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  • Jun 28, 2018

Time is ruthless to female beauty. Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles and sagging appear. Modern cosmetology has the means and ways to restore the skin to lost youth, but not all women want to apply to themselves plastic surgery or various injections of beauty. If radical measures are absolutely not for you, you can use a cream or mask with a pull-up effect. To date, the cosmetology industry produces a variety of products with the effect of lifting. But you can easily make a similar remedy at home, it will be much safer for the skin and not less effective.

The composition of household masks with lifting effect with natural products, they can be selected in accordance with your skin type. To make lifting mask and look stunning, you do not have to get out of work or sacrifice your time for a meeting with a beautician. You can make your favorite masochku, put on your face and relax for half an hour. The skin will thank you with an excellent appearance and radiance.


  • When you can make lifting mask
  • Contraindications for lifting mask
  • rules applying lifting facials
  • Lifting mask with egg white
    • Lifting mask with honey
    • Lifting mask with oatmeal
    • LiftingMask with lemon rind
  • Lifting mask with clay
  • Collagen lifting mask
    • Lifting mask with gelatin and kefir
    • Lifting mask with gelatin and vitamins
  • Masks lifting eye
  • Lifting Mask for the skin around the eyes
  • lifting mask for eyelids
  • Pets lifting facials. Video

When you can make lifting mask

Pets lifting mask designed for the care of aging skin, they have the ability to pull and flatten the skin. To derive maximum benefit from this procedure, be aware, for whom it is intended, and what problems can be solved:

  • appearance of fine facial wrinkles;
  • a dull complexion;
  • skin flaccidity;
  • pigmented spots;
  • second chin;
  • "swam" oval face.

Contraindications for lifting mask

Despite the fact that the masks are made with their own hands and only fresh products, there are several contraindications to the use of them:

  • age less than 30 years;
  • wounds, scratches and abrasions on the face;
  • inflammation and dermatitis on the skin;
  • herpetic infection in the period of exacerbation;
  • fresh tan;
  • allergy to mask components;
  • less than 6 months after plastic surgery on the face.

rules applying lifting facials


Firming masks prepared from fresh ingredients immediately prior to use, they can not be stored. Lifting masks have one feature. If after a normal nutritious mask you can do a facial massage, then after lifting the mask is strictly prohibited. Perform a facial massage before applying a lifting mask to maximally relax the muscles and get a good result.

Applying a mask also has its own characteristics. To apply the composition, you need to lie on your back and relax facial muscles, in this state you need to stay throughout the procedure. If the face is located vertically, the effect of the mask may not be, because the muscles are shifted down. Often, masks with the effect of lifting are applied in several layers, so the composition is placed nearby to add another layer of the mask yourself. At first glance, the procedure seems very complicated and impossible for one person, but after a little training, you can easily do everything yourself.

The mask is removed with clean water, no detergents are recommended. The frequency of using a lifting mask is specified in each recipe specifically, but mostly 1-2 times a week. It is not necessary to force events and perform procedures every other day, it will not be of use. It is better to adhere to the advice of cosmetologists and apply tightening mask for no more than 2-4 months.

Lifting masks with egg whites


The use of egg whites in the composition of tightening masks is quite natural, because it is the protein that perfectly tightens the skin, creating an instant lifting effect. The protein has the property of narrowing the pores and leveling the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, the pull-up effect disappears very quickly, after a few hours. Therefore, to do this mask should be systematically or shortly before a responsible meeting.

Lifting mask with honey

Protein to beat vigorously, add to it 1 tsp. Liquid honey. Composition put on the face, comfortably arranged, lie down for 15-20 minutes. You will feel the tightening of the skin, try not to grimace and not to strain the muscles of the face. Mask rinse with water and always apply to the skin your usual cream.

Lifting mask with oatmeal

Mix whipped egg whites, 1 tsp. Sour cream or kefir and oat flour until a creamy mass is obtained. Instead of oatmeal flour, you can take the crumbled flakes of Hercules, for lack of it - simply replace with wheat flour. This mask provides instant facelift, the skin will please you with a matte color and smoothness.

Lifting mask with lemon zest

Mix 1 tsp. Ground lemon peel, 1 tsp. Lemon juice and whipped into the foam protein, add 2 tsp. Wheat flour. The mask with lemon juice and lemon rind bleaches the skin, cleans and narrows the pores.

Lift mask with clay


Cosmetic clay is a part of many face and body masks. Currently, masks with clay are especially popular, they are made in all beauty salons. And this is not surprising: clay is a natural material with excellent cleansing and nutritional properties. Clay contains vitamins and microelements useful for skin health. In addition, the clay has an excellent lifting property.

Cosmetic clay can be chosen any, almost all kinds are available, and buy them easily. Lifting action is possessed by all kinds of clay.

For the mask, mix 1 tsp. Clay with 1 tbsp. Warm water. You can make the mask more effective by adding 1 tsp. Peach seed oil. This oil perfectly fights with the withering of the skin, giving it a healthy, well-groomed appearance. Take a comfortable position, relax your face and apply a mask. Within 15 minutes you can relax and listen to music. During this time the composition will dry up, tighten the muscles of the face. The mask is removed in the usual way, with warm water.

This composition can be taken as a basis, adding to it softening and nourishing ingredients: honey, yogurt, lemon juice. In a mask with clay is very good to add 1 tsp. Oil solution of vitamin E, it is a vitamin of fadeless youth and has excellent nutritional properties.

Collagen facial lifting

Insufficient collagen, a protein that creates skin elasticity, appears in women with age. That is why the skin becomes flabby and wrinkled, the face swims down and loses its youthful outlines. To replenish the amount of collagen in the skin, you can take special supplements and expensive cosmetics to care for age-related skin. But you can use the wonderful recipes for lifting masks with gelatin, which will make the skin supple and taut. Gelatin is a split collagen, its molecules easily penetrate the skin.

For masks it is recommended to use light varieties of food gelatin. As a rule, light fine grinding gelatin, corresponds to the highest grade. To make a lifting mask, you must mix 1 tbsp. Dry gelatin with 2 tbsp. Milk or water and leave for 15 minutes for swelling. Then put the bowl on a water bath and heat the gelatin to a liquid state. Can not boil! You can dissolve gelatin in another way. The soaked gelatin should be put in a microwave for 10-15 seconds. The result will be the same, but how fast!

Lifting mask with gelatin and kefir

Soak 1 tsp. Gelatin in 1 tbsp. Milk. Dissolve gelatin with 1 tsp. Kefir and 1 tsp. Of oatmeal. Composition put on the face warm, relax the muscles of the face, lie down for half an hour. During this time, the mask will dry and pull up tired skin.

Lifting mask with gelatin and vitamins

The composition of this mask perfectly tightens the contours of the face and brightens the skin, making pigmented spots invisible. Gelatin base for the mask is prepared in the usual way, gelatin is dissolved in milk, add 1 tsp to it. Peach seed oil and 5 drops of oil solution of vitamins A and E. During the procedure, take a horizontal position and relax. The gelatin mass should dry, this will take 30-40 minutes. The skin after this mask has a remarkable appearance, is smoothed, pulled up and becomes velvety.

Eye Mask Eye Lift

Home cosmetics

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, so the age changes appear exactly there in the first place. Under the eyes can be formed protrusions of the skin - bags or dark circles, and the upper eyelid descends, making the look inexpressive. These shortcomings can be slightly corrected with the help of make-up, but after 30 years it is already necessary to take care of the skin around the eyes, moisturizing and tightening it. It is always better to start with prevention than to overcome the emerging problems.

Lifting effect has such products: parsley, dill, fresh cucumber, raw potatoes, black and green tea, cottage cheese, sour cream. These products can be taken as a basis, adding to them nutrients: honey, egg white, vegetable oils. For the skin around the eyes, you can not use:

  • citrus fruits and their juices;
  • fruit bones;
  • essential oils.

To ensure that the lifting mask only benefits and not harms, you must follow certain rules:

  1. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so you can not use cosmetic face masks to care for it.
  2. Apply the mask around the eyes gently so that the compound does not get on the eye mucosa.
  3. The best time for this procedure is one hour before bedtime. This does not apply to masks to relieve edema, they can be done in the morning.
  4. The duration of the mask lifting operation is 10-15 minutes.
  5. For a mask on the upper eyelids, use cotton wool discs or gauze gauzes, moistened with the composition.
  6. Before the mask procedure, prepare the wash solution. It is best to brew grass: chamomile or calendula, but you can use just warm water and sponge.

Lifting masks for the skin around the eyes

  1. Boil the potatoes without salt, mash. To 1hour. Warm potatoes add 1 tspFatty sour cream and ½ tsp.olive oil.
  2. To 1 item of l. Olive oil add 1 tspChopped parsley or dill and the same amount of potato starch. Excellent nourishing lifting mask, cleansing swelling under the eyes.
  3. Lifting mask from potato starch and cream. To 1 tbsp. Starch add cream, 1 tsp. Vegetable oil or liquid vitamin E and 1 tsp. Chopped parsley.
  4. Very effective and inexpensive lifting mask from raw potatoes. From the grated potatoes squeeze the juice a little, so that the mass becomes thick and does not flow. Gauze is folded in several layers, put on it mashed potatoes. Close your eyes and lie down in a calm environment. Simple, but very effective from the swelling of the eyelids.

Lifting Eye Mask

To make a lifting mask for eyelids, a soft cotton cloth is needed. Soak the napkin with oil and apply to the eyelids. Lie down, relaxing for 10-15 minutes. The simplest version of the mask:

  1. Soak the napkin with warm olive oil and attach to the closed eyes.
  2. Take in equal parts olive oil and fatty sour cream or cream, mix thoroughly. This nutritional composition tightens the dry skin of the eyelids.
  3. Fill with 1 tsp. Flax seeds 100 grams of boiling water, insist. Moisten in infusions padded disks, apply to the eyelids. This infusion can be lubricated by fine wrinkles near the eyes.
  4. 1 tbsp. Dry flowers cornflower pour 3 tbsp. Unrefined olive oil, insist a week, lubricate the skin of the eyelids before bed.

Try to care for your skin always, at any age, and then your skin will be young and radiant. After all, there is so little to do: just half an hour a week. Well-groomed healthy skin is your wealth and pride. Remember, as Anatole France wrote: "There is no tender, richer and better fabric than the skin of a beautiful woman."

Home facial mask lifting. Video

How to prepare a cream mask for the skin around the eyes.