What kind of haircut to do on curly hair?

  • Mar 20, 2018

Fashionable haircuts for curly hair look bold and playful. They will make you beautiful and will allow you to forget about the long and complex styling of disobedient hair.

What should I know about curly women?

When choosing fashionable haircuts for curly hair, you should take into account the length, features of the curl and the thickness of the head of hear:

  • For stiff and strongly curly strands, the length along the shoulders or slightly below the middle fits. Too short hairstyle will make a woman look like a spring dandelion, and a very long will create a lot of trouble for care;
  • Hair with medium stiffness and small curls need a medium length. She will emphasize the beauty of the ringlets scattered over her shoulders;
  • Large and soft curls give complete freedom. A beautiful waterfall of hair, descending on the back, makes a woman luxurious. It is better to cut such strands with a ladder or a cascade.

Short haircuts for curls

Most women believe that for curly hair, such haircut

s are not suitable. We will hasten to debunk this popular myth! Choosing a good hairstyle for curly short hair, you will be able to achieve stunning effects. What to choose?


Ideal for young and courageous ladies who do not want to spend time laying. Take into account only the moment that the hairstyle reveals not only the face, but also the neck. Hide some nuances under the mane of long hair will be impossible!



Very beautiful model of super short hairstyle. Pixie gives volume and erases from the face several years at a time.




A creative solution that assumes the shortest possible length on the occipital part and long strands near the face and on the crown.




A universal model that will please the gentle and romantic ladies. The classic format of haircuts can safely choose women with an oval type of face. But chubby young ladies should pay attention to asymmetric models with an oblong bangs bangs.





Attention! Women with soft, fluffy and delicate hair, as well as those whose appearance is highly dependent on the weather, such haircuts are not suitable.

By the way, do you know what type of haircut is ideal for your face type? Watch video:

How to cut curls of medium length?

Curly haircuts on medium strands - a win-win option, allowing you to experiment with styling and very easy and simple to deal with fluffy hair. For hair just below the shoulders, the following options are ideal.

Cascade or ladder

Do not know which haircut to make on curly hair? Stop at the cascade - its multi-layered nature instantly removes the "extra load" and greatly facilitates the laying.


Crown and Bob-kar

Extra-long square or Bob-kar - this is the best choice for owners of oval and triangular faces, as well as bright large features. This haircut is relevant for women of all ages. She makes the image softer, feminine and sexier, allowing for different experiments. But this haircut is suitable only for obedient strands.


Hairstyles for long curly hair

Haircut on curly locks is a challenge for the stylist. It opens a lot of different possibilities and allows you to realize any hairdresser's imagination. But there is also a downside - a long curly mane will be difficult to keep in check.

Hairdressers recommend to stay on the cascade and graduated haircuts. They will keep the volume and make the curls more docile. But remember that cascading hairstyles contribute to the natural twisting of strands.

Hair-for-long-curly hair

Proper care for curls

To keep hair cuts for long curly hair for a long time and keep your hair healthy, follow the tips for proper care for curly hair:

  • Curly strands have a porous structure - they absorb moisture well, but quickly lose it. For this type of strand you need a special shampoo;
  • Without fail use masks and conditioners-rinsers;
  • Combing only with a wooden comb;
  • Dry your hair in the air. If you can not use the hair dryer, turn on the warm mode. Another mandatory condition - give wet hair at least a little dry, and then turn on the hair dryer;
  • For diffuse hair, a diffuser is suitable. It dissipates the air, as a result of which the curls retain their shape;
  • Strands need to be combed before drying. It's not worth doing this all day long;
  • The comb for curls must have a rare tooth. It is best to choose a wooden scallop;
  • If the curls lose their shape, wipe them with iron;
  • Curls are dirty less often than straight hair. They should not be tortured with too much washing. To refresh your hair, wash only one bangs;
  • To give the curl a stable shape, grease your fingers with wax and roll them curl;
  • On curly hair, ombre and highlighting look particularly good.

Wear your head of hair with your head held high and remember that curls are not, fortunately, a verdict, but an amazing gift.