Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique

  • Jun 23, 2018

Fashionable modern melirovanie on the hair keeps its popularity for a long time and gets a new life in different variations. With the technique of balage, the paint is applied in the form of the letter V, the tips of the hair and curls( from the middle) are selected. Begin painting of the selected strands, on each side smoothly passing to the ends. This technique gives thin hair a visual volume.

The technique of "balayage" originated in France. In translation means - "sweep".

With this coloring, a few shades( 2-3) are used for dark hair, creating a smooth or sharp transition between them. Use this stain can be on both short and long hair.

A balaž on dark hair for a square can be performed in several ways. For the considered haircut, full or partial performance of the technique is suggested:

  • Full balage - dark hair remains with a natural shade, looks as if the owner of the quare sunbathed for a long time in the sun.

Paint is applied from the top of the head, gently moving towards the

middle and ends. The result: all the locks are painted in a single tone within a few shades.

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique

  • Medium - separate zones for coloring( nape, edge, whiskey and bangs) are selected. Each curl is painted with blurred, smooth transitions.
  • The ends - hair have a kind of burning out in the sun, but it looks very natural.

Coloring is performed by smooth application or a torn edge, it is also possible to combine these two types of staining in the complex.

Contents of the article:

  • 1 The balay for the square: the advantages and disadvantages of the
  • 2 technique How to choose the right color for the balaja on the dark hair of the carat
  • 3 What you need to buy for coloring in the technique balaž
  • 4 How to make a balaž on the classic carving
  • 5 How to make a balaž on an elongated square
  • 6 Balaža naBob-kary: Step-by-Step Guide to
  • 7 How to make a balaž for a square on a dark hair with a bang

Balaž for a square: Advantages and disadvantages of

The style of balaž has gained popularity among the starsZd show business. Contrasting staining helps to make an image of stylish and modern notes.

Advantages for the square:

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique Balaža on the dark hair of the queen looks great on the hair of both young beauties and mature women
  • is suitable for women of different age categories, looks charmingly on the hair of both young girls and mature ladies;

  • can be used with 50% gray hair( a professional master connects the gray hair with other shades into a common image, which looks natural);
  • allows you to experiment with a combination of contrasting colors;
  • , in contrast to melioration, has minimum requirements for care( the master is treated about 4 times a year);
  • hair visually acquires volume and splendor;
  • allows you to bring to your appearance the most daring ideas;
  • is suitable for all types of hair;
  • due to glare visually corrects the face oval;
  • does not harm the hair, because the ends of the curls are painted.
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Disadvantages of staining:

  • in the absence of knowledge and minimal practice, such melling can not be done at home independently;
  • daily styling;
  • to hide unprofessional coloring on a short haircut is impossible;
  • when selecting a poor-quality paint, a section of curls appears;
  • long application process.

How to choose the right color for balaja on dark hair square

Owners of dark hair often use this technique, because they can achieve a noticeable result. On dark hair this kind of staining looks very impressive. Balaž on the square allows you to give volume, emphasize and highlight the contours of the face.

Girls with a swarthy skin color are perfect for locks of coffee or nutty shades. With light skin, caramel or tone is selected.

"Balayage with a spark" is very popular when the ends are amenable to the coloring of cherry, bronze or rusty hues.

Shades Image Who is suitable for
Caramel Balaž on dark hair with this shade has a natural appearance. Perfectly looks on a cutting squat Suitable for brunettes with brown eyes and a warm face shade
Coffee, chocolate and golden On such shades, girls are not ready for bold decisions, the naturalness remains in color. Brunettes with tanned or swarthy skin
Red and copper When choosing these shades, the image is bright but not revolutionary Best for mature women
Green and blue Thanks to these shades, the image looks stylish and bright For young girls

Balayazh on dark hair( square) with bright shades use risky girls. Often bright colors: crimson, green, blue - color only the ends, but some fashionistas prefer painting from the middle. Both versions look original.

Color chart

Natural curls color Recommended shades Do not choose
Light chestnut to dark chestnut Chocolate and mahogany, honey and wheat Shades of cold and warm blond
Black to dark chestnut Coffee, Purple, all shades of red, ash gray Yellow and light shades

Balayage is a difficult technique for staining, especially for dark hair, so experts advise doing it from a master using a waspetleniya a few shades.

What you need to buy for coloring in the technique balaž

Before painting, prepare the following tools:

  • Paint - choose a good quality to avoid brittle hair ends. Choose the necessary shades.
  • Brush - for applying paint to the hair.
  • Capacity - prepare several pieces for mixing the paint.
  • Comb - should be with a long tail.
  • Clamps( for hair).
  • Gloves - for the protection of hands.
  • Protective dressing gown or film to cover your shoulders.
  • Thin foil - before painting, cut into rectangular pieces( 15 by 30 cm).
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How to make a balaž on a classical carat

Balaža looks great on dark hair in combination with a square. The difficulty lies in the correct and smooth transition of tones.

Before the procedure on dark hair, it is recommended to lighten the ends in several tones. And also the staining of not all hair, but only the ends of the occipital part, will look spectacular.

Balaž on the classical frame:

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique Barnage: Technique for performance
  • divide the hair into uniform strands with square bases;
  • , each lock is clamped for convenience;
  • at the ends gradually paint, brush it out;
  • is wrapped in strips of foil and left for 30 minutes, then gently wash the hair;
  • go to the root zone: to get a smooth transition of hues, the paint is applied from the roots to the painted ends;For better transition of shades, preliminary select several tones;
  • after application, after 10 minutes the paint is stretched out with a comb to the edges of the ends, each colored curl is wrapped in foil, aged for 30 minutes and washed off.

Ombre and balayazh are different staining techniques. Painting in technique balayazh on the square is complex and multifaceted, it gives dark hair a natural shade of faded curls.

Instruction for performing a balaž on an elongated square

In the version of a hairstyle with an elongation, a balayage with a sharp transition is ideally suited, it emphasizes the texture of the curls and the volume. And also the staining of only elongated parts of the hair at the temples looks spectacular. This makes a smooth transition of the shades along the entire length.

Instruction for performing the technique of balaž on an elongated square is as follows:

  • Carefully comb the pre-washed hair.
  • Pre-clarify for 3-4 tone ends. Then wrap their foil so that when painting does not touch them. Prepare the necessary paint.
  • The rest of the hair is dyed and not dispensed for about 15 minutes.

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique

Then remove the foil from the ends and gently begin to comb the paint down to the tips. Allow to stand for about 25 minutes and rinse.

  • The paint is applied vertically over the entire length. First, they paint curls in the region of the temples, then the occipital part and the vertex.

Balaž on Bob-kara: step by step guide

The shorter the haircut, the more difficult it is for a non-professional to make a quality balage, so you should first practice on a manikin:

  • Prepare the paint.
  • Carefully comb the clean hair.
  • Divide the curls into 4 equal parts and secure with clasps or hairpins.
  • At the ends of each strand one coat of paint is alternately applied, carefully not to touch the root zone, wrapped in foil.

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique

  • Withstand the time, rinse off the paint and dry the hair.
  • The next tone is applied to the root zone to the ends. Apply the paint from the bottom up with smooth movements.
  • After applying the paint, stand for 10 minutes, and only then stretch it in all ringlets. This is done for a smooth transition of hues.
  • After the time has elapsed, the hairbrush is stretched over the entire length of the hair.
  • Each curl is wrapped in foil and left, for the time specified in the paint instruction.
  • Gently wash off the paint and do the styling.

How to make a balage for the square on dark hair with a bang

When a square with a bang, you have to choose whether this part will be painted. It is possible to change the shade completely or partially on some strands of bangs.

Fashionable balaj on dark hair of a penalty. Features of the dyeing technique

The smooth bangs can not give in to the coloring of the balayage, its shade will correspond to the roots of the hair. Graduated or oblique bangs are performed by obligatory staining in the same technique as the rest of the curls. If you do not paint such a bang, then the image will look unnatural.

Balayage is an economical way of coloring the hair, which allows several months to avoid visits to the cabin. After applying this technique, the hair requires minimal maintenance.

Shampoo, conditioner or hair balm is used, as after the usual staining. Choose a special means for colored hair. For brittle hair, therapeutic shampoos are recommended.

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Within a few months, only an additional toning is done, updating the shade. Use special masks for colored hair to energize the curls.

The technique of balaž is very popular because of its elegant and original appearance, where several tones are blended into a natural shade by a smooth transition. And also this kind of coloring brings minimal harm to curls.

How to make a balaž on dark hair( and for a penalty including):

Instructions for performing techniques balaja at home: