Drops from an allergy in the nose

  • Jun 22, 2018
Drops from an allergy in the nose

Runny nose is one of the most annoying and unpleasant manifestations of allergies. It is provoked by many allergens: food, house dust and ticks, living in it, pollen of plants, pets, medicines. Increases the likelihood of exacerbation of the disease hereditary predisposition. If the only symptom of allergy is rhinitis, the real salvage is a drop from an allergy to the nose. They quickly relieve irritation, bring relief, eliminate stuffiness.

Types of anti-allergic drops in the nose

There are 5 types of drops from an allergy in the nose. Each group is aimed at solving specific problems. Cheaper than the rest are vasoconstrictor drops - prices vary between 30-300 r. For example, "Ximelin" costs about 60 rubles, "Tizin Xylo" - 130. Hormonal, antihistamines, combined funds will cost the buyer more. For comparison: the price for "Nazonex"( hormonal drops) starts from 600 rubles. On "Telfast"( antihistamine) - from 360 r.

Nasal drops are selected by the doctor individually for each person after d

etermining the severity of the allergy, the stage of its course and the causes of the onset. Often, allergy sufferers are prescribed antihistamines, which affect the cause of the disease, help to reduce the amount of irritating biological matter in the blood. At the acute stage, vasoconstrictive drops are recommended to relieve swelling and reduce the amount of discharge from the nose. Slightly less often doctors prescribe hormonal and combined drugs for allergies.


This group of drops affects the adrenaline receptors. After using them, the nasal congestion significantly decreases, it becomes easier to breathe and talk. Drops are addictive even for a few days, so the recommended dosage should be observed. Vasoconstrictors from allergies should not be used for more than 5 days. This group includes:

  • "Nazivin";
  • "Naphthyzine";
  • "Ximelin";
  • Sanorin;
  • "Nazol";
  • "Nesopin".


These drops are prescribed to block histamine receptors, reduce the release of biologically active substances into the blood, due to which the allergy develops. Much more effective drugs third generation - they are not addictive, have a long period of action( up to a day), have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Widely distributed the following antihistamine drops from an allergy to the nose:

  • "Kromogeksal";
  • "Fenistal";
  • Allergodil;
  • «Levokabastin».


Drugs of this group are prescribed only when the others do not bring results. They help fight puffiness, inflammation. The positive effect when using funds from the common cold is not achieved immediately - it takes several days. Prolonged, frequent use of these drops from allergies in the nose is contraindicated - the body quickly gets used to the active substances. The main hormonal drugs from the common cold: "Fluticasean", "Amavis".


In complex drops from an allergy to the nose, there are several components. They simultaneously remove edema, fight with inflammation, prevent further manifestations of an allergic reaction. It is believed that complex( combined) drugs are the most effective means for treating an ailment. Well help to cope with the problem of "Vibrocil", "Sanorin-Analergin".


Oil-based products, when instilled, cover the mucous membranes of the nose with a thin layer of medicinal composition, moisturize them, prevent drying and facilitate breathing. They are used only for small problems, as well as at the initial stage of the common cold and for the treatment of atrophic rhinitis, in which they suffer from dryness in the nasal cavity. The most famous and inexpensive means of oil-based allergy on the Russian market is Pinosol. Noteworthy preparations are "Evkasept", "Pinovit".

Which drops to choose

Than and how to treat an allergic rhinitis in adults? Which group is more effective? It is difficult to single out one universal tool that would be suitable for everyone: children, pregnant women, people with weakened immunity. The action of each type of drops depends on many factors: the form of the disease, the individual characteristics of the organism. To begin with it is necessary to try the combined drops, because they have a multidirectional effect.

It is unacceptable to choose droplets if it is a question of treating children or pregnant women. Many drugs are contraindicated because they have a negative effect on the entire body and cause unwanted reactions. The duration of all medications is limited. For example, vasoconstrictors use no more than 3-5 days, antihistamines - from 7 to 28 days, and hormonal drops should be taken according to a special scheme.

For children

It is very difficult to find the right antiallergic drugs for children, because there are a lot of them in pharmacies. The choice should be based on the problem to be solved. In the case of an allergic rhinitis, moisturizing drops will never damage. They will support the mucous in a moistened state, provide slime liquefaction. If the nasal cavity has dried up, oil-based remedies are recommended.

Vasoconstrictive drops in the nose for children are prescribed only if urgently needed. Pediatricians prescribe funds based on oxymetazoline( "Nazivin") or phenylephrine( "Nazole Kids").In addition, they appoint "Sanorin", "Aneralgine", "Vibrocil".Allergic rhinitis in children effectively treats "Nazal", which isolates the shell of the nose from allergens. It is allowed to use only as a spray.

Until the year

How to treat an allergic rhinitis in infants? This question will be answered only by the therapist. It is proved that in infants the ailment arises extremely rarely. Runny nose in young children often occurs in response to aggressive substances in the air: dust, cigarette smoke, a large amount of chlorine. After their elimination, signs of rhinitis disappear themselves. Babies are allowed to dribble Nazol Baby.

From year to 2 years

Babies from 1 to 2 years are allowed to bury some medications for allergies for children. In the early days of the disease, vasoconstrictors help alleviate the condition. They are used only with the permission of the doctor and in a small dosage. For example, so beloved by many "Nafazolin" and "Sanorin" children are appointed with a lower concentration of active substance. It is forbidden to use preparations "Rinostop", "Xylen", "Galazolin", "Otrivin" and many others. Effective sprays containing a weak saline solution.

When pregnancy

Any medications, including drops from an allergic rhinitis, pregnant women are taken according to the instructions and after agreement with the doctor. Safe preparations with the content of saline solution( "Marimer", "Aqua Maris") are considered safe. Well helps to cope with the stuffiness of the nose spray "Pinosol".For pregnant women, a remedy for allergy Avamis is acceptable, prescribe drugs "Salin", "Euforbium compositum".

There are means that are undesirable or unacceptable to take during pregnancy. With care, you need to treat vasoconstrictor drugs. With uncontrolled admission, the vessels of the placenta may contract, which will adversely affect the fetus. Doctors do not recommend to their patients:

  1. "Tonicus", "Glazolin", "Ximeli"( contain xylometazoline, which has side effects).
  2. "Naphtizin", "Sanorin"( narrow the vessels of the kidneys).
  3. "Vibrocil", "Nazol", "Fazin" and other means in which there is oxymetazoline).
  4. Drops containing tramazoline, ephedrine, phenylephrine.

When breastfeeding

Unfortunately, allergic rhinitis often appears during lactation. Doctors are allowed to breast feed at this time under one condition - if a woman does not take dangerous medicines. Antihistamines are contraindicated during lactation. To alleviate and relieve the symptoms of the common cold, some moisturizing and vasoconstricting drops are allowed. When lactating under the supervision of a doctor, allergy funds are allowed:

  • "Sanorin";
  • "Otrivin";
  • "Nazol Baby";
  • "Naphthyzine";
  • "Tizin alerji";
  • "Galazolin";
  • For Nos.

Studies have shown that all of these drugs with short-term admission do not threaten the health of the child. To avoid the development of complications, they should not be used for more than 6 days. When breastfeeding it is allowed to use drops from rhinitis with the content of sea water( moisturizing).They differ the most gentle impact. These are:

  • "Dolphin";
  • "Akvalor";
  • Aqua Maris;
  • "Marimer";
  • "Humer".

Modern, reliable drugs for nursing mothers - "Nazaval" and "Nazaval Plus."They are safe - they contain only natural ingredients, do not penetrate into breast milk, are not absorbed into the blood at all. When injected, the products are protected by a protective coating, preventing allergens from entering the mucosa. Allergies can be sprayed with any frequency. Both drugs are recommended to use before starting contact with irritants and continue to use throughout the period of exposure.

Video: treatment of rhinitis in a child

To find out how to treat an allergic rhinitis does not try a lot of drugs, watch the video. You will understand how to identify the source of irritation and eliminate it. To wash off allergens with mucous the usual physiological solutions bought in a drugstore or made at home conditions( on 1 liter of water 1 teaspoon of salt) will help. On sale there are ready saline solutions in special cans. They are designed for children of different ages, but are not cheap. Learn more about this video.

Comments on nasal drops from allergies

Olga, 27 years old : Seven-year-old son suffers from seasonal allergies every year: during the ragweed blossom, he begins sneezing and suffers a severe runny nose. On the advice of her friends used "Aquamaris" and "Nazivin", but the funds did not always help. A week ago, the allergist wrote a course of drops of "Fenistila."Excellent remedy, no adverse reactions. I use the drug three times daily according to the instructions.

Victoria, 36 years old : Drops from the Zodak allergy, if necessary, save my whole family. My husband loves honey very much, uses it often and tolerates this product well. But one day he ate it outside the house and began to change before our eyes. There was difficulty with breathing, the face swelled, spots began to appear on the face. Everything went well, because with itself there was a preparation "Zodak".The husband came to his senses after 7 minutes after using the drops. I'm afraid of repeating this story and always carry an antiallergic agent.

Anna, 30 years old : I have a year-round allergic rhinitis, so an exacerbation during pregnancy did not become a surprise for me. The doctor advised using Derinat about 4 times a day. After 2 days the condition improved significantly, and after 2 more days all the signs of an allergy passed. Drops cost about 300 rubles( if with a pipette)."Derinat" is suitable for treatment and allergy, and other diseases( trophic ulcers, SARS, stomatitis).

Drops from an allergy to the nose