Signs of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults

  • Jun 22, 2018
Signs of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults

Such a serious and dangerous disease, like tuberculosis, is transmitted by airborne droplets. Sometimes it is very difficult to detect this ailment, but the sooner this can be done, the more effective the treatment will be. Every person who wants to be healthy should know the early signs of tuberculosis in adults. This will help not only to learn about the disease in time, but also to stay away from those people who are similar to those infected by it.

How adults recognize pulmonary tuberculosis

To determine the presence of the disease in a woman or a man will be possible by some basic signs. You should know that there are different forms of tuberculosis. It can flow both openly and secretly. Another symptomatology depends on the stage of tuberculosis. In the incubation period, some do not notice any strangeness in their state of health, which significantly complicates the diagnosis. You should learn about the main manifestations of the disease, both open and closed forms.

Open form of

The main danger of this type of disease is the possibility of being transmitted by airborne droplets during coughing, spitting and even when talking. In this case, the rods not only hover in the air, but also settle on household objects. The patient creates a very serious risk for members of his family. To avoid infection of others, it is better to go through a full course of inpatient treatment. Diseases and relapses are susceptible to people with weakened immunity.

Signs of open tuberculosis in adults:

  1. Strong paroxysmal cough with the release of viscous sputum in a yellow-green color. Over time, blood veins appear in it, which is becoming more and more with the progression of the disease.
  2. Causing weight loss.
  3. Weakness and apathy.
  4. Periodic causeless increase in body temperature.
  5. Increased sweating at night.

Closed form

The most common type of disease, in which infection of others from the patient does not occur. However, the danger is that the disease from the closed form is able to develop into the open, so it certainly needs treatment. The difficulty lies in the fact that the latent species very often proceeds asymptomatically. Determine it will be obtained by doing a Mantoux test or by donating blood for analysis. On an X-ray, as in the analysis of sputum, there are usually no symptoms of the disease.

Infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis is often detected in humans:

  • infected with HIV;
  • homeless people who do not follow the rules of personal hygiene and eat poorly;
  • with alcohol dependence;
  • with insulin-dependent diabetes;
  • with silicosis;
  • with oncological diseases and renal insufficiency.

First signs of bronchial tuberculosis

Forms of the disease:

  • infiltrative;
  • is ulcerative;
  • fistulous.

The disease is accompanied by a paroxysmal cough. With him, a lot of sputum is allocated. Treatment with antitussive drugs has no effect. An indispensable symptom of the disease is persistent headaches and insomnia. A patient with bronchial tuberculosis complains of pain in the chest, between the shoulder blades. Sometimes there is also an admixture of blood in the sputum. The organism undergoes intoxication during illness. Because of this, a person quickly gets tired, refuses to eat.

As extrapulmonary tuberculosis is manifested

The disease can affect not only the respiratory, but also other body systems. The signs of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in adults depend on the localization body. There are no common symptoms for all forms. For this reason, such tuberculosis is very difficult to distinguish from many other diseases. If you suspect that you are infected, then it's best for you to visit such an institution as a tuberculosis hospital, and undergo a complete examination. It is necessary to take tests for tuberculosis in adults.

First symptoms of tuberculosis:

  1. Genitourinary system. Determine the presence of this disease, you can by the presence of blood in the urine and a constant desire to empty the bladder. In this case, the person does not experience pain when urinating. The body temperature rises to 38 degrees. In women, the disease can cause menstrual irregularities.
  2. Authorities view. A person with such a disease complains that his eyes are swollen and watery. On the cornea appear gray or yellow dots, scars, pus begins to stand out.
  3. The digestive system. It is characterized by weight in the abdomen after eating, unstable stool, pain in the navel. A person can complain of nausea, weakness, excessive sweating, lack of appetite.

Symptoms of cerebral tuberculosis

This is a serious lesion of the central nervous system, which without a timely treatment leads to death. Its signs:

  • lack of appetite;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • severe seizure headaches;
  • increased body temperature;
  • bradycardia and tachycardia;
  • vomiting;
  • cardiac dysfunction;
  • breathing difficulty;
  • strabismus occurs.

Tuberculosis of the skin in the early stages of

Forms of the disease:

  • , lupus erythematosus;
  • scrofuloderm;
  • warty tuberculosis;
  • Papulonecratic Tuberculosis.

When lupus is affected by the face. On it appear dense tubercles of a yellowish shade, which turn into asymmetric plaques with a smooth whitish ridge in the middle. Scrofuluoderma affects the neck, collarbone, sternum. Nodules appear in these areas, the skin on which gradually turns red. Nodules naryvayut, from them pus is allocated. Formed ulcers grow together in large foci. Warty tuberculosis affects the hands. Papulonecrotic is manifested on the face, buttocks, elbows and knee folds. They are covered with crusts, with the loss of which there are scars.

How to recognize tuberculosis of bones

The disease occurs in several stages, accompanied by such symptoms:

  1. Incubation period of tuberculosis. A focus of infection is formed in the bone. The person raises a little temperature, slightly hurts his back.
  2. Arthritic stage. There is a strong intoxication of the body, the spine or affected joints are very sore, it becomes difficult to move. Possible muscle atrophy.
  3. Postartritic. All symptoms gradually fade. Deformed muscles, bones and joints do not return to normal.

Video about the disease with tuberculosis

You have already seen how dangerous this disease is and how important it is to start treating it in time. In order to remember the signs of tuberculosis better, watch the following videos. After viewing, you will know exactly what symptoms are typical for this disease and how to recognize them in time. In addition, you will understand how the infection is transmitted. It is very important to know in order to develop and implement preventive measures.

Basic symptoms of

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Signs of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults