Migraine and headache pills

  • Jun 23, 2018
Migraine and headache pills

Pain syndrome can make itself felt suddenly or appear from time to time. Lack of sleep, overwork, colds, stress - these are situations that can provoke the appearance of a headache. To get rid of it faster, sometimes it's easier to take a pill, but which one? The choice of medication will depend on the nature of the pain and some other factors.

Than to treat a migraine

If the attack has appeared suddenly, it is felt, as an acute pulsation in the field of a temple, and causes a nausea, these are characteristic signs of a neurologic disease. Before choosing a cure for migraine, you should know that severe seizures may appear as early as adolescence, and the elderly will suffer less from unpredictable seizures. A simple migraine( without an aura) appears suddenly and develops slowly, but occurs more often than the classical( with aura), the symptoms of which are verbal, sensory, visual disturbances.

The basis of therapy for this disease, when half the cases are due to a hereditary factor - the

use of antimigrenous drugs. Nonsteroid preparations for migraine are characterized by speed and help to effectively stop an attack without damage to health in 10-15 minutes after taking. If the doctor deems it necessary, special preventive measures can be used to treat migraines.

Painkillers for headache

What helps with a headache when it is unbearable? If the pain syndrome manifested itself suddenly, it is recommended to take painkillers for headache. The most common variant of a pill from the head is Analgin, whose action is directed to blocking painful impulses. The mild antipyretic property and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug complement its analgesic effect. Side effects of this analgesic, like the drug Ibuprom or acetylsalicylic acid, indicate that they should be taken with great care.

Episodic head pain with painkillers can be removed by taking the following medications:

  • Citramon is a cheap analgesic containing caffeine and citric acid. In comparison with other tablets, from headaches and migraines helps to quickly eliminate the discomfort, recommended with combined therapy.
  • Tempalgin is an inexpensive remedy for a headache, which is an analogue of Analgin with the addition of tempodone. You should closely monitor the dosage, and take a day allowed no more than 3 tablets.
  • Pentalgin is the name of a powerful drug with a wide range of medicinal components, including analgin, caffeine, amidopyrine. Anesthetic tablets help to quickly remove pain syndrome, normalize sleep, increase efficiency.

Tryptans from migraine

What to drink from a headache if high blood pressure is observed? To block pain and eliminate the attendant symptoms in order to cure migraine, the doctor will prescribe triptans. These drugs are related to the new generation drugs, they are much better than the medicines that were used before, in terms of their positive and effective effects. The most popular tablets for headaches and migraines: Zomig, Sumygren, Amigrenin, Relpax, and among the sprays - Imigran.

The administration of tryptans is easily tolerated by the body, rarely provoking adverse reactions. The occurrence of side effects is of a moderate nature, they almost do not appear after repeated use of the drug. Restrictions are more associated with dosage and combination with antibiotics, antidepressants, antiviral drugs. In order not to provoke serious side effects, tryptans should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Antispasmodics for headache

If you can not achieve the desired effect when taking painkillers, then you can eliminate the nervous tension with the help of other pills for headaches and migraines. Spasmolytics are medicines that help to relax the smooth muscles. By stopping spasm, these tablets from the head can be neurotropic, myotropic or combined action. The latter are Spasmalgon, Revalgin, Combispasm, Novigan, which relieve spasm and exert an analgesic effect.

Neurotropic, myotropic antispasmodics also help to achieve the desired effect by eliminating spasm and only. Tablets from pain in the head, which are related to antispasmodics and relatively safe: No-shpa, Dibazol, Papaverin, Buskopan. Take spasmolytic tablets from the head without consulting a doctor allowed no more than two days.

What can be pregnant for a headache

The period of bearing a child is not the time when a future mother can thoughtlessly take pills for headaches and migraines. Uncontrolled use of drugs can harm a child's health. There is a short list of safe drugs that will not affect blood circulation, but even they should be consumed only if agreed with a specialist. The safest way to eliminate discomfort is to take Paracetamol, sometimes you can take No-shpa or Citramon. It is strictly forbidden to take Analgin, Aspirin, Nurofen!


Cold, fever, aches are not the only unpleasant symptoms from which this drug can rid. Paracetamol is a cure for a headache that helps to remove severe attacks so that the brain does not experience a colossal load. Coping with this medicine is no less effective than antimigrenous or remedies that prevent the narrowing of the vessel. Other drugs with a pronounced effect, these tablets from headaches are second only to the time of action, but Paracetamol less affects the liver.


This medicine is included in the list of vital, because it has an excellent antipyretic effect and the ability to quickly anesthetize discomfort. Ibuprofen is considered to be so safe that it is allowed to give it even to infants. This drug effectively relieves pain in osteochondrosis, soft tissue bruises, complex ENT therapy. With pain syndrome, Ibuprofen is often used as an adjuvant, but with the right dosage, the drug helps to quickly cope with discomfort.

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Svetlana, 24 years old: In the first trimester of pregnancy, often had seizures. I consulted with a doctor and found out that no pills are suitable, only Paracetamol is possible. Tried to find an alternative, doing self-massage, compresses, resting more, so as not to provoke new attacks. Earlier in such situations I took Analginum or Citramon, but during pregnancy they can not be taken.

Alina, 35 years old: I have had migraine attacks intermittently. For three years I turned to many doctors, I was prescribed vasoconstrictors, drank Sumamigren, Excedrin. She adhered to the dosage conditions and for a while they helped, but the attacks returned. Somehow I got to a good specialist, who explained that the reason could be the reception of contraceptives. Has replaced them, after that the migraine does not disturb.

Catherine, 39: When I have an easy, tolerant form, I try to do without pills, I am saved by domestic means. If the pulsation is strong, then the brain activity experiences a serious load, then you have to take an anesthetic. I take Citramon or Tempalgin. These drugs are inexpensive at a price, and to drink, I make an effervescent drink with water, so reduce the side effects.

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