Casual and festive hairstyles with a tail

  • Mar 20, 2018

For a long time hairstyle with a tail is in great demand among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Collect hair in high or low tail, depending on personal preferences, and make a stylish way to do this in a few minutes.

Such fast and at the same time beautiful hair styles are suitable for everyday wear, and for various celebrations.


  • Features of the classical design of the
  • Simple laying options for
  • Interesting variations of the

Features of the classical performance of the

The tail-based hairstyles are distinguished by their variety and simplicity of execution. Doing them at home on long hair will not be difficult and will not take much extra time.

From it the original evening laying is assembled, besides, the voluminous, as well as the turned tail, originally complemented by a bangs is amazingly looked.

Such fast and at the same time beautiful styling is perfect for everyday wear.


Most often, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity use the classic version of the tail.

Make it at home is very simple, and for this you need to have at hand only a convenient comb and elastic.

In addition, in some cases, special cosmetic styling products may be needed, and in this case it is necessary to choose those whose composition consists mainly of natural components.

In order for the tail to look really stylish and original, it should only be performed on clean and healthy curls.


It is necessary to provide strands with correct and regular care, selecting only high-quality cosmetic compositions suitable for this type of hair.

To get the original volumetric tail, you should first make a lightweight coat. In turn, in order to collect the curls in the high tail, you must first carefully comb them.

Evening hair style based on the tail must necessarily be complemented by a beautifully laid bangs.

In addition, this element is perfectly combined with various types of weaving.

Hairstyles based on the tail are best obtained by long curls. Such fast paving allows you to literally in a few minutes to collect strands in beautiful and stylish hairstyles.

The tail can be laid on its side, located on the very top or in the lower part of the occipital region. In any case, it will look modern and original.



Before starting the hairstyle, ringlets must be thoroughly rinsed, dried and, of course, combed.

Initially, it is necessary to evenly divide the strands into identical parts by means of a suction performed in the horizontal direction, directly from the temple to the temple.

The upper part of the curls should be removed to the side and fixed with a special clip. In turn, the lower hair is attached with a small elastic band.

Next it is necessary to make light hair on top of the ringlets, directing each strand to the side. Next, collect all the loose hair in the tail and fasten it with another rubber band.

At the final stage, the upper tail should be carefully laid on the lower one. It is recommended to fix a ready hairdress with a cosmetic varnish.


Double ponytail

This classic version of the styling for long hair will be perfectly combined with a bang laid on one side.

To make this styling element more attractive will help a variety of accessories and hair clips.

Simple laying options for

Hairstyles with a tail look great together with different variations of weaving.

It is best to perform them solely on long curls, while the tail itself can be either inverted or bulky, laid lightly on its side.

Such fast hairstyles with weaving are perfect for both daily wear and festive events.


Ponytail with scythe

Initially, it is necessary to carefully comb all the curls, then to separate in the temporal region three small and identical strands.

Next weave the free type. Pigtail should not only be elegant, but also neat.

All remaining loose braids after braiding must be assembled together with a pigtail in a high tail and fastened with an elastic band. The tail itself can be laid both on its side and in the middle part of the occipital region( see photo).

Spit with tail

Simply and at the same time, this element, executed on one side, will look original.

To begin with, clean and dry strands need to be slightly curled, for which you should use a plait or large-diameter forceps.

Next, the hair is carefully collected in a loose tail, which is laid on its side and fixed with a bright ribbon. Ready hair should look as free as possible.

This element, executed in three-dimensional form, will look really stylish and attractive. Strands must be thoroughly washed and well dried.

Next, it is done directly in the head region. After the volume of the ringlets increases slightly, they must be collected in a high tail, which can also be laid on its side.

It is necessary to leave a few loose little braces near the face.


Tail with weaving

Tails with harnesses will look harmonious and modern. Such a hairstyle will suit, including, for romantic dates.

It is necessary to form a few small dense flagella in the temporal region, then gently combine with the rest of the free strands and form, thus, an elegant tail.

The ready-made styling can be beautifully complemented with a bright accessory or an original hair clip.


Plaits in the Tails

Terrific will look and an inverted tail. It is performed on long strands rather quickly. The inverted tail is suitable for both casual wear and partying.

To independently form an inverted tail, you must first collect the curls together behind the head.

Then the end of the tail is carefully passed through its base. The turned tail can be decorated with an elegant barrette.

Interesting variations of

Many hairstyles with a tail on long hair can have quite an interesting performance. Such variants of hairstyles differ with their incredible originality of performance and stunning beauty.

So, as a stylish evening hairstyle, you can recommend a variation with a bow. To begin with, clean and dry strands should be gently combed on the side and gathered together in the lower part of the head.


Next, you need to separate the thin strand, which, in turn, is evenly divided into two equal parts.

From these parts should form a neat bow, which is fixed by invisible. A ready hairdress must necessarily be treated with cosmetic varnish.

This element will look really elegant with a voluminous fleece. Initially, the locks are carefully straightened with ironing.

Next, a small strand of hair is separated from the rest and fastened in the area of ​​the crown. Of all the remaining strands, a neat tail is formed at the top of the head.

Next, the curls collected together are divided into separate strands, each of which is well combed directly at the roots.

At the final stage, the ends of free hair are fixed near their base with the help of invisible.

Hairstyles in which the main element of the tail acts, look amazing and suitable for any event.

They allow a woman to feel not only comfortable, but also confident for a long time. To create them do not have to spend a lot of time and effort.