Interesting and cool hairstyle for a guy

  • Mar 20, 2018

Steep hairstyle for guys will help to stand out and make the image vivid and memorable.

Today there are a lot of interesting hair styles that will fit any type of face and hair structure, so each guy will be able to pick up something to his taste.


  • How to choose a hairstyle?
  • Short haircuts
  • For medium hair

How to choose a hairstyle?

Choosing haircuts and hairstyles, many are guided by how cool they are, forgetting that they look completely different in other people.

The first thing you need to decide on when creating your own image is this form of face. If the face is oval, then you can say that you are lucky: you can choose for yourself absolutely any haircut, whether it is very short or, conversely, long, with a bang or without.

Face shape table

Those who have an elongated face should not let their hair go too far, especially if they are straight and lacking in volume - this will further emphasize the features of the face.

To owners of round faces are cont

ra-indicated hairdresses with a straight bang, and also the extended variants with a direct parting - all this also will put an accent on appearance.

Those who have a square face, it is better to choose haircuts with a volume of not the top of the head and shortened temples, the same fit and chubby young men.

If the face is triangular, then its lower part is noticeably narrower than the upper one, and the hairdo should balance this difference: guys with this appearance can recommend lengthened haircuts with a volume at the bottom of the face.


Hairstyles for medium hair are very popular now, so you will look not only beautiful, but also stylish.

When choosing a hairstyle, you also need to focus on how much time you are willing to spend on laying it.

Some modern versions of men's hairstyles look very attractive, but they require gel packing and other means - if you are not used to doing this and do not want to give your hair a lot of time, then it's better to choose a simpler option.

Short haircuts

Short haircuts for boys, guys and men have always been popular and they remain so today.

The classic option - boxing and semi-box - is chosen by many male representatives, because such a hairstyle is very convenient, does not require almost any care and looks quite well-groomed and attractive.

This haircut is characterized by shortened temples and elongated strands on the top of the head. It fits all, but is most recommended for those who have a round or square face.

To make ordinary boxing more vivid and memorable, you can complete it with a pattern on the temples and the back of the head - it can be created by any master.


The pattern can be large or almost imperceptible, depending on your preferences. Care for this hairdo will also be simple: it is enough to update the pattern from time to time so that the image looks well-groomed.

Very good popularity among guys and men now use haircuts-canadians. This hairstyle has been known for a long time, and now it is experiencing a peak of popularity.

A good Canadian is that it fits absolutely any type of face and hair structure and looks very stylish at the same time.

Thanks to the fact that it can look very different, you can choose it under the classic, and under the sports, and under the free youth style.

The characteristic features of the Canadian are shortened whiskeys, an oblique parting and a noticeable volume on the top of the head.

Those who want a more simple haircut, choose a Canadian with not too long upper strands - they do not need additional packing and hold well.

If you leave long strands on the top of your head, you can create a more interesting image.

For example, now very popular styling with naches - a canada can easily be turned into a fashionable haircut, just lay the bulk of the head of hear.

Masculine hairstyle with fleece

Either you can dishevel the hair, or put them up in the manner of the Iroquois - there are a lot of options for laying the canada.

A stylish and unusual version of the hairstyle that many young people choose today - the Iroquois. This haircut is very simple to care for, but it looks very stylish.

To do this, you will have to shave your hair not only on the temples, but also on the side parts of the head, leaving only a small strip in the middle.

The left hair can be both long enough - if necessary they can be put, and rather short - such a hair style, additional styling will not be necessary, so it is very convenient.

Asymmetric haircut - another opportunity to create a stylish image for yourself.

Male haircuts

It is suitable for young people with a round face that can be visually made with the oblique bangs, which is an important attribute of this hairstyle.

Usually, this haircut is done with an oblique parting - on one side, the hair is shortened, and in some cases even shaved, and on the other - remain elongated.

The bang can also be long enough or short, depending on which of the cutting options you select.

For medium hair

Hairstyles for medium hair are also very popular among young people.

One of the most stylish options is cutting the square - its plus is that it can be chosen for any hair: if the hair is thin, you can make a graduated square with strands of different lengths, which will create a volume on the top of the head, which alwaysWill hold well.

You can supplement such a hairdress with a bangs, but you can do without it.

The elongated square below the cheekbones is an opportunity to transform the appearance for those who have thick curly or curly locks: these hairstyles are very popular now, so you can rest assured that you will attract the views of others.

Haircut "Gavroche" - also an interesting option and the ability to leave an elongated hair and at the same time make it much easier to care for your hair.


This haircut is distinguished by the fact that the hair must be of the same length over the entire head, its obligatory attribute is a thick bang, it can be oblique or direct according to your choice.

This hairstyle is also a good option for those who have thin, soft and deprived hair: with her help you can make on your head an impressive "cap" of hair, even with very thin hair.

Despite the attractiveness, this hairdo does not suit everyone: a thick bang is contraindicated to the owners of a round face.

Also it is not necessary to do an excessive volume on the top of the head to those who have a triangular face, becauseThis will further widen the already wide upper part of the head.

Those who have strands thick enough can make themselves an interesting hairstyle in grunge style.

It looks a bit like a Canadian, but it does not have a clear cut, and it also has a noticeably more voluminous upper part of the head.

Hairstyles in the style of grunge

The distinctive feature of this laying is a careless appearance, but in fact it needs at least a small styling, so if you are not ready to spend for this time, it's better to choose a simpler option for yourself.

Another option for stilyag will be styling "Mr. Coul": with her help you can create a noticeable volume on your head, which is so popular this season.

This haircut differs beautifully laid upper strands: usually they are made of coiffure, which is laid in a smooth bob.

Mr. Cool

The whiskey and the lateral part of the hair are markedly shortened. This is a very stylish version of the hairstyle, which will significantly change your appearance and make any young man more mature and more solid.

Choosing the most stylish hairstyles for medium hair, changing the image will be very simple, just master the basic hair styling.

To create a bright youth image, the strand will be slightly ruffled, you can also "put" a bang in the manner of the Iroquois.

To create a classic business image, smooth your hair and, if necessary, fix it with gel or wax - then the styling will last all day even on unruly elongated hair.