Burning in the urethra in men

  • Jun 22, 2018
Burning in the urethra in men

The excretion of urine from the body occurs through the organ of the urinary system - the urethra. It consists of the muscular connective tissue from the outside and the inner mucosa, looks like a tube. The burning sensation in the urethra is called a urethritis in the male, which has two kinds of origin: non-infectious and infectious. In girls, this disease does not occur less often than in boys. The main symptoms of urethritis: pain, discharge at the very beginning of urination, stinging, burning.

Causes of burning when you urinate

If you feel painful to go to the toilet on a small one, it is caused by inflammation of the urethra. The root cause of the disease are: infection, mechanical damage to the urethra or an allergic reaction. The latter, for example, arises in the presence of specific chemical elements in personal care products. Mechanical damage a man has the opportunity to get with a catheterization of the bladder, the passage of stone, cystoscopy.

The main cause of infectious ur

ethritis is unprotected sexual intercourse, during which the infection is transmitted from a partner. The disease may proceed without obvious, pronounced symptoms, unnoticed, and the man may not notice the pain at the time of urination for the first time, but this is no reason to think that his sexual partners will bear the disease also easily. The progression of the disease, the degree of complications is determined by a number of factors and the state of the organism for a given period.

Diseases that cause burning and other unpleasant sensations

Here are some diseases that cause burning sensation:

  1. Urogenital chlamydia is an infectious venereal disease that damages the genitals, urinary tract. Absence of treatment can cause infertility - a complication, which becomes the reason for going to the doctor. Treatment is mandatory for both sex partners. After the treatment, the first tests are done, and one month later. If in both cases chlamydia are not found, treatment is considered successful.
  2. Gonorrhea is an infectious disease transmitted during sexual intercourse. The disease affects the urogenital organs lining the transitional and cylindrical epithelium, the rectum( lower third), the urethra, and the conjunctiva. Causes pain and rezi when urinating, turbid discharge, the upper part of the head becomes inflamed and sores may appear. The disease is treated with antibiotics with bactericidal, bacteriostatic effects on the pathogen( gonococci).The disease should be treated only under the strict supervision of a physician.
  3. Urolithiasis manifests itself in the formation of stones in the genitourinary system, diagnosed in people of different ages. If the formation appeared in the bladder, the pain can spread to the lower abdomen, to the perineum. Another symptom of this disease is the frequent urge to urinate, which can manifest sharply while walking, performing physical exercises, shaking. During the relief of the need, the effect of "laying" is possible, the jet is interrupted when the bubble is still unopened. After the passage of the stone there is a strong burning sensation in the urethra after urination.
  4. Urethritis in men - inflammation of the urethra, which provokes a burning sensation and itching, the appearance of discharge at the beginning of the recovery of need. Pain in such cases can be both chronic and episodic. Constant pain sensations are a symptom of colliculitis, which is one of the variants of urethritis. Chronic form in men does not provoke severe pain( in contrast to episodic), but only a slight burning sensation during urination, which is still a sufficient reason for going to the clinic to see a doctor for the appointment of treatment.
  5. Trichomoniasis provokes the bacteria Trichomonas, which penetrate the seminal vesicles, the prostate gland. In the body, infection on the first hit necessarily causes urethritis and provokes unpleasant sensations in the urethra. Transmitted with unsafe sexual intercourse, which obliges to undergo treatment of both partners.
  6. Prostatitis causes inflammation, edema of the prostate tissue. It is classified as the most common disease among males aged 20-50 years. It often develops because of previous diseases of the genitourinary system.
  7. Cystitis is characterized by inflammation of the bladder, is one of the frequent diseases of this kind. It is characterized by frequent( more often ineffectual) urge to urinate, cutting and burning in the urethra, pain in the lower abdomen. When performing the wrong treatment, there is a possibility of aggravation of the disease with the transition to its chronic form, which remains for life. Women with cystitis are sick much more often than men.

To which doctor should

be consulted. If you experience pain when you urinate, do not self-medicate, contact your specialist immediately. Diseases of this kind are dealt with by a urologist or a venereologist, based on the cause of the disease. Burning occurs in the urethra in men in most cases because of sexually transmitted infections, so it is worth to go to the sexually transmitted disease department. In other cases, the urologist is engaged in this.

How and what to treat burning sensation in the urethra in men

The following are the main ways of treating the disease:

  • antibacterial drugs( cephalosporins, Norfloxacin) are used to treat inflammation in the urethra, bladder;
  • alkaline drink( Borjomi) is recommended in the presence of salts in urine or development of urolithiasis, acidic - in the presence of oxalates;
  • if stones have already formed, it is necessary to conduct their crushing with an ultrasound unit or perform surgical removal;
  • sedatives( "Phytosed", "Sedavit") are prescribed for a neurological cause of burning in the urethra;
  • phytopreparations( tea from renal collection, urolesan) for the urinary system will be useful for any reason of occurrence of diseases.

Burning in the urethra in men