress for girls "basket", taking hairpins, elastic bands and invisibility to fix the result:

  • Hair thoroughly comb and lightly moisturize;
  • Next, on the crown of the head, you need to make a circular parting and collect separated strands in the tail. As a result, on the circumference of the head, loose strands will fall near the face;
  • We'll start the hairdo of the "basket" from the temporal zone in a circle, using French technology, in the course of movement we take a thin line from the tail. The thickness of the braces should be such that their number is enough to weave braids around the head;
  • When the entire circumference of the head is passed, the tip of the pigtail is hidden in the hair, fixed with stilettos or invisible.


The second similar variant of the hairstyle of the "basket" also provides for a tail, made on the crown of the head, but the braid in this case is not one.

On both sides of the tail braids on a braid, they meet at the bottom of the nape, where they unite into one weave.


Basket with a scythe at the back of the head

Fast version of the hairdress "basket"

If there is no time for the construction of the styling, which should be elegant and beautiful, you can make the below-mentioned variant of the "basket" hairstyle.

This model is fast and simple, but it does show a decent result by doing such a weaving on the head, no one will say that you tried to make a beautiful hairstyle in a hurry( see photo).

Quick packing of the basket

In the process of work, you may need to use invisible pins, hairpins and thin bands, so it's best that all these accessories are at hand.

You can begin to weave the "basket" both from the side of the head and from the center on the vertex:

  • Having chosen the starting position, we begin to weave the French pigtail. Depending on whether it flounces sideways or from the center of the head, in the course of movement it will be possible to pick up loose strands on either side or both;
  • Weave the weave as long as long hair allows. The edge of the finished pigtail is fixed with a thin rubber band, then we set the braid on the circumference of the head and fix it with invisibility;
  • Provide a "basket" of a voluminous appearance and slight negligence can be, slightly weakened and disheveled links braids. But do not be too zealous, otherwise the "basket" will get slovenly;
  • When finished, you can fix the finished hair with a varnish.


Royal "basket" - a variant for stylish individuals

In the environment of stylists, this model is called a hairdresser's royal hair, because it is she who is most often preferred by noble ladies.

"Basket" looks very stylish and beautiful, its peculiarity lies in the attractive arrangement of the weave elements: on one side of the head the weave has a free and three-dimensional appearance, on the other hand, on the contrary, it turns out dense and narrow.


Festive version of the basket

The hair selected in this way looks flexible, but it does not interfere with its business at all.

Carefully worked weaving does not need to adjust or restore the "basket".Especially attractive in the royal version of the "basket" are the selected curls.

Weave the weave around the head, start from either side:

  • Separate the strands from the right or left temporal zone of the head, weave the French pigtail. At first weaving the braid should be wide and bulky, but the available volume and width should gradually decrease. To achieve the desired type will allow controlling the thickness of the buckles and their position;
  • Weave around the head until all the locks have been picked up. After that, the ends of the pigtail are fixed with an elastic band and hide under the hair;
  • The finished "basket" is fixed with studs and varnish.


Basket folding for brides

This variant of the hairstyle "basket" is suitable for any celebration, but most often the bride gives preference to this model.

After all, this "basket" looks very gentle and romantic, especially if artificial flowers and other lovely accessories are used as its ornaments.


Hairstyle for the bride

It seems to most of the girls that this option is very complicated, but this impression is deceptive, all you need to have at hand is a few thin gums and invisible, and also beautiful decorative hairpins:

  • . Comb your hair thoroughly and comb it on its side, Where we divide the separations into four identical sections, from which we need to make tails. In this case, the strands of the tail should lie in one direction;
  • Next, we work with bangs, fix it with varnish and turn it into a wave, fix the wave from below and from above with invisible objects. The wave from the bang should reach the level of the ear;
  • Then you need to take the first tails of the first tail and divide it into two parts, treating one part with varnish, connect it with the remains of the bangs and turn the wave out of them. We fix the wave, as before, with the invisible top and bottom;
  • Similar actions are carried out with all the strands of the tail, dividing each tail into two parts and connecting with the previous one, turn the wave out of them and attach it to one side of the head;
  • The hairdo "basket" made in this way is fixed with the help of hair spray, after 20-25 minutes, the invisible objects located on top of the waves are removed, instead of them we use beautiful decorative hairpins;
  • The hairdress is again sprayed with varnish, after which it will be completely ready.