Acrustal( protective and preventive phytocream for use on the scalp)

  • Jun 30, 2018

Acrylic( protective and preventive phytochemical for use on the scalp) analogues:

Acrylic( protective preventive phytocream for use on the scalp) Instruction:

Registered trademark : Acustal

Purpose : Skin care products for the scalp

Composition : Solidified purified *, cedar oil, eucalyptus oil, yarrow oil, camomile oil extract, oil extract of calendula, Wild rose oil extract, wheat germ oil extract, licorice extract, juniper extract, aloe extract, distilled water.

Action of the cream : Cosmetic, protective and preventive phytocream "Acrythal" is a non-hormonal remedy for external use, intended for the removal of psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, seborrheic dermatitis from the skin of the scalp. Has anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, antipruritic effect.

Indications : For the removal of manifestations of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema.

Method of application of : If the patient used hormonal prepa

rations prior to the application of the acrotal resin( for the scalp), it should be kept for 3 weeks, and only then proceed with ointment therapy.

The use of the phytochemistry should be started with a biological test for tolerability, for this purpose, it is necessary to apply a phyto for 4-6 hours on one problem site up to 4x4 cm. If during the day after the application of the cream on the test area there are no abnormal reactions( itching, redness, swelling) - apply the phytochemical according to the instructions. It is preferable to select the areas of the lesion of the scalp in the temporal, parietal and occipital regions, rather than in the forehead, in order to carry out the biological test.

Ficochem is applied lightly to the affected areas of the scalp with a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. It is unacceptable to rub it in your skin!

In order not to spoil bed linen, you can use special protective caps( preferably from cotton fabrics).

Figurine should be on the skin of the scalp for at least 6-8 hours a day, i.е.It is best to apply at night. In the morning, remove the remaining phytocream with a napkin and rinse with shampoo or soap, intended for hair care for skin diseases.

It is recommended to apply once every two to three days( at least 6 hours), then wash your hair. The first positive results from the use of the drug are observed, in most cases, 1-2 weeks after the start of the application, but sometimes it takes a rather long time to get a positive result. On average, the course of application lasts from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months or more on individual indications until the scalp completely clears from rashes.

Increases the duration of the course of a large area of ​​the lesion, concomitant diseases and the use of hormonal drugs for local therapy, even if a break for 3 weeks has then been made. It is advisable, after the skin has completely cleared, to apply this phytocream to the places where the plaques were, for another 15-20 days with a preventive purpose. ATTENTION!Figurine "Acrostal" is not a medicinal product. For the most complete effect, it is necessary to observe a disease corresponding to the disease, avoid triggering disease exacerbation, if necessary, combine the application of phytocream with other agents. Consultation with a specialist is recommended.

Side effects of : A rare complication in the application is the manifestation of a local skin reaction in the form of contact-allergic dermatitis( oily acne), temporary itching at the places of application of the phytocream. In these cases, you need to consult a dermatovenereologist.

Form : The phytocream is a thick, viscous mass from yellow to dark brown with a specific odor. Produced in cans of 65 ml.

Storage conditions : It is recommended to store in the refrigerator at t + 5 ° C, storage and at room temperature up to + 25 ° C, out of reach of children

. Shelf life -24 months.

Leave order : Available without a prescription

Producer OOO NPC Bioterra( Russia)

Supplier LLC Paracelsus( Russia)

* This product uses solidified purified( increased penetration), which provides a more comfortable application and subsequent flushing of the cream. Therefore, this product is recommended for use on the scalp .