Manicure for short nails. Manicure ideas for short nails

  • Jun 28, 2018

Each girl wants to become more beautiful, and in the treasury of her knowledge of skin care and hair, certain skills for nail care are added.


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on the advantages


There are over a hundred different ideas for manicure short nails that are moYou can easily repeat it yourself at home.

What are the advantages to manicure short nails:

  • Short nails will always look healthier than long. They should not often be covered with strengthening varnishes. In addition, long nails are very whimsical and in the cold season, after visiting the sauna or taking a shower, they are quickly damaged. They also need food and proper care, so that they are always beautiful and strong.
  • Short nails will always look neater, and problems in high school or office you wil
    l not have, as doubts about the appropriateness of a manicure on short nails will not.
  • For ceremonial occasions, a manicure on short nails will also be just the way. Did you pay attention to well-groomed hands of celebrities? Most of the stars recently prefer a beautiful manicure on short nails.
  • Dark and bright shades of varnish on short nails look much more effective, especially as dark varnishes are very popular this season. And if you pay attention to the models, you can draw certain conclusions - all the girls go to the podium with short nails. Their nail art is always simple and perfect.
  • You do not need to take extra care with short nails. It is enough to carry a nail file in your purse to keep your nails in the right shape.
  • Manicure on short nails will always look neat, in addition, it will be practical, especially if the girl has to work a lot at the computer.
  • Short nails save the budget, as there is no need to visit the salons and cover the nails with an additional protective coating to give them a hardness. Short nails do not break, and in any situation will look appropriate and neat.

manicure rules for short nails

If you decide to follow the fashion trends, then cause short nails in order can be a variety of ways. There are several options for nail care: you can make a classic manicure or European. Also popular is the Japanese manicure, and if your skin is thin and dry, then it is better to make a hot manicure.

In that case, if you decide to make a permanent nail art, then to soften the cuticles and to steam the hands with warm water followed by a couple of hours before the procedure, or even better - to make the manicure in the evening and in the morning start to spray gel polish.

The classical shape of the free edge of the nail plate is oval. It will help visually slightly lengthen the marigold. If the girl has thin and long fingers, you can experiment with the shape, and with the help of a nail file make a free edge of the nail in the form of a square. To understand the difference and make the nail art correctly, pay attention to the photo of the manicure on short nails:

square oval

Most young girls in pursuit of fashion forget about the main thing - about simplicity and elegance. This is how a manicure on short nails will look, if you try. And that it really looked chic - you need to make maximum efforts. Caring for short nails is as easy as for long ones: you need to cut the cuticle in time, make sure that they do not separate and the varnish does not break.

125654_ manicure_8

These simple tips will help you have a perfect manicure on short nails:

  • Choose your nail shape. Do not pursue fashion - not all girls will fit a rectangular shape. If you picked the shape for your nails correctly, then visually they will seem longer.
  • Keep track of the cuticle and try to remove it in time. On short nails she will look sloppy. If you regularly cut the cuticle, you can visually "add" a few millimeters of nail.
  • Try to keep your nails the same length. If they are longer or shorter than one or two millimeters, it will already be noticeable.
  • If your nail plate is too wide, then smooth out this defect as follows: apply the lacquer only in the center of the nail, and leave the edges unattended.
  • To lengthen the nail - apply only vertical patterns.
  • Do not make a design with volume on short nails, as this will look ridiculous. If you want your manicure to be with volumetric molding or have other decor elements, then you'd better do nail extensions.
  • Remember the golden rule: the pictures and decor on the nail should not be large, or vice versa - too small. Picking up the size, remember the golden middle. Otherwise, you can spoil your manicure on short nails.
  • When choosing the color gamut of varnishes, stop at 2 or maximum, 3 colors.
  • If you want your short marigolds to decorate floral patterns or ornaments, then consider the shape of your nails. For the oval shape, the pattern with flowers is a bright varnish, and for rectangular nails - the graphic drawing is dark varnish.
  • Try to use a hand cream more often, so your hands will be well-groomed.
  • Regardless of the shape of the nail plate, the French manicure on short nails will always look perfect.

Manicure ideas for short nails

Do you have short nails? Then be proud of this, because there are a lot of ideas for creating the perfect manicure for short nails.

You can make yourself such types of beautiful manicure for short nails:

  • French coating;
  • single-color lacquer coating;
  • creating drawings( stamping, drawing with a needle);
  • gradient;
  • is a lunar one.

We study each type of coating individually.

  • French manicure. It was invented especially for short nails. It is considered an acceptable option for daily manicure and for special occasions. The difference in coverage is that the tip of the nail is painted white, so as to repeat the oval of the nail. The nail plate is covered with a transparent color, ivory or light pink. Recently, this kind of manicure has become popular, and it is not necessary to use traditional colors to cover the nail plate. It is much more interesting to experiment and make up a free edge, for example, with red, yellow or turquoise varnish.


  • Single color coating. A classic that will always be in vogue. Due to the fact that the market has a large selection of shades of varnish, you can change the coating at least every day.

If you want to keep up with fashion, then in your arsenal must be present at least 10 fashionable shades of varnish. To create a manicure do not need to have any special adaptations, so often the craftsmen call a one-color coating an easy manicure for short nails.


  • Drawings on nails have a lot of options. If you make a cover by all the rules, then you will become the owner of this masterpiece.

Make a manicure for short nails with a pattern is simple enough. First, cover the nails with the primary color. Then, with a toothpick or needle, apply a few drops on a fresh varnish and start painting. Make simple lines, curls or twigs. You can draw and more complex drawings: roses, muzzles of little animals, bows and so on. The main rule is to avoid large drawings.


  • Beautiful looking lunar or gradient manicure for short nails with a smooth transition from light color to dark, or vice versa. But it will be difficult to make such a cover on its own. Go to the salon, let the master of the nail service make you such a cover.



How to make a home manicure for short nails

A simple manicure for short nails does not take long.

For its creation, prepare such tools and materials:

  • nail polish of the right color;
  • base for lacquer;
  • varnish fixer;
  • nail file;
  • a stick from an orange tree;
  • Cuticle nippers;
  • water tank;
  • liquid soap;
  • cotton towel.

A simple manicure is done in just 20 minutes. You need to consistently perform such actions:

  • Saw a free edge of the nail with a nail file to give it the desired shape.
  • In a bowl, pour water and add a couple drops of liquid soap.
  • Put your hands in the bath for 3-4 minutes to soften the cuticle.
  • With the help of a stick, carefully move the cuticle and remove it with wire cutters.
  • Remove excess moisture from the nail plate with a towel.
  • Apply the substrate and wait until it is completely dry.
  • Cover the nails with varnish in three sets: first along the edges, then in the center.
  • Apply the fixative.

That's it, your manicure for short nails is ready!

How to make patterns on nails

One of the options for making patterns - photodesign( thin film with a printed pattern).

Prepare such tools and materials:

  • film with a pattern;
  • varnish;
  • sharp manicure scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • nail file.

How to work with a film:

  • Make a manicure on short nails and cover them with lacquer. To nail art lasts longer, you can use the fixer.
  • Often, when working with a photographic design, choose bright shades of varnish.
  • Now it is necessary to cut the film with the help of scissors so that its shape corresponds to the size of the nail, plus one millimeter.
  • Separate the film with the pattern from the base.
  • Place the adhesive on the nail and press on the adhesive side. You can remove the paper base with tweezers.
  • After the film has fixed, you can cut off the excess.
  • To keep the pattern on the nail for a long time, use a clear varnish.

Manicure on short nails: photo

The manicure ideas for short nails are presented in the photo.







For those who can not make a drawing, you can try to do a manicure short nails with pictures.


Wedding manicure on short nails.



Manicure with red lacquer on short nails.



Even if your nails are very short, take care of them, drink vitamins, make firming baths, use nail oil. Try to use acetone not often and pay attention to the expiration date of the varnish. Then your nails will always be healthy, and manicure - neat.

Manicure for short nails at home - video