Useful properties of yeast for hair. How to use brewer's yeast for growth and hair loss. Masks for hair with beer yeast at home

  • Jun 28, 2018

We all want our hair shone smartly, grew thick and strong, easy to install, and long remained fresh. Unfortunately, without certain efforts, this effect is quite difficult to achieve. But all the efforts aiming at improving the hair masks, do not forget about the power locks from the inside. An affordable remedy that can give your hair a healthy and well-groomed look is yeast. They are used for external use, preparing on their basis masks. And also strengthen hair with special beer yeast in the form of dietary supplements. About all the rules of using yeast for hair, we'll tell you a secret in this article.


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for hair - healing composition and positive effect

Yeast is simple and affordable, but at the same timeThe same time is an extremely useful product of natural origin. For the body, it is a source of minerals, proteins and vitamins. The list of its positive qualities can not be overestimated, because it complexly affects the entire endocrine and digestive system, rejuvenates and invigorates. Therefore, it is quite clear why brewer's yeast is considered a real salvation for our hair. After all, their beauty depends on the level of human health.

The use of beer yeast for hair is invaluable. They restore, improve the external parameters of the hair and are the prevention of any shortcomings of hair. This product is suitable for any type of hair. After using it, dry locks are restored, gain strength, shine. And fatty, conversely, freshen, lighten up, look perfect. Effective yeast and in the battle with dandruff - the skin is moistened and leveled by its pH, the harmful flora disappears, the scales of dandruff disappear completely.

Note! Yeasts are simple unicellular saccharomycetes present in nature around us - in plant foods, air, plants. These are small fungi that, when in contact with sugar and heat, begin to multiply, forming a characteristic foam and an alcoholic aroma.

The first thing that determines the positive properties of yeast is their composition. It is quite diverse and easily assimilated by the human body. In it you will not find any synthetic additives, because it consists entirely of natural substances.

What is contained in yeast:

  • amino acids;
  • tocopherol and biotin;
  • vitamin complex: B, D, F, K, PP;
  • ribonucleic acid;
  • enzymes;
  • carbohydrates;
  • lipids;
  • sorbents;
  • magnesium;
  • copper;
  • potassium;
  • sulfur;
  • calcium.

Interesting! Yeast for hair in tablets can be further enriched with selenium, iodine, ascorbic acid, chromium and other useful components.

This composition of brewer's yeast has a unique range of beneficial properties for the hair:

  1. The speed of division and renewal of hair shaft cells is rapidly amplified.
  2. The quality of the pigmented substance in the hair is improved, so they become more saturated color and do not appear grayer longer.
  3. The hair grows strong, it is full, well combed.
  4. The function of the sebaceous glands is adjusted, excessive dryness disappears or vice versa, the fat content of the hair.
  5. Yeast is also useful for hair growth. Their use gently stimulates microcirculation near the hair follicles, improves the nutrition of the roots. This ensures a good growth rate of the curls.
  6. Yeast helps to eliminate various problems of the scalp - allergies, fungus, psoriasis, seborrhea.
  7. Integrated nutrition of hair outside and inside stops hair loss.

Tip! Taking live yeast to restore hair, you simultaneously heal the whole body. You have a normal level of glucose, nails and teeth grow stronger, digestion improves, the nervous system calms down.

Brewer's yeast for hair - instruction

Yeast can be applied as a powder, in tablets or liquid. All of them have their own rules of use, so we'll discuss this in more detail later.

Features of the application of the tablet form of brewer's yeast

The simplest and most pleasant way to bring hair in perfect condition is to use a dry form of yeast in tablets. They are sold in a pharmacy or a store with different bioadditives. They are not a medicinal product and belong to the number of dietary supplements. Popular yeast tablets include:

  • Brewer's yeast Nagypol for hair - saturate the body with missing connections, resulting in systems and organs coming back to normal. Additionally, the tablets contain selenium and tocopherol. The drug significantly improves the immunity, appearance of the skin, teeth and, of course, hair. But using a remedy, do not forget about contraindications. Among them there are liver diseases, fungal lesions, gastritis.
  • Yeasts "Evesen" - in tablets there is sulfur, dry yeast, auxiliary substances( calcium stearate and aerosil).The drug is aimed at activating the growth of the hair shaft and complex hair care. Not recommended dietary supplements to people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal pathologies.
  • Vitamins AMT with yeast for hair, nails and skin is a complex vitamin and mineral remedy. Purposefully affects the problem areas with the help of the enhanced "Ca + Mg + I" complex. It restores the structure of damaged hair, nail plates and bone tissue, replenishes the water balance of the facial skin.

Note! Dry yeast undergoes special treatment. Therefore, their cell walls are damaged. But this does not diminish their usefulness. On the contrary, the processed yeast is much more easily absorbed in the living body.

In order for your hair to fully recover, it is important to follow the rules for drinking brewer's yeast:

  1. During treatment, yeast should be taken with an exact dose-over-maintenance and without interruption throughout the course.
  2. The duration of treatment can be different - from 10 days to 2 months.
  3. There should be a break between treatment courses in a few weeks. If the drug is well tolerated, 3-8 courses are allowed per year.
  4. Dry yeast for hair is taken 2-3 tablets three times a day( in some dietary supplements this dosage may differ, so study the leaflet).
  5. In order to fully digest yeast, it is better to take them immediately after a meal.

Important! It is forbidden to take brewer's yeast for children under 3 years old, with diseases of fungal origin and congenital diseases of the retina, as well as during treatment with Levadopa.

How to consume fresh yeast for hair at home

An alternative to dry ones is fresh brewer's yeast. You can buy them on specialized Internet sites or at breweries. They are sold for bottling, do not undergo treatment, do not contain preservatives.

Note! Before entering the market, brewer's yeast in liquid form undergoes a thorough check for freshness, maturity, and activity of microorganisms.

How to consume brewer's yeast:

  • For an adult, the recommended daily dose is 3-5 tablespoons, but not more than 100 ml.
  • Yeast is taken 25-40 minutes before meals, dividing the daily dose by 3-4 times.
  • Duration of the course can be different, and in each case is selected individually. But the effect on the hair becomes noticeable after 7-8 days after the beginning of the admission.
  • To improve taste, yeast can be mixed with honey or sugar.
  • Kidney disease or elderly age is a contraindication.

Important! Fresh yeast can be drunk only for 8 days after the spill. After this period, all residues must be disposed of. Understand that the product was spoiled by a bitter taste and a very unpleasant smell.

Unlike dry yeast, fresh must be stored, following a certain regimen:

  • After buying yeast, they should be refrigerated for 15 minutes in a purchased container.
  • Then you need to pull them out, hold them at room temperature for 8-10 minutes.
  • After this, you need to gradually open the bottle with yeast and pour it into any clean container, which by volume will be more by 500 ml than the amount of yeast. For example, 700 ml of the product requires a bottle containing at least 1. 2 liters.
  • Yeast is stored only at a temperature of +3 - + 4 ° C for up to 8 days.

Advice! Fresh yeast can not be heated, otherwise they will lose their benefits for hair and the whole body.

External application of yeast for hair - recipes

There are many options for cooking masks with yeast. And, in the course are not only beer, but also baker's yeast. Consider the most effective, in our opinion, yeast masks.

Recipe # 1: Yeast mask with red pepper

For preparation:

  • Brewer's yeast - 45 g.
  • Water - 25 ml.
  • Pepper tincture - 2.5 tbsp. L.

How to make:

  1. In warm water, stir fresh yeast.
  2. Add the tincture( can be replaced with ground red pepper), mix everything.
  3. Apply the mixture to the scalp and spread the remainder evenly over the hair.
  4. Hold the mask for about half an hour, then rinse.

Recipe No.2: Hair mask with yeast and honey

You will need:

  • Dry yeast - 12 g.
  • Water - 50 ml.
  • Honey - 45 g.


  1. Yeast fill with water( the temperature should not be above 40 ° C), leave them for 30 minutes to make them "wake up".
  2. Then add the honey and leave the mixture for another 17-20 minutes, so that it is infused.
  3. Treat the scalp and hair with a mask, wrap your head with a towel.
  4. The mask lasts 6 hours, and then it is washed off.

Tip! To accelerate the effect with each head wash, add shampoo to the yeast for hair at a rate of 1 tsp. Yeast for 20 g of hair washing agent. It is necessary to stir in a palm shampoo with yeast and to wash a head.

Recipe # 3: Yeast and lemon oil hair balm


  • Liquid brewer's yeast - 250 ml.
  • Water - 500 ml.
  • Apple cider vinegar - 15 ml.
  • Essential lemon oil - 2-3 drops.

How to make a balm:

  1. Soak all ingredients at room temperature for two hours.
  2. Then mix them, apply to washed hair, rinse with a decoction of the herbs after 35 minutes.
  3. You can use this yeast balm after every hair wash.

  • Recipe # 1: Yeast mask with extra virgin olive oil and nettle


    • Live yeast - 75 ml.
    • Olive oil - 125 ml.
    • Honey - 6 tbsp. L.
    • Nettle broth - 300 ml.

    Preparation process:

    1. In a glass container, mix the ingredients.
    2. Step by step distribute the mask over the hair.
    3. Cover your head with a plastic cap.
    4. Hold the mixture on your hair for at least 40 minutes. Rinse with warm water and a suitable shampoo.

    Interesting! Olive oil, yeast and honey for hair perfectly restore the hair structure after staining or deep brightening of the curls. Several procedures will not easily get rid of split ends, but also create the effect of laminated hair.

    Recipe No.2: Mask with yeast and onion

    For the mask you need:

    • Bulb - 1 medium piece.
    • Brewer's yeast - 1.5 tbsp. L.
    • Warm water - 30 ml. Castor oil - 10 ml.
    • Burdock oil - 10 ml.


    1. On the bulb, squeeze out the juice.
    2. Yeast is dissolved in water.
    3. In a ceramic bowl, connect all the products.
    4. Fully handle the scalp.
    5. Close the head with a cap and hold the mask for 40-45 minutes.
    6. Then shampoo your head several times with shampoo to completely wash off the oils.

    Yeast for hair dandruff

    Recipe №1: mask with mustard and yeast for hair


    • Baker's yeast - 20 g
    • Sugar - 18-20 g
    • Honey - 25 g.
    • Mustard dry - 10 g.

    Preparation rules:

    1. Yeast sprinkle with sugar and wait until they start to wander.
    2. Then add honey, mustard powder, mix everything thoroughly.
    3. Spread the curls, hold for 60 minutes, wash off the mask.

    Recipe # 2: Kefir-yeast mask-balm

    What you need:

    • Yeast beer liquid - 30 ml.
    • Kefir any fat content - 200 ml.
    • Tea tree oil - 1 drop.

    How to prepare:

    1. Mix yeast in kefir, give them a little wilderness( it will take 35 minutes).
    2. Then drip the tea tree ether into the mask, gently stir the mixture so that the foam does not go away.
    3. The resulting mixture is spread over the head, and let the hair absorb the beneficial substances.
    4. Wash hair with warm water.

    Tip! From dandruff is better to use only liquid yeast with kefir for hair. In comparison with dry yeast, they actively kill fungi, moisturize the skin and peel off the peeling.

    Recipe # 3: Mask of the egg-yeast

    It is required:

    • Brewer's yeast - 50 ml.
    • Warm milk - 200 ml.
    • Burdock oil - 70 ml
    • Yolks - 2 pieces.
    • Vitamin A and B1 - 1 ampoule.
    • Tocopherol liquid - 1/2 tsp.


    1. Mix the yeast with pre-heated milk( not hot!).
    2. Then add the oil, then the vitamins, at the end - the mashed yolks.
    3. Hold the mask on your head for 2 hours, then rinse with warm water.

      How to prepare beer shakes yourself

      Fresh brewer's yeast can easily be made by hand from the handy products:

      • Recipe # 1: in a deep jug, mix the water with flour( 150 g each), after 7 hours, pour 25 g of sugar and pour a glass of beer. The mixture should stand in the heat for 10-12 hours, and then stored as purchased live yeast.
      • Recipe # 2: in a bottle with a fairly wide neck, pour 150 grams of washed raisins, pour 250 ml of warm milk and water, and add 50 g of sugar. Cover the neck with gauze and leave for 5 days. Then clog the bottle with yeast and store in the refrigerator.
      • Recipe # 3: grate three medium potatoes on a fine grater, add 1.5 tsp to the slurry. Salt and 2 tbsp. L.Sugar and water, leave in the heat for 6-9 hours before the appearance of foam.

      Tip! Home yeast is contraindicated in gout, allergies to their composition, diarrhea.

      Application of yeast for hair - reviews

      Most women learn about the benefits of brewer's yeast after visiting a trichologist. This specialist is engaged in the establishment and treatment of the causes of hair loss. As a rule, loss and loss of shine of hair happens due to lack of certain elements. And since brewer's yeast contains all the necessary substances, they perfectly solve all the problems of your strands.

      It is often enough to pass two or three times a "beer" course, which includes the internal use of tablets and the application of masks to the hair, so that the curls look healthy, radiant and do not fall out.

      Especially women speak well of masks with yeast and honey. After a week of applying masks, the strands become perfectly smooth, as after salon care, the cross section along the entire length stops, the hair looks alive even after drying with a hair dryer or staining.

      Brewer's yeast is a natural, useful and, most importantly, affordable hair care product. They are easy to use and easy to buy at the pharmacy. They have almost no contraindications and are suitable for any type of hair. Caring for your hair with such a useful product and they will always look great.

      Video "Brewer's yeast for the hair"