Moisturizing eye drops

  • Jun 22, 2018
Moisturizing eye drops

Eyes are constantly subjected to severe stress. Bright sunlight, heat or cold, wind, computer work, or stress while reading - all this can cause fatigue, irritation and pain. Against fatigue and rezi it is customary to use moisturizing drops for the eyes: sensitiv, thealose, vizin and others. Choose the most suitable drugs for yourself should take into account the causes of problems.

What eye drops to choose?

The best quality drops from dry eyes:

Systein Ultra:

  • Eye vitamin drops, which are used for prevention. Allergies, tired eyes, irritation - not a complete list of symptoms in which this drug is used.
  • The composition nourishes and moisturizes the cornea of ​​the eye, allowing you to maintain your eyesight.
  • Instructions for use: every day 1-2 drops.

Natural tear:

  • A drug without preservatives, which has a gentle effect.
  • The product is allowed to use during pregnancy, during lactation, for the child from the first days of life.
  • The composition gently affect
    s the dry cornea. It is recommended to use two drops each day in each eye.


  • Eye drops with hyaluronic acid. The drug is designed to eliminate irritation, dry eyes, restore horny cells. Used on 1-2 drops.
  • The drug does not cause an overdose and side effects, so it can be instilled unlimitedly once a day.
  • The use of these moisturizing drops for the eyes is not recommended for more than 30 consecutive days.

From fatigue and redness

Their main task is to nourish and moisturize the action on the dry cornea of ​​the eye. Drops for eyes from fatigue and redness are released from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, do not contain aggressive ingredients, are hypoallergenic. As a rule, these products have a natural composition. There are the following eye drops from redness and irritation:

  1. Vizin.
  2. Opt.
  3. Vial.
  4. Akvaloamide and others.


  • Drops that have a vasoconstrictor effect for tired eyes. A natural hypoallergenic agent for relieving tension, from mucosal dryness, irritation, rubbing.
  • Suitable for those who work a lot with documents.
  • The effect is noticeable in a few minutes after instillation: whitens red eyes, narrowing the vessels, relieves stress, burning disappears.


  • These are the best eye drops from eye fatigue from the computer, which stocked many accountants and office workers.
  • The product has a gentle effect, has no side effect, removes redness and eliminates the thread.
  • It is applied as required: in each eye two drops, blink. Valid for 5-7 minutes, after which discomfort will disappear.

From inflammation of

If you find corneal inflammations, the appearance of purulent infection, acute pain and other serious problems, ordinary moisturizing drops can not help. It is necessary to consult a specialist. The ophthalmologist will identify the causes of the disease, and then appoint an antiviral, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory drug. Neglect medical advice and instructions to the medicine in this case is very dangerous.

The best anti-inflammatory drugs:


  • The cheapest and most effective antiseptic drug. The main thing is not to confuse it with the eponymous remedy for the common cold.
  • The drug has many side effects, it sometimes causes allergies. This does not prevent the facility from being very much in demand.
  • Application gives a bactericidal effect, helps against allergies. Used as an antiseptic for microdamages.

Dexon antibiotic:

  • An agent that suppresses inflammation in the body. It alleviates pain, stabilizes pressure, reduces the risk of infectious diseases, helps with allergies.
  • The drug should be used during the detection of inflammation. To drip for 1-2 drops, repeat the procedure every 4 hours.
  • It helps suppress the further development of the disease. Has contraindications.


  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops. A remedy is used against eyelid dermatitis, anterior segment inflammation, blepharitis, allergies and other diseases.
  • Available in the form of drops and ointments. Actively used in ophthalmology after injuries, burns of the cornea, surgical intervention to prevent the development of infection.
  • Use of the drug is permitted only with the appointment of a specialist.


The cause for irritation of the mucosa and discomfort is sometimes allergic. To solve the problem, special preparations are used:

  1. Opatonol.
  2. Naphthysine.
  3. Dexamet and others.

Eye drops of blue Okumetin are rightly considered the safest and top the rating of the best means against allergies. In its composition there are substances for removing the edema of the eyelid, narrowing the vessels. The product gently affects the mucous membrane, eliminating the focus of irritation. However, it is not recommended to use it for more than one month in a row.

Baby eye drops

If the causes of irritation are insignificant, the parents will cope with the problem without consulting a doctor. However, the choice of drugs for children should be very careful. There are several popular children's products:

  • Antropin, sintomycin, tobrex - often prescribed by pediatricians, safely affected.
  • Floxal, levomycetin - are used only for the purpose of a specialist.
  • Albucid is an antiseptic that is allowed to drip into newborns.

When wearing

lenses Due to the permanent wearing of the lenses, the eyes may become tired. To eliminate discomfort, it is recommended to use special medications:

  1. Reticulin.
  2. Viziomax.
  3. Sante 40 and others.

They prevent dryness, fatigue, relieve tension, eliminate irritation and redness. Using moisturizing drops for the eyes will help cope with the discomfort of wearing long lenses. Before using any preparation, you should carefully study its composition and recommendations for use. This will avoid problems such as allergies and overdoses.

Treatment of dry eye syndrome

Mucosal disease, dry eye syndrome is treated with special medications. Here is a short list:

  • Visimitin.
  • Cationorm.
  • Artelak.

Their action is aimed at normalizing the development of tears, protecting cells from negative effects, increasing the strength of tear film, regulation of metabolic processes. The course of treatment is 14-20 days, the drug is instilled every 3 hours for 1-3 drops. Improvement occurs when the sensation of a foreign object disappears in the eye, constant burning, dryness.

Reviews of eye drops

Opinion of consumers about the preparations:

Elena, 32 years old: Since childhood I have been struggling with vision problems. I constantly use the means of the chylozar-chest of drawers. Prior to that, I used an inexpensive drug, the effect was not observed. Now the cornea is restored, the sensitivity of the vessels has decreased. I advise everyone to choose this tool!

Sergey, 37 years old: Ophthalmologist diagnosed me with a ptiligium. For the treatment I use Chinese eye drops baiyiqing for two months. The condition is relieved, but education has not yet begun to deteriorate.

Eugenia, 22 years old: Taufon drug well helps our elderly grandmother. We apply for cataract treatment, discomfort disappears, redness and fatigue decrease.

Moisturizing Eye Drops