How to define your style?

  • Jun 22, 2018

There are people who attract our attention with impeccable appearance. It seems to us that they are dressed perfectly, and we are trying to copy them. But not everything is so simple!

Type-appearance-1 You can wear an absolutely identical set of clothes and look, to put it mildly, not very well. And an incorrectly dressed person, as is known, causes others to distrust .Why? What is the reason?- you ask.

It's all about the type of appearance! Each person has his own color-like appearance, forms, features and nuances of appearance.

In order to look stylish it is very important to find your color and match it.

From the color and style direction inherent in your appearance, not only the choice of colors and shapes in clothes depends, but also your attractiveness. Identify their color and style appearance only once in a lifetime, because they do not change throughout life.

Color-type appearance

Type-appearance-3 The division into color types of appearance occurs depending on the color of the eyes, hair, skin tone and includes four groups:

  • Summer;
  • Autumn;
  • Spring;
  • Winter.

To determine your color appearance, remove the hair under a white shawl or scarf and, standing in front of the mirror in daylight, bring cloth or paper cards of different colors to your face. Cosmetics on the face should not be.

With one color, the face comes to life, begins to glow, acquires clear contours, eyes shine, skin imperfections become invisible. With other flowers, the face appears tired, dim, the circles under the eyes are more clearly visible, the skin irregularities become more noticeable. If the color is not yours, there is a feeling that the face is lost on the background of the color, has grown pale and has become unattractive.

In the same way you need to determine how your face reacts to warm and cold shades, thereby determining whether the is of the type you belong to - the warm or cold . Watch carefully how warm and cool shades are combined with the color of your face.

Knowing which colors suits you, you can achieve amazing results - will become brighter and more attractive .But remember that the rule of "the right colors" works in make-up and in the wardrobe.

Now about stylistic directions that play an equally important role in creating your image.

The naive romance

Type-appearance-2 In modern style there are five main styles directions :

  • serious romanticism;
  • naive romance;
  • classic;
  • drama;
  • natural.

There are, of course, women and men with a purely classical appearance or natural, for example, but more often one has to observe a mixture of styles. Therefore, clothes, make-up, accessories must be selected, determined beforehand, the pure direction is inherent in your appearance or mixed. A complex image, for example, can combine elements of three or more styles.

Of course, everything depends on the appearance of each person and is selected individually.

For each style direction characteristic of their colors, shapes, textures in clothing, accessories, hair.

How can you figure this out without the help of a professional? We will help to highlight your style directions and give the main recommendations in the selection of wardrobes, hairstyles and accessories in the following publications.

We want to be stylish, but in order to look perfect, we do not need to follow the fashion blindly, the is enough to define its style, which will harmonize with your appearance, given to you by nature, and make you unique.