Haircuts for thick hair of medium length. Fashionable patchwork haircuts, cascade, bean, quads

  • Jun 25, 2018

Haircuts for thick hair of medium length, according to the words of hairdressers, are quite popular among modern women. Especially popular among girls with voluminous and dense from nature hair uses a stylish elongated square or cascade. The main explanation for this is the large weight of the hair.

Therefore, the best way to facilitate care for them is to make a stepped hairstyle.

Contents of the article:

  • 1 Thick hair. What should be the perfect haircut
  • 2 Review of the best haircuts for thick hair
    • 2.1 Stylish cascade for thick hair
    • 2.2 Extra long bean for thick hair of medium length
    • 2.3 Elongated square for medium thick hair
    • 2.4 Patchwork haircut for thick hair
    • 2.5 Haircut with bang for thick hair of medium length
  • 3 Advice from professionals on how to style thick medium length hair
  • 4 Useful videos about a haircut on thick hair of medium length

Thick hair. What should be the ideal haircut

Specificity of thick hair is that they heavily delay the scalp. The

se hairs are demanding to care for them, they do not succumb to combing the metal comb.

But it's only necessary to ease the weight, changing the haircut, as immediately disappear problems such as long drying and styling. Moreover, the haircut is able to radically change the image.

There are several haircuts that are suitable for thick hair.

shearing type Description
Cascade Among haircuts cascade type to thick hair of medium length popular classical performance. Masters assure that the correctly executed cascade makes the face young, adds to the appearance of simplicity and lightness.

The next few years on the podium will appear models with a graduated cascade. This type looks good with a bang.

The cascade on curly hair is always a romantic and charming image. Stricter strands will look more strictly.

Unlike the cascade, which is suitable for girls with thick hair in any variation, the square requires more attention. When choosing the type of haircut, you should not forget about the shape of the face.

Also, you should not choose a square with clear lines, because this will make the image heavy.

But graduation, as in the cascade, is welcome.

Scientists have proven that thick and long hair causes frequent migraines and poor health. This is due to the fact that each hair with its own force pulls the scalp, creating inconvenience.

Review of the best haircuts for thick hair

Haircuts for thick medium-length hair require the hairdresser to understand the question of the optimal length. The main thing that guides specialists in creating haircuts is to lighten the weight of the hair and the process of further laying.

In this case, do not worry that the hair will not keep in shape. It is the density of the curls that will ensure a constant and necessary volume.

Specialists recommend such hairstyles as a cascade, elongated bean and quads, patchwork haircuts. In addition, they advise to consider hairstyles with bangs.

Stylish cascade for thick hair

The presence of thick hair makes it possible to experiment with choosing a hairstyle. Cascade is a hairstyle that will fit any shape of face and type of hair. Therefore, it never goes out of fashion.

The story of the haircut is interesting. In the 20th century, when punk style was in fashion, a cascade first appeared. Previously, it was characterized as a careless hairstyle, well suited to punk style.

Haircuts for thick hair of medium length. Fashionable patchwork haircuts, cascade, bean, quads

The haircut has many advantages, they are as follows:

  1. Grooming the cascade on thick hair even medium length gives volume. Hair becomes lighter, but visually remains bulky and lush.
  2. Haircut allows you to experiment. So, "cascading" can only be the ends of the hair, but either the whole length, starting from the crown.
  3. The cascade changes the shape of the face, removing the flaws. The face becomes more oval and focuses on the eyes.
  4. A great advantage for girls is either light-brown or dark-chocolate hair. In this color, a bold cascade is bold.

With each new fashion season, stylists come up with new variations of haircuts. Standard execution of haircuts is known to every beauty salon. The hair is cut in such a way that it resembles a ladder. At the temples the length of the strands is the smallest, closer to the shoulder it gradually( and sometimes sharply jerks) increases.

This hairstyle is well suited for thick hair also because it is recommended to cut thick strands with layers. In the cascade, it's the easiest to implement.

There are no age limits for choosing a hairstyle.

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Extra long bob for thick hair of medium length

Haircut bob easily emphasizes the style of the owner, making the image more serious and formal.

If a girl is asked to create such a universal haircut and is not afraid of experiments, she needs to pay attention to the asymmetric option. This choice makes a person more visible among the crowd, but does not fit all forms of the head.

So, girls with a round face should be careful. For them, the variation of the bean "under the hat" is suitable. Problems will arise even if there are curly locks that look untidy in this hairstyle, if they are not laid.

There are also several aspects to remember when choosing a bean's hair:

  • "cap" looks good with wide cheekbones;
  • elongated asymmetrical bean select girls with bangs;
  • straight, universal bob fits straight hair.

Every person is unique and what goes well to one may not be suitable for another. This also applies to hairstyles: one can not blindly desire a certain haircut, if the master hairdresser says that she does not fit in any parameters, then she should be abandoned.

elongated bob for medium thick hair

Haircut elongated square in the thick hair of medium length will be popular just a few years, because it has a great variety of stylish variations: with an oblique or straight bangs, with distinct geometric facets, asymmetric shapes, etc..

Specialists recommend emphasizing the cutting of the square - slightly shift the part to the side. Straight parting without bangs has established itself as an "office look", because such an ideal hairstyle creates an intelligent image. Skew part, according to hairdressers, will be the best option for evening styling.

Haircuts for thick hair of medium length. Fashionable patchwork haircuts, cascade, bean, quads

In addition, if you move the strands aside, the hairstyle will look more magnificent than it really is.

Patchwork haircut for thick hair

The peculiarity of scrappy haircuts is to create a base for a variety of voluminous hair styles.

This original haircut is created with the help of thinning scissors. It is considered to be the easiest, because when creating flaps of a varied length, the weight of the strands is greatly reduced.

Patchwork haircuts are recommended young and energetic girls , such as haircut for older women, and if selected, then restrained variation.

What is the combination of patchwork haircuts? Stylists assure that the oblique fringe is the best addition for the flaps of .

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haircut with bangs for thick hair of medium length

The last few years have seen a tendency amongst the stars to wear bangs. The explanation is simple: celebrities seek to create an oval face shape( the shape is considered ideal for any experiments on appearance), and bangs are the best way to do this. In addition, the bang helps to ease the density of the curls.

It visually changes facial features. Makes the appearance softer, the owner is younger.

The bangs fit under any of the haircuts discussed. In this case it does not matter what form it will have - oblique or straight, short or elongated, the main thing is that it harmoniously complements the hairstyle.

Any haircut on dense hair and medium, and shortened length requires rest from stowage, hairdryer and ironing.

Sometimes it is necessary to arrange "unloading days", giving the head a complete rest. On this day, it is also worth noting the hair bands that break the curls.

Professional advice: How to style thick hair of medium length

Standard installation, and suitable to the grand event, and for everyday wear - straight hair. This is what always looks great.

Sequence for laying:

  • wash and gently dry hair;
  • apply mousse for styling, without touching the hair roots;
  • use a dryer in order to finally dry the head;
  • adjusting the iron to the optimum temperature, straighten the strand behind the strand;
  • to fix the effect you need to use a fixing varnish.
Haircuts for thick hair of medium length. Fashionable patchwork haircuts, cascade, bean, quads Shearing thick on medium length hair styling require mandatory, one way of which is a hair straightening utjuzhkom

to create beautiful curls curlers used:

  • slightly dampen the hair with water at room temperature;
  • on the vertex wind 4 curlers so that they do not hang down;
  • use a hair dryer, drying the twisted strands for 30 seconds.

These two styling options can be combined with hair accessories.

For girls with thick hair, there are many unusual fashionable haircuts. This and the bean, and types of square, and flaps. But in order to keep the hair healthy and equally dense, after visiting the salon, you need to adhere to the rules for caring for it.

Useful video clips about a haircut on thick hair of medium length

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Step-by-step guide on how to create a haircut on a thick medium-length bob:

Fashionable hair cuts for thick and thin medium-length hair - in the following video: