Makeup for the brown eyes

  • Jun 28, 2018

Do you have brown eyes? Then you are very lucky, because the eyes of dark shades - brown or chocolate, are naturally expressive and bright. Girls with this eye make-up make it easy. The main thing is to try to set eyes beautifully apart in order to emphasize their feature.


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  • Makeup for brown eyes, photo
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    • Daytime makeup for brown eyes. Video
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  • Make-up for the brown eyes. Video

How to prepare the skin for make-up

Creating any make-up begins with the base. Refusal of this stage of make-up will be erroneous. Makeup artists say that to reveal all the beauty and depth of brown eyes can only be on a clean, even and radiant skin.

When a face is applied, it helps to smooth out the skin tone, and also prepares it for applying other means for make-up.

After applying the s

ubstrate, you can distribute the tonal. Note that the layer of cream should be applied thinly so that the make-up is as natural as possible. You can use a special sponge for tonal remedies or distribute the cream on the skin with your fingertips, lightly patting.

So, if there are swelling under the eyes, there are roughness or tubercles on the skin, then getting the perfect eye makeup will become more complicated.

Take care in advance to remove puffiness from the eyes. Use special tools or pre-prepare ice cubes from herbal decoction.

If you have brown spots( pigmentation or freckles), you need to use a corrector. Also it does not hurt to cover the skin of the eyelids with a special remedy - a scanner. It will moisturize and smooth the surface of the skin.

Makeup Cosmetics


Dry or damp - they play a special role in makeup. There are several color variations of the brown eyes, so shadows are better to use different halftones.

  • For light eyes shades of brown shades will approach, but it is undesirable to use bright colors.


  • Shadows of dark shades are applied to the upper part of the mobile age. To smooth the border between tones, it can be shaded by shadows of the third - neutral color.


  • The owner of honey eyes is better to use the color "champagne", this shade goes well with the violet palette of shadows. A pencil with a touch of bronze will help emphasize the expressiveness. Remember that a light brown pencil is better for a light shade of brown eyes, instead of a dark one.
  • Light brown color is favorably accentuated by shades of green, bronze and violet colors. To perform make-up in the metal range, it is appropriate to use colors of bronze and copper. Refrain from the shadows of the color of silver, because in this case, the makeup of eyes in daylight may seem unnatural.
  • For eyes of a shade of "bitter chocolate" such shades: natural bronze, rich and light violet colors, brown and greens colors will approach. Girls can easily use a black pencil. It is desirable to combine it with shadows of dark shades.


Ink and liner

Wiring is indispensable for make-up of brown-eyed beauties. This element of cosmetics should be applied closer to the area of ​​growth of cilia. Draw a very thin and even line - it will highlight the natural color of your eyes.

Oriental-style make-up will look better if you widen the line slightly.


When choosing the shade of the eyeliner, consider the color palette of the shadows. If you use pink shadows, they will perfectly blend in with the purple hue. If you have applied brown shadows, then use purple eyeliner.

For make-up of brown eyes, you can use any color shading. It will help to distinguish the eyes black color.

Eye makeup is considered incomplete without mascara. Long eyelashes do not need carcasses with volume and elongation. And if they are not very long, then you can cover them with lengthening ink 2 or 3 times.

Regardless of the shade of shades, it is beneficial to emphasize the beauty of your eyes mascara of black color. To give the cilia a greater volume and length, they can be slightly covered with a transparent friable powder or use a special two-phase agent. After that, you can make up eyelashes again.

Makeup for brown eyes, photo




Stepping makeup for brown eyes

eye makeup to make simple, if you follow step by step recommendations:

  • Apply on skin foundation - it will helpMake-up last longer, then tonal remedy and a thin layer of powder.
  • Pencil draw a line around the contour of the eyes. Dark eye shadow or pencil highlight eyebrows. Cover the eyelid with shadows of light shade.
  • Basic shades of shades - white, beige, lilac. Contrast colors - purple, green and brown. Important advice: you can not use more than three shades, so limit yourself to one color scheme.
  • Make a smooth transition of tones to smooth out clear lines. With an applicator, gently shade the line of shadows from light to dark.
  • To soften the sharp contrast, you can use a wide brush. Dip it in a transparent powder, brush off excess and gently move around the eyelid.
  • Highlight the line of eyelash growth with a dark pencil.
  • Use a black eyeliner to draw a thin arrow in the upper eyelid.
  • Apply mascara to the eyelashes and use a brush to separate them neatly.


Features of shade selection

When choosing makeup shadows, consider the color of hair and skin. For example, light-haired ladies will be approached by shades of warm tones: pink, sandy, all shades of greenery. For burning brunettes it is better to use lilac and shadows with a golden hue.

Remember that brown-eyed beauties do not want to use orange and terracotta shades.

Daytime makeup for the brown eyes

Visage for daylight is often called a necessity. It will hide the small nuances, make the face well-groomed and fresh. Naturally, make-up does not need to be done by catchy and saturated. Rule one: take care of your skin - it must be impeccable. Use a tone or a compact powder. You can use easy means. Do not forget to put a tone on your neck.

Rule two: redness, pigment spots or pimples need to be masked by a corrector. Rule 3: maximum naturalness! Therefore, you should only slightly adjust the line of the eyebrow with a shade or a pencil suitable shade. No bright eyebrows!

Rule four: to achieve the effect of "freshness" look, you need to use light shades.

Rule five: you can use a pencil or eyeliner, but the line should be natural and soft. For daytime make-up, choose calm gray or brown tones.

Rule six: if you are a brunette, then use shades of golden and brown hues. Mascara should not be applied densely, and lower cilia should not be dyed. At the end of the day's make-up, apply a little rouge with a brown tinge to your cheekbones, and make up your lips with light lipstick.

Rule seven: to the blonde ladies to emphasize the line of eyebrows can be a pencil of light or brown hue. For light-skinned blondes, pink and brown shades are suitable.

No need to use a pencil, enough to emphasize the eyes with dry shadows closer to the beginning of the growth of cilia. To cover with mascara the lower eyelashes are not necessary.

You can finish the day's make-up with blushes with a shade of peach and lipstick of a bronze shade.


Daytime makeup for the brown eyes. Video


Evening makeup for the brown eyes

Makeup for the dark time of the day allows you to use pearlescent and saturated shades.

1315344305_ makeup4

Immediately need to get rid of the gloss of the skin, so use matting cream. Disadvantages on the face will hide a special tool - corrector, it will remove small wrinkles and "hide" the dark areas on the face.

So that your work is not in vain, and make-up lasted as long as possible, cover the eyelids with a thin layer of light tonal remedy.

When working with shadows, please note that their shade should be in harmony with the color of your skin. For make-up boldly take shadows with mother of pearl.

Do not rule out the lining! It is mandatory for making evening make-up. Favorably emphasized is the expressiveness of the cat's eyes.

Use classic black ink. To diversify makeup and further emphasize the beauty of the eyes, take mascara deep blue.

The eyebrow line should be emphasized with a dark pencil. For brunettes, a black pencil, and for blondes - with a gray or brown. Select a line for hair growth can be a special gel.

If you are planning to make a make-up "smokey ayz", then you do not need the piping. A distinctive feature of this kind of make-up are smoothed lines.

Sometimes it's not easy to perform beautiful evening make-up for brown eyes. To make the dream a reality, we will step by step:

  • Apply to the skin the base( suitable for your skin type light foundation).Cover the eyelids with a primer and wait at least 30 seconds for the cosmetic products to absorb well into the skin. Surplus can be removed with a soft paper towel.
  • After tonal funds, pay attention to the eyelids - apply a few shadows of sand or other light shade. Shadows should cover the entire eyelid, starting from the line of growth of the eyelashes to the eyebrows themselves.
  • The main color can now be applied. For evening make-up use a deep gray or any other dark shade of shadows that will match the color of the eyes. For evening makeup, 3-4 different shades are enough.
  • The shadows in the pallet are chosen in such a way that any girl can combine them without problems. For make-up "Smokey ayz" you can choose such bold colors: violet, light pink, rich blue, the colors of juicy greens and even bordeaux. After selecting the color of the shadows with the help of an applicator, they should be applied to the region of the mobile age.
  • To emphasize the naturalness of brown eyes will help dark shades of shadows, and in special cases - contrasting. This little makeup trick will help to visually expand the eyes.
  • To separate the eyelid, you need to take dark shadows and shade them in the fold area.
  • Take a clean soft brush for the shadows and smooth out the color borders. The transition should be smooth and smooth.
  • Now you can use light shades of shadows, add some glare to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. The expressiveness of the eyes of the shadow with mother of pearl or with reflective particles is emphasized.
  • Using a pencil is optional in evening make-up. Without it, you can do without, if the shadows highlight the beauty of brown eyes. If necessary, you can emphasize the pencil only the upper eyelid( closer to the growth zone of the eyelashes) and thus achieve a "fatal" look.
  • To create an evening make-up of brown eyes, the lower eyelid can not be isolated or done as accurately as possible. If you apply a lot of shadows, you can visually reduce your eyes, and all small wrinkles on the contrary, will be emphasized.
  • In order to make up the dark time of the day, mascara should be applied 2 times. First, the eyelashes color the first layer of mascara and comb the hair with a brush. Then lightly coat them with a colorless or light powder and apply mascara a second time.

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Makeup for the brown eyes. Video