Jeans boyfriends with high waist. As with what to wear this season. Fashion

  • Jun 28, 2018

The time has come when jeans with high waist have returned to the world fashion arena. For a while they undeservedly remained in the shadows. And now, they are again on the podium of glory, because they have undoubted advantages.

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  • 1 Benefits of jeans with a high waist
  • 2 basic models of jeans with high belt
  • 3 Fashion ripped jeans boyfriends
  • 4 How to choose jeans boyfriends
    • 4.1 By type figure
    • 4.2 By width of trouser leg
    • 4.3 thickness tissue
    • 4.4 The color
    • 4.5 -stock accessories
  • 5 What pick verjeans with high belt
  • 6 What shoes to combine jeans boyfriends
  • 7 How to wear jeans boyfriends with outerwear
  • 8 Accessories under jeans boyfriends
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Benefits jeansWith high waist

  1. Approaches any figure. With properly selected items of clothing or accessories emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings.
  2. More expressive emphasize the waist area.
  3. Perform the role of a corset. Due to the dense tissue support and
    conceal flaws in the abdominal region.
  4. Visually increase the leg length.
  5. Make the image of more feminine.
  6. Combined with many styles in clothing.
Jeans boyfriends boyfriends jeans fit girl all types of figures

And finally, more useful, because closing the lumbar region, and navel, they protect the most important women's bodies for women's health from a medical point of view.

basic models of jeans with high belt

Jeans with high planting can be very different models:

  • jeans-pipes with large trousers;
  • jeans with narrowed pants;
  • tight jeans( slim or skinny);
  • jeans with flared trousers.

Each of the jeans models with a high belt is suitable for a certain type of figure.

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So pants denim trousers with wide fit for full the female. They will help to hide the belly, as well as the fullness of the hips and legs. And the inflated belt will visually stretch out the silhouette and show the figure more slender.

narrowed leg boyfriend visually slim and lengthen feet, so these jeans fit like a slender girls and girls with legs a bit fat. A high waist in this model does its job, pulling out the silhouette and emphasizing the waist.

Tightening jeans models are especially suited to all slender and tall girls. Although other species look at such girls is wonderful. But the owner of a more magnificent form is better to look at other models.

Models with flared pants will look great on girls with a pear-shaped figure. They will allow you to balance the steep hips, slender waist and slender legs.

Jeans boyfriends Oversayz jeans boyfriends podohodyat girls with wide hips

also perfectly fit this model and a representative from the ideal proportions. Girls of the same low growth should choose the narrow jeans of the boyfriend with a high waist, since flared leg pins visually shorten the growth.

Whatever the figure was not, it is important to understand that the choice of jeans and other clothing is best guided not by fashion trends and the style that is right for this type of figure.

Fashionable ragged boyfriends jeans

Ragged jeans boyfriends with high waist are now at the height of fashion. However, this model will suit almost any type of figure, as well as girls with both high and low growth. Therefore, following fashion, in this case, will allow to be stylish, beautiful and do not become the cause of ridicule.

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Jeans boyfriends are comfortable wearing .They create an image of relaxation and readiness for active action simultaneously. The torn trousers give them insolence, and the tall waist adds a gallon of femininity. These contradictory combinations make them so popular and compatible with other styles.

It's important to know that ragged boyfriends, although suitable for many, but low and lush female representatives, are cautious about models with shortened legs, as they visually select centimeters in height and add centimeters in width.

Ragged jeans Ragged jeans will add insolence to your image

However, in general, ripped jeans are a way to make the image bold and unusual, so it's worthwhile to look at them closely.

How to choose jeans boyfriends

These unsightly, at first glance, jeans boyfriends open in all their glory with the right selection. Most importantly, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to choose women's "boyfriends".

Men's pants will have a completely different effect. It is women's pants that will allow to preserve femininity , despite the obvious male accent. They are presented in various variations and therefore there is something to choose from.

As a figure

For high and slender girls jeans boyfriends with a low waist, but models with a high waist will make the silhouette even more slender and attractive.

Girls with a pear-shaped or apple-shaped figure definitely deserve a low landing. But that does not mean that the boyfriend's jeans do not fit their wardrobe at all. Models with an overstated fit and long pants in a compartment with the right accents will make the image interesting and harmonious.

For women with the type of figure "hourglass" models with high waist will suit as well as possible. They will be very beneficial to emphasize the slenderness of the aspen waist.

Type of figure When choosing trousers, be guided by the type of your figure

Figures like "triangle" and "inverted triangle" require more demanding attitude to the top with which jeans will be worn. Correctly selected top will allow wearing boyfriends and with this type of figure.

Over the width of the pants

The jeans of the boyfriend also differ in the width of the pants. There are options with more narrowed legs, and there are options - with wider ones. Both variants are suitable for tall slavons.

Girls with medium and low growth should be preferred with more narrowed pants. Such pants will visually stretch out the silhouette.

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But beauties with pear-shaped forms, on the contrary, should be refrained from narrowed trousers, as this option will further emphasize the lush hips. Jeans with wider pants will in this case just right. They will smooth the width of the hips.

According to the thickness of the fabric

There is an opinion that lush fabrics are suitable for lush girls. They make the image easier and free. Therefore, experts advise polnenkim girls choose denim more delicate weaving.

Quality of denim The quality of denim is determined by the thickness of the material

It is important to remember that that qualitative denim can not be too light and delicate because only natural threads should be used for its weaving, and their weight and density are known to be of the order of magnitudeHeavier than synthetic filaments.

By color

Color also plays an important role in determining the image. Here there is an invariable rule: a dark color slim, and a light one - on the contrary. Therefore, when choosing jeans boyfriends, do not forget about this rule.

Slim beauties can have in the wardrobe both light and dark shades of denim pants. Thin girls need to give preference to light colors, and plump - dark.

Please note! Natural denim is always darker on the front side and has a lighter underside. This is due to the fact that quality denim fabrics use a colored longitudinal thread and a non-painted transverse thread.

-stock accessories

Style boyfriend for women implies a certain similarity to the masculine style, so it should not contain any decorative details. An exception may be straps and straps. But in order to form an individual image, such accessories should be selected separately.

How to pick the top for jeans with high belt

As some model boyfriend jeans have a high waist, selecting the top for such variations should give preference to short jackets and topam, which also emphasize and highlight the waist line in combination with other elements.

However, this rule can not be generalized and applied to all images. Also wonderful for this style suit shirts, tailored for men. Very plaid shirts, which are freely laid on top or tucked into half for a belt, will look very organic.

jeans boyfriends combination with a white blouse is quite suitable for the office dress code

original look classic bright blouses tucked into pants. With these elements, you can create a semi-office style. In cold weather, the pants of the boyfriend are perfectly combined with warm knitted loose sweaters, as well as tight-fitting turtlenecks.

In order to visually extend the silhouette and give it slenderness, it is possible to use medium length jackets and vests without buttons and fasteners. They will create the necessary vertical lines in the image, and at the same time, they will leave open a high belt that will emphasize femininity.

There are a lot of options for choosing tops for such trousers. The main thing is that the final image should be harmonious and not be sharp for the eyes.

What shoes to combine jeans boyfriends

boyfriends jeans with a high waist, depending on the selected image can be worn with sports and with the classic shoes.

It should be taken into account, however, that girls of low stature, as well as with full forms, should give up sports shoes and shoes with a low heel. A high heel visually increases growth and gives more slenderness.

Shoes and jeans For office style it is appropriate to combine jeans with classic shoes

Classic boats will complement the everyday image of an office employee. Thin or more massive high heel will bring in the image of the beauty of originality and some extravagance.

The wedge and platform also will not break out of the picture and find their place in conjunction with the boyfriends.

With the onset of cold weather, boyfriends will be appropriate with ankle boots and boots, boots and ugg boots. They can be combined even with high boots and boots, but only for girls of high stature.

How to wear jeans boyfriends with outerwear

Boyfriends, demi-season, so with a cold snap they will look harmoniously with outerwear. In the spring-autumn period, a short coat will create a perfect pair with jeans boyfriend. Also appropriate is a long trench coat or a classic cut.

Outerwear and jeans boyfriends jeans go perfectly with almost any outerwear

Equally will be original look leather jacket .It will create an image of a mysterious and audacious virgin from famous films. A special set will create a natural fur in combination with jeans boyfriend. A short fur coat or fur waistcoat just above the hip line will create exact proportions and the right lines.

Accessories for jeans boyfriends

In order to create an unusual but still very feminine image with jeans boyfriend, it must be supplemented with the necessary accessories:

  1. Belts, thongs and belts. These details will help to emphasize the high waist and make it more attractive.
  2. Various scarves and scarves. And they can be used for both the head and neck decoration, and also as an option instead of a strap. The latter option is not applicable for owners of fluffy hips, since this technique will visually increase their volume.
  3. Bags are also designed to emphasize the style. But we must not forget that the bag should echo with the shoes. Sports shoes should be combined with a sports style bag. Classic versions of footwear accordingly assume classical bags. Well, a tall thin hairpin will look perfect with a clutch or a small handbag.
  4. What a woman will do without jewelry. And in this style they are also appropriate. Only preference should be given to artificial ornaments with massive elements. In this case it is also important to feel the fine line and not overdo it in decorating yourself.

Clothing, jewelry and other accessories are very important in creating the image of a "lady-boyfriend."They allow you to make the image complete and very pleasing to the eye.

Jeans boyfriends with high waist - this is the element of the wardrobe that will create an unusual, but absolutely feminine style. A properly selected item of clothing and accessories will make it accessible to everyone.

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