Types of facial skin

  • Jun 28, 2018

More than anything in the world, any woman - whether she is a "cozy" housewife or a sleek business woman - would like to remain young and attractive as long as possible. But the years pass without warning, leaving new wrinkles to memory. We can not turn back the clock, of course, but to slow the regular aging processes to look a few years younger is quite realistic. Daily careful skin care is the key to a beautiful appearance and self-confidence.


Daily and special program of activities for skin care are selected depending on your skin type. Cleansing, toning and nutrition of the skin will be full only if the type of skin is determined correctly.

types of human skin: characteristics and nuances

set and structure of the skin tissue of all people are the same, then why did it look at each individual person? It's all about the sebaceous glands that work with different intensities, which certainly affects the skin condition of the face.
Traditionally, these types of skin are distinguished:

  • normal;
  • dry;
  • bold;
  • mixed.

It's the type of skin that will tell you which care program to choose for the skin, to look at all 100!Let's look at each of the types.

normal type skin

clean, compact, firm, fresh, radiant, smooth - it nepreuvelichennye characteristics for normal skin. The face of the owner of normal skin is devoid of spots, oily shine and red and blue vessels appearing here and there. Unfortunately, this type of skin today is increasingly found in the pages of magazines about female beauty, and not in everyday life. Blame for this bad ecology and wrong way of life. Over time, normal skin adopts features of dry type.


skin dry type

looks thin and vulnerable. Through a loose skin with age, vascular stars appear. Most often this happens on the cheeks. A person with such skin reacts very painfully to the impact of an environment that is not always friendly, which is manifested as redness and flaking. If you do not provide such sensitive skin with proper care, it quickly loses its elasticity and grows old, losing moisture and fats.


greasy skin types

distinguishing feature of this type of the skin - the expanded pores and shine caused by excess sebum. In general, the skin appears rough. Often on oily skin, black dots( acne) and single purulent pimples come out. The predominant shade of the face is grayish. However, there is such a skin and dignity: it is very elastic, well tolerates contact with the aggressive environment and protects the face from premature aging. In women after 30 years, the skin from the fatty usually turns into a mixed one.


skin mixed type

This type of skin is considered the most common. It is easy to recognize by the appearance of the skin in the so-called T-zone( forehead-nose-chin): it is littered with enlarged pores and shines. Often in the same area and accumulate black dots. The cheeks and the area around the eyes are normal or dry skin. In some cases, the mixed type of skin eventually acquires the features of normal skin.


These are the main types of skin. Some sources add sensitive and acerbic skin to them, but this is not entirely correct. These indicators can be characteristic of any of the four skin types. For example, sensitivity is mostly prone to dry and mixed skin, and acne is just the result of improper facial skin care or the costs of environmental conditions.
The degree of sensitivity to environmental conditions can still be determined not by type, but by skin color. Based on the predominant color, yellowish and reddish skin is selected.

Yellowish complexion is very common in women with Slavic roots. The shades can range from light to dark. Very beautiful looks light yellow skin( in other words, ivory) - it is transparent and gentle, and the dark yellow skin color captivates the eye with its olive shade. Yellowish skin, as a rule, has a good degree of resistance to environmental conditions.

At a quick glance at the reddish skin it seems as if it is very strong and healthy, but it's not quite true. In fact, it is more sensitive to weather and other conditions than the skin of a yellowish hue. Pale reddish skin( provided that it is healthy) looks so attractive that it is called porcelain. Dark or naturally tanned or covered with tan reddish skin impresses with a palette of copper shades.

Beauty visual about suntan. Model

The individual care program is based on the characteristics of the skin itself.

Methods to determine skin type

find out the owner of any skin type you are, it is possible without the help of a cosmetologist. To do this, use our recommendations. First of all, remove makeup and thoroughly clean the skin without applying after that cream and other cosmetics. For skin type tests, proceed 2 to 3 hours after washing.

Determination of skin type for her appearance

reading the revealing features of every skin type, which we have considered above, carefully watch your face in daylight conditions. If you have a magnifying glass, for convenience, you can use this tool.
Note the enlarged pores, barely visible fat film on the surface of the skin, dark spots, subcutaneous and inflamed pimples, wrinkles, rashes and peeling. The findings are compared with descriptions of the types of skin that we have given. Let us recall the main features of each type of skin:

  • normal type - matte leather, elastic, uniform color, not shiny;
  • bold type - the skin is strewn with dilated, sometimes contaminated, pores, acne, has a greasy sheen;
  • dry type - the skin is very delicate and matte, it is not disfigured by acne and acne, in some places under it appear vascular mesh. After contact with water may shrink and flake off;
  • mixed, or combined type - the skin shines in the forehead, nose and chin, on the cheeks, while the skin is dry.


Determination of skin type with a cloth

Take special facial tissues( normal is not suitable, because it can distort the real state of the skin).Attach it to your face and press firmly against your forehead, cheeks and chin. After 30 - 60 vote results on the number and location of fat traces on a napkin:

  • big fat fingerprints, evenly distributed over the napkin indicate oily skin;
  • presence of fat spots in the T-zone and their absence on the cheeks indicates a skin of mixed type;
  • almost imperceptible fatty traces in the forehead and wings of the nose indicate a normal skin of the face;
  • greasy stains will be completely absent if the skin is dry.

In order not to be mistaken in determining the prevailing skin qualities, you must take into account not only its condition at the time of the test, but also how the person looks most often, what state is characteristic for him. In addition, you need to focus on your lifestyle, dietary habits, climatic conditions, the state of the gastrointestinal tract - all these factors can give the real skin type additional features.

For example, in the cold season, oily skin can become covered with scaly patches and rashes, as if dry. A dry skin can be likened to greasy when it starts to shine and become covered in pimples in the summer.

If you can not determine the type of skin due to some features, you can always contact a specialist for assistance. Cosmetologists assure that the skin is constantly changing and it is recommended to conduct tests to determine the type of skin every 2 years. In the program of compulsory and special care, adjustments should be made depending on the results obtained.


3 components of proper facial care

Of course, each type of skin requires special treatment, but there is a set of rules for care that our skin needs regardless of its specific characteristics. So, the main conditions for a healthy appearance are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As additional funds, masks and scrubs, selected to take into account the characteristics of each skin type, are used.

Skin cleansing

This phase of daily skin care for Japanese women is considered the most important, and spend a lot of time after a long day of work for cleansing the face. Perhaps, that is why the inhabitants of a megapolis from time immemorial are famous for the purity and transparency of their skin.

Cleaning procedures are carried out in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. Gel / foam for washing, milk, lotion - you can choose any cosmetic product depending on your preferences. Cleansing is an indispensable procedure that will help the skin absorb the moisturizing and nutrients better. For cleaning, we recommend using water slightly above room temperature. In doing so, do not forget about the skin of the neck - in daily care it needs as much as the face.

Skin toning

Regularly toning the skin, you will provide it with an elastic and fresh look for many years. The action of the cosmetic tonic is to remove the excess detergent, to open the pores and prevent the keratinization of individual skin cells. After applying the tonic, the skin looks more fresh. Now you can go to the final stage of the main program for skin care.

Skin hydration

The natural moisture content in the skin is restored and maintained by daily additional moisturizing. Indicators of quality moisturizing cream - air consistency, fast absorbency, the presence of UV filters. Night Moisturizing Cream, in addition to the qualities listed above, also has nutritional properties.

Inheritance of the dysfunctional bodies

Individual care for different skin types

Knowing the individual properties of your skin, choosing the right face care program will not be difficult.

Normal skin by type

You can be congratulated if the skin of your face is of a normal type or at least approximated to it. There are no problems with it, but care must be especially careful to preserve this gift of nature as long as possible. If you neglect the elementary rules of care, a person with normal skin becomes dry or greasy after 30 years.

Daily program - "minimum"

After waking up, rinse face with cool water. Avoid extremes - hot or cold water for washing does not fit. If desired, you can refuse washing in favor of rubbing your face with ice cubes based on citrus fruits, berries or herbs. When washing, do with your fingers a simple massage: pat, pinch your skin. These simple movements will increase blood circulation, increase tonus and trophic skin. Then wipe the skin with a cotton swab impregnated with a tonic. When finished with cleansing, moisturize your face with an air cream, which must be applied with "stomping" finger movements. In nutrients normal skin often does not need.
Before going to bed make-up is removed with milk, then rubbed face with tonic or air mousse. From a night cream experts recommend to refuse it it is possible to afford, possessing a normal skin.

Special program

Every 7 to 8 days, steam your face and treat the skin with a scrub. Within 5 - 8 minutes gently massage the face in a circular motion to clear it from the keratinized skin areas. Then pamper the skin with a mask with moisturizing or nourishing action.


Dry skin type

With adequate care, dry skin looks no less remarkable than normal skin. But if you deprive this person of attention, very soon it begins to peel, cover with various eruptions and annoy your hostess with a sense of tightness and unresolved wrinkles.

Daily program - "minimum"

In the morning, patting your face with a cotton disc moistened with a toning tool. Instead of tonic, you can use cosmetic milk, kefir or natural fat yoghurt - these products will help your skin to cheer up. For greater effect, do not immediately remove the sour milk from the face, but wait 2 - 3 minutes for it to absorb. Then wash with warm water, dry your face with a towel and apply a vitamin-enriched day cream with a UV filter.
Before going to bed for cleansing, use cosmetic milk, and remove the residue with a tonic. Apply a moisturizing cream on the skin, and after 20 minutes, apply a cream with a nutritional effect.

Special program

1 time in 7 - 10 days, clean dry skin with a scrub with small, and therefore, sparing abrasive particles. After using the exfoliating agent, cover the skin with a fatty nutrient mask for 20 to 30 minutes.

Additional nuances for dry skin care

  1. Avoid using alcohol-containing products that draw valuable moisture out of dry skin.
  2. Dry skin is "afraid" of soap - alkaline cleaning agent in the composition of cosmetic products can greatly harm her.
  3. If possible, use the washing boiled or filtered water.
  4. In the cold season, moisturizing cream for dry skin is replaced with nutritious cream. It should be applied at least 30 minutes before going out.
  5. To ladies with dry skin, caution should be taken when visiting baths and swimming pools with chlorinated water. From the use of scrubs and masks based on clay is better to abandon.
  6. Owners of dry facial skin need to reduce exposure to sunlight to a minimum.

Beautiful girl washes his face

oily skin type

If you have oily skin of the face, you probably know how hard it is at times put it in order: shine, acne and dark spots on the post-acne so just do not give up! Regular care and systematic "bath" procedures - a pledge of a beautiful appearance of the face with enlarged pores. With proper care, this type of skin after 30 - 35 years becomes mixed, so some problems( for example, numerous pimples and black dots) remain in the past.

daily program - "minimumĀ»

Sebaceous glands of oily skin so actively work that the face needs to be refreshed 3 - 4 times a day. Having such a whimsical skin, you can safely use a lotion that does not contain alcohol, cleansers with tea tree extract, water-based gel. Contrast wash should enter into your habit. To normalize and maintain the water and fat balance of the skin, you should not give up additional moisturizing, but with the choice of caring cosmetics, come up with a great responsibility - ideally, if the cream is fat-free and air that does not block the access of oxygen to the pores of the skin. Improperly selected makeup becomes the source of a large number of inflamed acne on oily skin.

Special program

2 times a week steaming the skin and peeling with sparing scrubs( with small abrasive particles).Remember, if there is a large accumulation of inflamed acne on the face, scrubs do not use, otherwise you can injure the skin even more and provoke the penetration of the infection into its deeper layers.
once a week, take care of the skin with the help of a mask - the most suitable is a clay-based cosmetic.

Additional tips for the care of oily skin:

  1. Beware of cosmetics based on alcohol: it will provoke even more fat release by sebaceous glands of oily skin. For the same reason, cosmetologists do not recommend rinsing such skin with hot water.
  2. In the midday summer heat the best gift for the skin will be an ice cube based on fruits, berries or medicinal herbs.
  3. Medicinal herbs are also useful when oily skin is now covered with a small rash. The situation will be corrected by decoctions, the raw material for the preparation of which became sage, mint and yarrow.
  4. For masking greasy shine, use crumbly powder, particles of which effectively absorb and bind surpluses of sebum.


Combined skin

Cosmetologists claim that today the mixed skin type is the most common. Often combined skin appears from improper care of self.
When choosing therapeutic cosmetics, be interested in markings on tubes and packages: there it should be indicated that the remedy is intended for the skin of a mixed type. Alternatively, you can choose cosmetics for different types of areas: for cheeks and temples - means for the care of dry skin, for the T-zone - means for caring for oily skin.

Daily program - "minimum"

Cleaning procedures for mixed skin should be carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The optimal means for cleansing will be gels, alcohol-free lotions, milk for the skin of a combined type. After washing with a cleanser, the face is wiped with a tonic. The final procedure for daily care for mixed skin is applying a cream with a moisturizing effect.
In the evening, apply only to the temples and cheeks: during the night, the sebaceous glands of the T-zone produce a large amount of sebum.

Special program

Deep cleansing of the combined skin is carried out 2 times a week. The skin of the T-zone is treated with a scrub, without touching the areas with dry skin.1 time in 5 - 7 days, they feed the skin with a mask on the basis of plant components: St. John's Wort, leaves and buds of birch, mountain ash, yarrow, sage. The face looks beautiful after the fruit masks, prepared from the pulp of apples, lemon, grapes and cucumber.

Young woman with salt-peeling-mask

Helpful tips for facial skin care of any type

  1. Try to wash only with mineral, distilled or boiled water.
  2. Cleaning the skin with a scrub, make sure that the product does not fall on the vulnerable skin around the eyes and lips.
  3. After washing, do not rub your face with a towel, so as not to stretch the skin. You can only get a little damp skin.
  4. Procedures for deep skin cleansing plan for the evening. After such events, the person should fully rest and makeup can not be applied to it.
  5. Refuse to purchase a cosmetic if you see ethanol, methanol and isopropyl in its composition. These substances contribute to the aging of the skin, taking away its natural moisture.
  6. Face cream is applied in very moderate amounts. If you overdo it, especially with a night cream, you can get a puffiness on your face.
  7. Night cream should be applied for 1,5 - 2 hours before going to bed.
  8. More often let the facial skin take a break from the decorative cosmetics.


Healthy elastic skin is not only good data from nature, but also the result of painstaking daily care. Youth becomes an invaluable reward for the timely efforts that you are willing to make to achieve an attractive appearance.

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