Twist the hair correctly

  • Mar 17, 2018

How to wind hair right at home, almost all the beautiful half of humanity is interested.

At least that part of it that does not have playful curls. It so happened that the girls, whose curls are straight, tirelessly trying to turn them into curls, so that on holiday photos look unusual.

Curling on curlers

And vice versa, the owners of these curls look with envy at long-haired beauties, using not the best methods for straightening - ironing or a hair dryer with hot air.

Women tend to constantly change, so stylists and hairdressers do not cease to give useful tips for the beauty of hair.

We can only listen to them and follow all instructions how to correctly and painlessly wind hair.

To wind hair without resorting to the beauty salon, there are several ways: hair curlers in various forms, curling iron, ironing.

At home, the first method is most acceptable, since the heating of the hair with heating tools is simply obliged to be carried out under the close eye of a specialist.

All these devices can

badly damage your head of hair, and you will suddenly forget about the beauty of the created curls.

Therefore, check out all the options for curlers and choose the ones that suit you, help to create the desired image.

On how to wind hair, choose the right curlers, get the desired effect, read on.


  • Curlers and their variety
  • Correctly wind hair on curlers
  • Secrets of using hair curlers for wrapping hair

Hair curlers and their variety

Indeed, by going to the hairdresser's shop, you can be afraid of a huge selection of hair curlers.

But if you correctly approach this issue, before going to the department, study the possible variants of different curlers, we can say that you have already made the first step to successfully changing the image.

So, what are the types of hair curlers and what are their features?

Hair curlers have always been the most convenient to get beautifully curled locks. Wrapping hair with their help does not take much time and does not require special skills.

It is best to use curler hairpin for those whose hair is short, as in long strands they get tangled and bring a lot of problems.

To get light curls, you need to wind hair curlers hair small strands( see photo).

Light curls

One of the most effective, but not very useful ways of winding up are the thermal rollers. The hair is wound after the curler is lowered into boiling water.

Accordingly, while they are still hot, they wind on their dry hair. After 10 - 20 minutes, the curlers can be removed to enjoy the curls.

But here it is worth noting that in this case the use of thermal protection means will help to keep the hair, protect them from the effects of hot temperature.

Classics are plastic curlers. They are the safest and harmless for our ringlets.

A variety of sizes allows you to create more and more new images - from small curls to beautiful large curls.

Here we leave room for the flight of your imagination, because only you know how to wind hair to get the desired effect.

There are also velvet curlers that are often used in beauty salons. Their advantage is that the wave is the most gentle method.

You can even sleep with them, but it will not be very convenient. In any case, the result of your patience will be an absolutely harmless wave of hair.

The photo shows the result of the work of a specialist with velvet curlers.

You've probably heard about foam rubber curlers, such as in the photo, from your girlfriends or seen them in hairdressing salons. Professionals call them hair boomerangs.

Curl curls

They come in different lengths and colors. At the core lies the wire, which is covered with foam rubber.

These curlers can be used for absolutely any length of curls, and due to their flexibility, you can safely go to bed with them.

The only thing that needs to be clarified is the correct use of them, since not always the result can be exactly what they are counting on.

Bobbins are often used for perms in salons, but, nevertheless, it's a great way to spin your locks at home.

Curls will turn out to be small, very similar to African curls. Screw hair using a gel will achieve the effect of wet hair.

The main drawback of using this type of curler for curling remains the almost impossible combing after twisting.

Here you have to use a lot of conditioner after washing your head.

Another classic is the metal curler. Although they are still used, the shortcomings from them are more evident than the effective result.

Tips often begin to be cut off, highly electrified. But the metal curlers help maintain curls after a chemical wave.

If you do not use them all the time, then, in principle, you can stop and on this option.

As you can see, all of the presented curlers have their own shortcomings and advantages.

Curlers Boomerangs

Therefore, after you get acquainted with each of them, look at the photos and read reviews on different resources, you can safely go to the store and buy hair curlers to create a house for beautiful hairstyles.

In the meantime, we'll figure out how to wrap the hair on curlers.

Correctly wind hair on curlers

Now proceed to the most important thing - wrapping hair on hair curlers. This will completely depend on the result of your efforts and the appearance of the hairstyle.

In order for the winding to happen according to all the rules and regulations, you will need a comb, an atomizer, a mirror and the curlers themselves.

Hair wrapping takes place solely on wet strands( except for the use of thermal cubes).So safely go to the shower and wash your head. This laying will last much longer.

If you are the owner of thin, rare hair, then you have the hope of getting a three-dimensional hairstyle.

Hair curling on hair curlers in this case occurs in small strands. Thus, you will get three-dimensional curls that will make your hairstyle visually more dense.

Best if you start winding up from the middle of your head. Separate the comb with a small string and comb the comb well.

Hair wrapping starts from the tips and goes inward. Note that in this case, it is necessary to tighten the lock as tightly as possible.

If everything is done correctly, then fix the hair curlers, go to the next knot. As drying, the hair must be sprayed with water from the spray gun.


Thus, wind the remaining strands. After that, you can use the hair dryer to dry your hair well. In a few hours your styling will be almost ready.

Stranded strands can then be sprinkled with varnish, but do not overdo it: leave the hair a chance to look alive.

Secrets of using curlers for wrapping hair

There are several secrets of how to wind hair correctly using these or other types of hair curlers.

Therefore, for the process to pass easily and without a hiccup, take advantage of expert advice on how to wind hair.

For long-haired beauties, it is best to use thin strands to wrap hair.

First, they will dry much faster, and secondly, curly locks will be kept for a longer time.


When the sticks completely dry, you can start removing the curlers. Independently give the curls the right shape with the help of hands or comb.

It is more preferable to lay a hairdress with your hands, sprinkling with a small amount of hairspray.

Also long curls can be wound using different types of curlers: from the middle of the head use larger ones, closer to the nape take a smaller size.

To make winding short strings easier, try winding a strip of paper along with them. It is not advisable to sleep with curlers, but this does not apply to foam curlers.

To ensure that the winding process on the hair curlers does not pass unnoticed, pay attention to its features. Instead of standard fixers, twist the free ends of the curlers among themselves.

Keep these curlers will have about three hours on long hair, and up to two hours - on short.

In the beauty industry has long been replaced by curlers-boomerangs - it's electric boomerangs( see photo).

They are first heated to the required temperature, only then begins wrapping the hair. After the strands are heated to a certain temperature, an indicator is triggered, announcing that it's time to remove the curlers.

But still it is better to use this type of curler or in salons with a knowledgeable master, or at home under the supervision of a specialist.

It is worth noting that professional hairdressers and stylists wind curls not from above, but from the back of the head. The hair is divided into three equal parts.

Professional curlers

But at home to twist the hair in this way is only if you are well acquainted with this technique.

And most importantly: do not abuse the winding hair. No matter how carefully you do this, such procedures significantly impair the structure of the hair.

Therefore, try to use hair curlers only in special cases. Remember that this is stress for your hairstyle.

Do not forget to take care of the strings afterwards, providing them with proper care and moisturizing at home.

Only in this way you will be able to maintain a healthy kind of hairstyle and occasionally pamper yourself with beautiful curls. Twisted hair is a fairly simple way to change your image.

Here everything depends on your imagination and desire to please yourself and others.

Therefore, have patience, carefully read all the recommendations and instructions on how to wind hair effectively, and only then proceed directly to the process.