Instructions for the construction of hairstyles for the New Year with their own hands

  • Mar 19, 2018

Hairstyles for the New Year with their own hands should be done so that they are organically combined with your holiday costume.

In the article you will find New Year's hair styles in different styles that are easy to repeat with your own hands.


  • For short hair
  • For loose hair
  • For assembled hair

For short hair

Short hair is quite possible to transform and make suitable for any New Year's costume. In 2016, short haircuts are quite popular, so making an image stylish is not difficult.

If you want to create an image in retro style, then you can style your hair in stylish locks in the style of the 20's or 30's.

These stylings can be made even from the shortest strands, becauseIt is on them that they are calculated.

For laying in the style of the 20's you will need clamps, they need to fix wet strands - after they dry, the clamps need to be removed - so you get the figured waves that will perfectly hold throughout the holiday.


For their greater stability it is possible to fix a hairdo with a varnish.

Locks in the style of the 30's are more careless and feminine, so they can be made with a regular curling iron - they are very easy to make on the cutting of a square - in this case the curls will beautifully frame the face.

You can decorate such a stitch with a beautiful hair clip, or leave it as it is, in any case it will decorate your image.

Hairstyles with curls are very diverse - you can make large or small Afro curls, or large waves, if you have an elongated cut hair.

All this can be done with a soldering iron with different nozzles.


If you step-by-step want to create a gentle and feminine New Year's image, then pay attention to the Greek styling, which can be created on short strands.

Greek hairstyles are very popular for several years already and they will remain so in 2016, so you can rest assured that you will have a fashionable image.

If the head of the head is very short, then twist it a little and then decorate it with a diadem.

If it is longer, you can make a classic Greek image: collect the strands in a bundle, and keep the side strands free so that they beautifully frame the face.

Do not forget to curl your hair. Greek hairstyles are made only on wavy strands. Do not forget to decorate your head with a diadem, choose the right outfit - and the holiday image for 2016 is ready.


For loose hair

For long and medium hair, there are many more options that you can do yourself.

For example, New Year's hairdresses with weaving are very popular in 2016 - you can braid all hair as well as combine a braid with loose locks: the easiest way to do this is with the help of a spit-waterfall.

She trails on the back of her head, or in a circle, depending on which image you like best.

Plus the braids also in that it will work, even if you have a short haircut squat - this is one of the few weave that can be created on short hair.


Before you create a hair style, strands need to be twisted - so your image will be more attractive.

The classical weaving begins from the temple: you need to move to the opposite side, braiding only the strands from above and from the middle, and the lower ones remain free.

To make your hair more suitable for the New Year, you can weave a thin red ribbon into the pigtail - this color is considered the main color in 2016.


A romantic Greek image can be made with a loose head of hair - there is nothing complicated in this, and if you want to get a more original version of the hairstyle, you can supplement it with a weave.

If there is not much time to create a New Year's image, you can choose the easiest option: the hair from the middle of the head should be curled, and the front strands should be combed to make them thicker.

After that, the hair needs to be pulled off the back of the neck, the side strands are twisted into bundles and fixed with invisible objects and decorated with a diadem or rim - it's very simple to repeat the stitching with your own hands, but it turns out to be very impressive.


Another variant with loose hair is also uncomplicated, perform it step by step for the best result: wind hair to get beautiful elastic curls, then put a bandage on your head, leaving your hair loose.

This hair style is done in a few minutes, but it is suitable for a festive image. And to make it fit the New Year 2016, choose bandages, tiaras and rims of red color.


Loose hair

To transform the loose strands, you can braid them in a braid and toss them to one side, after which the head of hear is also decorated with a stylish bandage.

Weave can be fish tail, French or any other of your choice.

To demonstrate the beauty of loose hair, you can choose to stack long hair on one side.

Preliminary hair should be wound: you can create as careless waves, and clear curls, in any case, the hair will look attractive.

After you wind the head of hair, toss it on one side and fix it with a pinch-invisible or simply a varnish of strong fixation.

The head can be decorated with an accessory, for example, with a diadem, or left as it is. Do not forget to add to the alongside red color, which symbolizes the New Year 2016, and your holiday image is ready.


For assembled hair

No less popular and bright will be the collected New Year's hair. They have a number of advantages: they will be able to hide damaged or weakened strands, visually transform thin and rare hair, as well as advantageously emphasize features of appearance, for example, a long neck.

One of the most popular holiday styling, which is perfect for New Year's - a bunch.

Of course, this should not be a standard everyday bunch, but a bright stylish styling. This can be achieved with the help of a step-by-step waving of the strands, as well as a fleece.

After you have transformed them, cut the hair on the crown: the bundle can be smooth and strict, or careless, depending on your image.

It can be decorated with a hair clip, sequins or a bright ribbon - it will be a perfect addition to the image.


A good alternative to an ordinary beam is a large bow of your own hair.

The longer your head of hair, the larger and more impressive the bow will be, but in general it can be made by hand even on medium strands with or without a bang.

To create a stacking step by step, the following actions are performed: the hair should be combed on the crown and fixed to the high ponytail, separating one strand towards the face.

Hair from the tail needs to be pulled out, but not to the end, and divided into two parts - so you get the parts of the bow.

The remaining tips should be threaded in the middle to form a bow, then strengthen it with studs and invisible ones.


It is not necessary to make a bow on the top of the head, it can also be placed behind the head, as well as complemented with weaving or accessories - all this will make the image more suitable for the New Year.

An interesting and stylish version of the hairstyle on the collected hair will be a beautiful voluminous braid braided around the head.

It is best to use the French way of weaving, becauseWith his help the braid turns out to be wide and beautiful.

Usually the plait goes from temple to temple on the back of the head, gradually gathering all the strands into the weave, due to which the braid turns out to be wide.


Smart hairstyle with a scythe

The only difficulty in making this hairstyle step by step with your own hands is to observe the correct weaving height.

If this method of weaving seems complicated, then you can make another version of the wide braid: to do this, comb the hair on one side and start weaving from the ear.

A braid from 5 strands is braided, due to what it turns out wide even on thin and rare hair. You can weave it both on the side and behind the head.

And do not forget to decorate the braid with a red ribbon, which symbolizes the new 2016 year.


If there is not enough time to create a styling, then you can collect long hair even in an ordinary smooth ponytail. To do this, straighten them with ironing.

You can fix the tail on the vertex, from behind or from the side - if the hair is healthy and shiny, then together with a beautiful festive dress, the hairdo look very attractive.