Causes and treatment of split hair

  • Mar 20, 2018

Why hair is cut - almost every woman with hair longer than 20 cm had to ask this question.

Split hair breaks, lightens from below, looks dull, dead, drops out, is constantly confused and does not fit into the hairstyle.

The hairs are called split, when their ends are split into two or even more parts.

In complex cases, the hairs diverge along the entire length, but more often it occurs only from the bottom, in the interval from a few millimeters to several centimeters.

Especially prone to this are long strands of dry type - they risk being split due to a variety of reasons.


  • Why does your hair split?
  • Masks against the cross-section of hair
  • Treatment and care products for split hair

Why do hair cut?

If you look at a strongly split hair in a microscope, you can see the complete destruction of the outer cortex and the damaged internal structure.

The destruction begins with the fact that horny flakes, in a normal state tightly pressed to the stem, r

ise and "razlohmachivayutsya."

Structure of hair

Moisture from hair rods begins to evaporate intensively, as a result of which their cortical layer and the medulla become loosely bound and the bundle occurs - outwardly this is manifested in the fact that the hair is split and broken.

Why do the outer flakes of hair suddenly rise like scales of a ripe pine cone?

This is due to the following reasons:

  • chemical damage to the hair structure: permanent wave, dyeing with chemically aggressive dyes, use of laundry soap and other harmful substances;
  • mechanical damage: constant "ponytail", nachetsy, combing the unconscious and sloppy unraveling of long hair;
  • temperature damage: daily hairdrier, curling iron, ironing, sauna, bath;
  • desiccation, which comes from contact with salt water, because of being in rooms with dry air, in direct sun, with a general lack of water in the body;
  • deficiency of protein, amino acids and vitamins due to unbalanced nutrition. To prevent loss or dissection during any diet, you need to take a vitamin-mineral complex or other means with a similar purpose.
Vegetables and fruits

Cutting hair is very vulnerable and needs careful and competent care.

What you need to do for this:

  1. Stop using a hair dryer, curling iron, and thermobigi. To make your hair look neat, use proven means: make home lamination gelatin or biolamination in the salon;
  2. Take away the brush with the metal teeth - from it the hairs become electrified and break. Instead, buy a comb with wooden teeth - in the Chinese market, it costs only a few tens of rubles;
  3. Never comb wet hair - it stretches from it and breaks. Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo at least twice a week;
  4. Cover your hair from hot sun, frost, seawater;
  5. Stop staining your hair, and if this is not possible, then choose a remedy with a curative effect. Among the most famous in this respect, the L'anza Healing Color staining system;
  6. Drink plenty of water, about two liters a day.

Masks against the cross-section of hair

Hair masks are the most useful and versatile procedures that help with many problems. Why not do them when the hair is cut.

Masks need to be done correctly, only then they will have an effect. To apply funds from the dissected ends, it is necessary to take into account some features.

To dissection does not progress, the agent is applied not only to the ends, but also along the entire length of the hair.

Use a good comb to spread the mask over your hair. The hairbrush should be plastic, elastic, with long, rare teeth. Do not use a comb made of metal.

After applying the mask on the hair, the head is wrapped in cellophane and warmed with a cap or towel.

After washing the mask, the strands must not be rubbed with a towel, they can only be gently wiped, and then allowed to dry naturally.

Combing after washing the mask is possible only after the hair is completely dry.

Home masks. Many women believe that home remedies for hair care are better than those offered to us in stores. At least if you make the mixture yourself, you will know exactly what is in it.

Advice: it is better to make a tool from ingredients of rural origin - they are the most qualitative and useful. It can be dairy products, eggs, honey, fruits, berries and vegetables.

Complex mask - take a teaspoon of henna, olive oil, cognac, honey and one yolk. The agent carefully stir, the consistence of a mask should be as at a cream.

Hold for 30-60 minutes. The procedure is very effective, after the first time the hair becomes stronger and more beautiful.

Sour milk mask - dairy products moisturize, and the split ends really need moisture. Apply kefir or curdled milk, after half an hour wash your head with baby shampoo.


Oil mask - it's easy. Lightly heat any vegetable oil, apply and wrap your head.

It is convenient to do this procedure on a day off, because the more time you go with the mask on your hair, the better.

Mask with burdock oil - warm in a bath, rub, after an hour, wash off the mask and rinse the hair with mint or chamomile infusion.

Vitamin mask - for those who trust pharmaceuticals more. Take a tablespoon of dimexide, vitamins A and E, two tablespoons of burdock and castor oil.

Mix, apply mask on hair and walk as long as possible. Dimexide has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the vitamins penetrate deeper.

Instead of burdock and castor oil for the preparation of a mask, you can take olive, sesame, almond.


Herbal mask - grind in smoothie in equal parts fresh leaves of raspberry, black currant, mint. Add the cream and cornstarch to the mask to the consistency, so that the mixture does not drip too much. Keep the mask for 40 minutes.

Peach moisturizing mask - mash the ripe peach without skin, add a little milk and a few drops of essential oil essential oil. Keep the mask for 40-60 minutes.

Treatment and care products for split hair

If time is not enough, why not buy a jar of finished product that can treat split hair.

There are a lot of such pharmacies on the drugstores:

  • Gliss Kur Nutritive with shea butter and aragon. Restores, smoothes, saturates hair with vitamin E, moisturizes and nourishes. The composition is well absorbed, strands after its application do not fall out, become soft and obedient;
  • Plant Collagen Treatment. As part of the product complex of 16 amino acids, which makes the hair elastic and dense. There are protective and bioactive substances - collagen, carrot extract;
  • Means with beeswax and Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask oligoelements from Shiseido. Nourishes, moisturizes, restores. Hair after such procedure look dense, become elastic and smooth;
  • Masquintense nutritive from Kerastase - means smooths, softens, heals the ends of the hair, protects and serves as a preventative for falling out. The same manufacturer produces an indelible enveloping serum. Under her layer, the hair is protected and intensively moisturized. After the first procedure, the strands become elastic and shiny;
  • Serum L'Oral Absolut Repair with cationic polymers. The composition does not need to be washed off. It stops the dissection of the tips, preventing the hair from breaking through the entire length.

The effect of purchased drugs is often noticeable after their first use, but for the best result the procedures are carried out by courses.

The treatment of split ends requires a lot of investment.

Therefore, if this problem has already arisen, you can simply turn to the hairdresser so that unhealthy tips are cut with hot scissors that "seal" the hairs at the ends. And after this, it is worth to take up prevention.


Change the usual shampoo to medicinal - with lecithin and vitamins. Buy an indelible cream or balsam specifically for the tips, which will protect them from further cracking.

This tool is applied after each wash. Usually it contains vegetable proteins and keratins that fill the voids in the hair structure, as if "patting" the hair from the inside, thus helping the hair folks to keep their elasticity and not break off.

Weekly make masks along the entire length - moisturizing and nourishing.

When applying the mask at the same time, carry out a light head massage, trying to drive the mixture deeper into the skin with your fingertips.

Protect the curls from desiccation - do not go into the heat and cold with bare head, use hair dryers, ironing and curling only in case of emergency.

Now you know why the hair is cut. Their section is always easier to warn than to heal, so do not wait until the problem occurs.

Proper care, care, nourish and moisturize your hair, and your hair will always look great.