Haircuts for medium hair for a round face

  • Mar 18, 2018

Finding the right hairstyle for a chubby beauty is not an easy task, only a class specialist can cope with. But after reading our article, you will understand the hairdresser's art no worse than the masters of the most elite salons. So, how to choose haircuts for medium hair for a round face?

Which face is called round?

In order not to be mistaken with the hair, you need to make sure that the shape of your face really resembles a circle. Of course, you can do this visually, but simple mathematical calculations will allow you to draw an absolutely accurate conclusion.

  1. Measure the distance between the cheekbones with a centimeter or a long ruler.
  2. Repeat the action in the forehead area - between the eyebrows and the hair growth line.
  3. We go from this point to the bottom edge of the chin. We also remember this figure.
  4. Analyzing the results. In chubby women, the difference between numbers is almost imperceptible.

How to choose a hairstyle in the form of a face - read in this a


There is one more interesting way to determine the shape of a face.

Step 1. We tie the hair in a tight pony tail.

Step 2. We stand in front of the mirror and take up lipstick.

Step 3. We draw a lipstick around the face contour. Yes, right on the mirror!

Step 4. Go back a bit and determine the shape that we got.

round face

What should be a haircut for the round form

Medium length hair is the best solution for a fair-sex woman with a round face. But from a short haircut you should give up - it will make the "circle" even larger and wider. Going to the hairdresser, do not forget about important techniques that will help balance the proportions of the round face and emphasize its natural charm. Ideal haircut for the "circle" should:

  • cover cheekbones and cheek zone;
  • consists of several levels;
  • start slightly below the chin line;
  • have a long oblique or straight bangs to the eyebrows;
  • be straight or slightly wavy in the crown area;
  • to focus all attention in the occipital part. To do this, you can tousle the locks on the back of the head with hands and fix the lacquer.

Correct hairstyle for a round face

But the small curls, a clear asymmetry, a solid color of hair and a straight part are under strict prohibition.

Chubby girls and luxurious cascade

When choosing a hairstyle for a round face and medium hair, pay attention to cascading haircuts. Ragged edges, asymmetrical bangs and strands, shortened at the top and elongated at the bottom are welcome. For you, this option is just perfect, because with his help you can correct the shape of your face and visually narrow your cheekbones. What exactly you need to forget, it's about the thick strands and smooth lines inherent in the classical version.


Crown for a round face

The popularity of this haircut has only recently increased, which can not help but play into our hands. The chubby girls look great shortened square with a bang( oblique, torn, straight, combed on one side or elongated) and without the .You can also stay on a trendy styling with elongated strands that beautifully frame the face and draw it visually.


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Faceball in the form of a circle

Another great solution for the "circles".Experts advise choosing a long bean with strands to the chin. You can slightly twist the tips with a curling rod, but do not overdo it. You do not fit any large curls, or small curls - only straight hair, rounded at the edges.


Haircut for the round face should be selected individually, because the meaning here is not only the length of the hair, but also the age of the client, and her tastes. Given all these characteristics, you can easily find your option.