Table size of women's panties. Selection rules, types, styles of women's underwear

  • Jun 24, 2018

Comfort, comfort and freedom of movement are important factors that influence the choice of women's underwear. Special attention should be paid to the choice of women's panties. Each lady needs to be able to determine the size of her panties.

Table size of women Due to the fact that the volume of the female body can change in both large and small side, before going to the store it is necessary to make measurements of the waist and hips of , and also use the tables of the parameters of female underwear.

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  • 1 How to determine the size of women's panties
  • 2 Sizes panties
  • 3 How to choose the new women's panties
  • 4 Types panties
    • 4.1 panties, slips
    • 4.2 Thong
    • 4.3 Shorts Thong
    • 4.4 Tanga
    • 4.5 Shorts
    • 4.6 Bikini
    • 4.7 Shorts pant with sculpting effectm
  • 5 What to consider when choosing the pants of different styles
  • 6 Importance convenience of underwear for everyday wear
  • 7 How to determine the size of pantyhose and stockings. Table of sizes of tights and s
    • 7.1 Useful video materials on how to determine the size of women's panties using the table, choose the right shape and try to make the panties yourself

How to determine the size of female panties

SpecialistsRecommend measuring the volume in the morning on an empty stomach, tightly touching a centimeter tape to the body. At this time, you need to stand flat, and do not blow your belly, and your legs together.

Measuring the volume of the hips, a centimeter tape should be applied to the most convex part of the priests. To obtain a reliable result, it is best to measure the volumes on top of your personal underwear.

Table size of women In order to correctly determine the size of female panties according to the table, you need to measure the waist and hips

Table of sizes of female panties

size panties On em waist( cm) volume hips in( cm) Evrsoyuz EUROPE / Hermia / France Britain and America World size
38 56-58 80-83 32 0 XXS
40 59-62 84-88 34 2 XS
42 63-66 89-95 36 4 S
44 67-70 96-98 39 6 M
46 71-74 99-101 40 8 M
48 75-78 102-106 42 10 L
50 79-83 107-110 44 12 L
52 84-87 111-114 46 14 XL
54 88-91 115-119 48 16 XL
56 92-95 120-122 50 18 XXL
58 96-98 123-125 52 20 XXXL
60 99-102 126-128 54 22 XXXXL
62 103-106 128-133 56 24 XXXXL
64 107-109 134-138 58 26 XXXXXL
66 110-113 138-141 60 28 XXXXXL
68 114-117 142-145 62 30 XXXXXXL
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How to choose the right women's panties

The choice of underwear for women should be taken seriously. After all, this is a very intimate element of clothing. Today, the market presents a variety of models with different colors, with a variety of texture and quality of this accessory.

Table size of women

The choice is so great that the eyes run out. But really quality and comfortable panties are not so many. So what are they, these ideal shorts?

Specialists recommend choosing underwear for women under the following criteria: :

  • First of all, underwear should protect a woman from discomfort and perform a protective function, relieving the lady from friction clothing and protecting her intimate and tender places;
  • The most important factor in choosing panties is the fabric, which allows you to breathe skin, thereby taking care of your hostess's hygiene;
  • taking care of convenience, it is necessary to correctly choose the size of women's panties, using a special table;
  • "correct" panties should be invisible under the outer clothing. They should not stand out, look out or shine under the outfits;
  • and, of course, comfort! The size of women's panties should ideally suit their owner. They should not crush, rub, hamper, annoy, or climb into the intimate places of the .

Kinds of female panties


This is the most common model of panties. It is suitable for daily wear. Slips are very convenient, since the cut closes most of the buttocks. The elasticity of the panties is located both on the hips and at the waist. Slipper panties are homely and sweet at home, and comfort is provided in them.

Table size of women


These panties are not very comfortable for everyday use, as they are sewn from different ropes and sometimes chains with the use of small triangles of guipure. This linen is suitable for romantic dates. Comfortable it can not be called, but as they say - "beauty requires sacrifice."

Table size of women


The name makes it clear that this is a hybrid, made of string and shorts. To classical strings a dense strip of fabric( most often guipure) is added. This strip is very helpful at the same time hiding the shortcomings, but at the same time it looks very intriguing.

Table size of women


This underwear has large cutouts both front and back. In fact, these are the same thongs, only the fabrics in this laundry are slightly larger. Despite this, this style of panties is much more convenient thong.

Table size of women Panties-tang are similar to thongs, but much more comfortable


This underwear has a rather closed look. Shorts are indispensable for correcting the buttocks, contributing to their uplift and retraction. Suitable for both home socks and for going out.

Table size of women


Minimum amount of fabric and low fit. Most often with strings or with a thin band. Used as a swimsuit, are not very comfortable, but look very nice on a slim figure. For magnificent ladies this style will not work.

Table size of women Bikini is recommended only for slender women

Panties shorts with pulling effect

An indispensable thing for women with lush shapes. Very elastic. Stitched on the principle of "more inserts and seals" in places of problem areas. They pull in and very slim. Visually remove about 5 kg.

Table size of women

And this is just a small list of all existing models. The woman is given the opportunity to choose underwear according to her taste and mood. Psychologists argue that the choice of clothes directly depends on the psychological state of the woman.

The material for the production of laundry is used in a variety of ways. For the most part - it's gypsy, cotton, silk, polyester, elastane, microfiber, viscose, husk, tact, spruce, meryl, etc.

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What to consider when choosing panties of different styles

Of course, the most important factor is the correctly chosen size of their panties. But even knowing the parameters will not make it unnecessary to try on clothes when buying. Since women's panties are very delicate thing.

Table size of women It is important to choose the right type and size of underwear and always try it on.

When buying lower lingerie, you need to try it on , as stretching and turning the model you like, it's hardly possible to determine by eye whether it's rightThis figure.

Panties must be measured solely on top of your own underwear!

In this case, before going to the store it's better to put on the most miniature underwear from your personal wardrobe, in order to understand exactly how the purchase is sitting on them.

When choosing panties of different styles, the next factor is the figure. Each woman is unique and individual, therefore not every style can approach to this or that type of a female figure.

Third, what you need to pay attention to is the invisibility of underwear. Panties, like a bra, must be hidden from prying eyes. The underwear should not look out or stand out on the outer clothing.

Table size of women Seamless panties are perfect for daily wear

Looks panties from under the skirt or trousers - this is a sign of a bad tone. A woman should choose panties that are not visible in everyday life. Also, pay attention to the color of the clothes, and choose it in accordance with the outer clothing.

Seamless panties are ideal for daily wear.

After all, whatever the style was, they will never stand out through clothes.

Table size of women When buying this or that style, should not pay attention to trends in fashion. The main thing that panties fit exactly this type of .If the fashion designer's clothes feel discomfort, then safely change it to a more convenient and pleasant.

It is worth paying special attention to health when you are wearing linen. Fabrics that prick or scratch the body will adversely affect health and comfort. There may be irritation, scrapes and even allergies.

It is necessary to select a soft fabric , because it will be in contact with the woman's body throughout the day. Doctors categorically do not recommend wearing underwear, which strongly compresses the body of .As the blood circulation of the most important female organs is disturbed.

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Importance of convenience of underwear for daily wear

It's no secret that any clothes should sit on its wearer comfortably. If at least one of its elements compresses or rubs the body, then the person will not think of anything other than discomfort.

Table size of women Underwear must be comfortable to wear. In particular, this refers to the cowards

Especially this applies to underwear, which is like nothing that is closest to the most delicate and intimate areas of the human body.

It is necessary to choose the size of women's panties according to the table given above. This is the only way to avoid discomfort in the daily wear of underwear.

The importance of the convenience of women's panties is in the first place. This is especially true for women's health. The zone of fitting the laundry to the body is the most important for a woman. According to her condition, the health of the female body as a whole is judged.

How to determine the size of tights and stockings. Table size pantyhose and stockings

Another necessary accessory for women's clothing - it's pantyhose.

The choice of this garment is determined by 5 factors:

  • model;
  • density;
  • size;
  • composition;
  • color.

If the model and product density are the tastes and preferences of each woman, then the size should be calculated perfectly. Correctly selected pantyhose will not cause inconvenience, hide all the shortcomings of its owner, as well as emphasize the dignity.

After all, if you put this thing even one size larger, then constant pulling and pulling will not emphasize female sexuality, but on the contrary will bring it to naught.

The same is expected by the owners of stockings.

To avoid this, needs to correctly choose the size of .To determine the size of pantyhose and stockings, it is necessary to correctly measure the weight and height of the woman.

Table size of women Table for determining the size of female tights and stockings

Two sizes are used for designation of dimensions: Latin and Arabic:

  • XS or 1 is suitable for a woman whose height does not exceed 160 cm, and weight does not exceed 55 kg;
  • S or 2 will suit a woman whose height is not more than 170 cm, and the weight does not exceed 70 kg;
  • M or 3 will be at the time of the lady no higher than 175 cm, and weight, which is not more than 75 kg;
  • L or 4 for women, whose height is up to 185 cm, and weight is up to 85 kg;
  • XL or 5 for women whose height is up to 190 cm and weight is up to 100 kg.

Any accessory for women's clothing should be in time and matched to fit. If you do not take into account all the factors described in this article, then it will be almost impossible to feel the joy of wearing things.

But if you choose a comfortable, pleasant, liked clothes - it will be nice to wear at any time and anywhere! Be beautiful and healthy!

Useful video materials on how to determine the size of women's panties using the table, choose the right style and try to make the panties themselves

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