All About Blue Hair Dye

  • Mar 21, 2018

Often in the life of young girls there comes a time when you want to bring a bit of brightness into your image. Maybe it's a holiday or a themed party on the nose, or spring may have come in the shower and you want to add brightness to your life. In any case, you will help hair dye.

Modern fashion is becoming more and more unusual and extravagant, now at the height of popularity blue. It's blue hair color that will allow you to escape from the gray everyday life, to become bright and memorable.

However, before you decide to change the image, you should think about which shade suits you.

Choose the color

The blue color has a rich palette. Blue, azure or deep deep tones are suitable for different color types.



Blonde beauties with gray or blue eyes are perfect blue colors. The lighter the hair, the more gentle and pastel shades should be. The blonde will be decorated with blue or light purple strands.



Blue-black hair is suitable for most types of girls. They make

facial features more expressive. In addition, this color has a significant advantage over other shades, it is easy to make at home. You can not even use blue hair dye, but just buy basma. It will not only betray the shade, but also will favorably affect the quality of the hair.


If to draw conclusions, then we can say that the blue color of hair is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to choose the right tone.

Color variants

A similar color change is a radical measure, which, of course, requires courage. If you are not ready for such an extreme, but you are dreaming about a fashionable hairdo, you can make a color of the strands.

A more classic option is to change the color of the ringlets from the roots to the tips. Strands can be evenly distributed throughout the hair volume or, for example, framing the face. Some girls, on the contrary, choose a less noticeable way of staining, and blue strands are made inside the head of hear, so they can be seen only with wind or special styling.


It is fashionable to make multi-colored tips. They are clearly visible, but the natural color of the hair along the entire length is preserved. With this technique it is easiest to get rid of the blue tips later.


Also very fashionable direction is ombre. Coloration of curls with gradual lightening or darkening. This game of colors makes the painting almost unique. Depending on your desire and color, you can make the transition from dark blue hair to blue strands or make a smooth transition from blond to azure color. Here everything depends only on your imagination and skill of a specialist.


By the way, you can dye your hair at home, but you need to know a few rules for this.

Home Coloring

Before you start painting, you should stock up on the following tools:

  • Gloves.
  • With a bowl and a brush.
  • Comb.
  • Paint.
  • Shower cap.
  • Towel.
  • Vaseline or oily cream.


These are general items that will be useful to you in any case. In the rest everything depends on the desired shade and the initial color of the hair.

Short-term coloring

There are situations when you need to become a Malvina for only one evening, then you do not want to do a full coloring. In order to make hair blue only for one evening you can use special sprays or crayons.

In the first case, the dyeing varnish is sprayed onto the necessary strands and washed off once or twice. To wash off crayons will be a little more difficult, it is necessary to get a brush with natural bristles. However, it is easy to apply them, you just need to separate the desired strand, twist it and grate it with chalk. It is important to remember that for this procedure only pastel chalks are suitable, the oil composition will only spoil the hair.


You can also use a toning tonic, it will last for up to two weeks on the hair, this is enough to try on a vivid image.

Blue for brunettes

If you still decided to use the paint, it is worth knowing about the features of its application to different hair. Dark-haired girls first need to decide on the desired shade.

If you want a bright shade, you will first have to lighten your hair or wash off the previous paint. It is safer to do this procedure in the salon, since the discolouration has a bad effect on the hair.


Important! Hair should not have a red tinge. The blue paint on it will turn green.

To girls who have decided to just add a little paint, you can apply a blue tonic to dark hair. This will give them the "crow's feather" effect.

Tips to help you repaint yourself in a superfashionable blue color:

Beautiful blonde hair

Blonde beauties are initially lighter, because the structure and color of their hair can take paint without first removing the pigment. However, the color of such girls will last longer, and a blue tint will be much more complicated.


Staining phases of

When your strands have become light, whether it's a natural shade or discoloration alone, the question arises as to how to dye your hair in blue.

  • Carefully read the instruction for paint, this is important, because every company has its own nuances, holding time and other parameters.
  • Protect open skin from paint. To do this, you can use Vaseline or a greasy cream. But it must be borne in mind that a greasy consistency when in contact with hair spoils the color. Therefore, such protection must be applied either very carefully, or it can be replaced with an adhesive tape or a special product that is sold in stores for hairdressers.
  • Dye curls with a special brush, then collect them and hide under a plastic cap.
  • After the required time, rinse the paint with cool running water, it is necessary to wash the hair until the water becomes clear.

Tip! In the salon, before washing the paint, a special compound is applied, which fixes the pigment on the hair. At home, this remedy can be replaced with vinegar.

So, now you know about the technology of dyeing hair, but it still remains an open question how to choose high-quality paint.

Choose the paint

Before you buy a treasured box, it's worth remembering some of the selection rules. First of all, you must buy the goods in a trusted store, give preference to well-known brands. Always check the expiration date and the integrity of the package.


These tips are applicable, perhaps, to any purchase. As for the specifics of choosing the hair dye, it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Persistence. All colors are divided into levels from 0 to 3, where 0 is a temporary dye, 1 is a tinted, 2 is semi-resistant, and 3 is a persistent paint.
  2. Pay attention to the color, do not believe the package "for word", check the color number with the number in the palette. If you take a few packages, it is desirable that they are from the same lot.
  3. When choosing a color in the palette, note that the samples are light synthetic fibers and the color on them will match the colored blond hair. Therefore, it is important to assess the color and condition of your hair and make an adjustment for these characteristics.

Of course, when reading all these recommendations seem simple, but in fact it often turns out that the eyes of the showcase just run. To facilitate your choice, we suggest considering popular brands.

Overview of popular paints

Not all paint manufacturers produce bright lines with a blue palette. However, their choice can not be called scant, based on the feedback of customers, you can make the following rating.

  • "Crazy Color" - a well-known brand, which is famous for its multi-colored palette. By its action, the dye is similar to a shade of shade, since it lasts about 2 - 3 weeks. In the blue range the company presents several tones at once: sky blue Sky Blu, Bubblegum Blue, darker Peacock Blue, bright Capri Blue. The price of one bottle is 600 rubles. It is important to note that the line does not contain ammonia, so it does not spoil the hair so much and does not have a pungent odor.


  • The American company "Manic Panic" has gained confidence and popularity in the market of bright colors. The company was organized back in the 80's, therefore has accumulated quite a lot of experience. Cream paint is positioned as a safe stain remover, it does not contain ammonia and does not damage the hair. However, the color lasts only a couple of weeks. Among the palette you can select colors: "Blue Moon", "Voodo blue", "Bad boy blue", "After midnight blue", "Atomic turquoise".The price of one jar is approximately 1000 rubles. By the way, some of the colors of this company are neon, so they glow in the dark.


  • "Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color" is not just a dye, it's a remedy that also cares for the hair, creating a laminating effect. In the palette there are such shades as Blue black or black and blue, Pure blue - pure blue, Permanent blu, Sky blue - sky blue, Steel blue - steel blue. The price of one tube is 1000 rubles.


  • The most famous brand in our market is the Londa Color .It is a professional coloring paints, in its palette there is a tone called "Intensive pearl mixton", which is a bright blue color. The same color is in the matte version. The cost of such a tool does not bite and is 360 rubles.


  • "Wella Color Touch" is another one to introduce professional hair products. In its range it represents the color "Intense blue".This is one of the few highly resistant paints. One bottle will cost you 780 rubles.


  • One of the most affordable and affordable options is a balm from the company "Tonic" shade "Wild Plum".The price for it will be only 150 rubles, but using it, it is worth remembering that the paint is badly laundered from surfaces, so be careful.


Now you know about the most used brands, it remains only to get acquainted with the opinion of those already experienced in the issue of staining blue girls.

Customer feedback

Reviews are a great way to learn the pros and cons of a brand, to adopt the advice of "pioneers".That's what the ladies write about blue colors.

Elena Larionova:

The first time I decided on such an experiment, as the coloring in blue. Long thought, what kind of paint to choose, so that after a while she was washed off. The choice fell on "Manic Panic", too good for them shades in the palette. I did everything according to the instructions, I was very afraid that I would not get the color I want. To my surprise, when I washed off the paint and dried my head, I found out that the curls are dark blue, as I wanted. By the way, the quality of my hair did not suffer at all, the paint without ammonia, which turned out to be a plus for me. I began to wash off after about two weeks, now I want to try other colors of their company.

Olga Presnyakova:

Daughter wanted brightness and extreme, asked me to make her blue strands. I did not dare change the color for a long time, but I did not have anything against temporary changes. For starters decided not to spend a lot of money, and bought "Tonic", a shade of "Wild Plum".She dyed her daughter herself, she had blond hair, so the balm was applied without preliminary treatment. They waited according to the instructions and began to wash off. Effect on hurray! But there is one drawback - the paint is fixed on the hair, so when it starts to wash out, the shade becomes green. There are two options, or toning again, like us, or repaint your hair. In any case, for such a money effect we are very pleased.

Varvara Kolesnik:

Spring came and I wanted changes. I went to the cosmetics store on the way home and found there "Tonic" for coloring in blue, a shade called "Wild plum".I decided to try it. On the Internet, I looked at a lot of pictures and chose to make toning, that is, staining several strands. I must say that it's not at all difficult to use the tool, the color pleased me, the rich blue. With my light blond hair looks great. Now I will continue to experiment.

Olga Lapshina:

Now I'm a real Malvina. I bought myself a paint company «Crazy Colors Sky Blu».At first I wanted to do the coloring of the strands, and then I decided to paint the whole head. Color class, applied easily, does not smell. I used protective gloves, so I can not say how it is washed off the skin, but my hair looks great. It even seems to me that they have become more well-groomed. With the color I go for two weeks, and it's just beginning to wash off.

Svetlana Pudova:

Hello, I decided to share my experience too. Staining wanted to do at least until the middle of summer, so I chose the "Wella" paint, the color "Intensive Blue".I had ombre before my hair, so the tips are already light. I put the paint on them, held them for 20 minutes and washed it off. The effect pleased, bright, beautiful color. That is necessary for sunny weather. I think that when I start washing, repeat the experiment.

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