Create a radical volume of hair

  • Mar 21, 2018

The root volume of hair adorns the hair, makes the curls visually more dense and beautiful.

Unfortunately, many of the fair sex - the owner of fine hair - can get a radical volume only after carefully styling their hairstyle.

There are several ways to help make curls more spacious. About them and will be discussed in this article.

Basal volume

Read the material if you want to know what procedure will help create a long-lasting basal volume of hair and what tools and devices need to be used to make curls bulky for several days.

Reviews of ladies who use these techniques to give a thin and sparse strands a radical volume, they say that each of them is good in its own way.

The procedure, which guarantees a permanent hair volume for up to six months, costs a lot, but it really makes daily hair styling easier.


  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hairdressing Powder for Curls
  • Salon Procedures
  • Root Volume with Thermo Apparatus

Dry Shampoo

You can give your hair volume with sp

ecial styling products, popular not only among professional hairdressers, but also among ordinary girls.

Earlier, curls were laid with the help of foam and hairspray, but such styling tools gave the locks an unnatural appearance.

The modern beauty industry offers its clients tools that help to easily create at home hair volume at the roots, which looks natural.

Such means include dry shampoos, sprays and hairdresser's powders for curls.

Both these and other products can be found in free sale: they are produced by different brands and have different prices, so any girl can afford them.

Dry shampoo is produced in two variations. A more convenient format of this tool is a spray, which allows to distribute the contents of the bottle evenly over the curls.

The second type of packaging is a tube with a perforated cover, through the openings of which the powder should come.

If you have the opportunity to choose between the first and second variant of the drug, make a choice in favor of the spray - it is easier and more economical to use. Such shampoos produce the brands Klorane, Batiste, Essence, Oriflame, etc.


Initially, dry shampoos were developed to purify the roots of the hair and scalp from the excess sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands.

Getting on the head, dry shampoo absorbs the sebum, making the hairstyle visually more fresh.

Girls who used the product in the system, began to notice that if you apply the spray on clean curls and lightly comb them, you can achieve a good, and most importantly, natural root volume.

Make a basal volume using this remedy at home is easy. Comb your clean, dried curls.

Shake the spray and spray its contents into the parting and the space around it.

Make a new part by tossing some of the hair to one side, and spray the spray back onto the roots of the curls.

Repeat this procedure until you have processed the entire basal area. After spraying the spray, whip the hair with your fingers, carefully distributing the product over the hair.

Leave the product on the curls for five minutes, then take a flat comb and gently squeeze out the remains of dry shampoo.

The result of the application is shown in the photo below.

Application of dry shampoo

Particles of the drug after combing are not visible on the curls, but they still remain on the hair, thickening each hair, while not heavier or gluing strands.

The composition of the products contains both chemistry and quite familiar, harmless components: corn starch, talcum powder, rice powder, etc.

Hairdressing powder for curls

Hair powders are produced by many companies that create products for hairdressers.

If before they could be purchased only in professional stores, now they started to be sold in regular supermarkets.

Reviews of ladies who tried both, they say that they have a similar effect, so the result of fixing the curls differs slightly.

Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful, Schwarzkopf Osis, Taft Volume Fresh, etc. are considered to be the best representatives of this type of styling products.

It is quite easy to apply such powder to the hair. The main thing is to lightly brush the strands before applying the powder. The product can give volume not only to short, but also long curls.

The volume, which can be done using a hairdresser's powder, will last on your hair until the moment you wash your head.

Reviews of women who use cheaper options of such styling products, note that the styling made with the help of powders may slightly lose root volume during the day.


However, to return it simply: you just need to whip the hair with your fingertips.

Please note that the hairdressing powder for the hair needs to be applied to the combed hair.

To make a beautiful styling at home using this tool, you need to divide the hair into a parting for you. Start working with the left half of the curls.

Toss the top layer of curls, which will cover the future hair, on the right side of the hairstyle. Lightly brush the roots of the left half of the hair at the roots.

Apply to them a small amount of powder, whip it with your fingers - powder podtaet from the heat of your hands and fix the hair.

Thus hair will look or appear as if on them are not put any styling means.

Cover the fleece in advance with the left layer of hair and proceed to the processing of the second half of the hairstyle.

Separately, you can scratch curls on the back of the head to make the hair look even more voluminous( as in the photo below).

Powder for hair

Plus this styling means that it is absolutely unnoticeable on the hair. To its minuses, the girls are attributed the fact that the powder is strongly felt on the head during socks.

Despite the fact that as a part of such products one chemistry, they do not spoil the structure of the curls.

Salon procedures

If you want to obtain a radical hair volume that does not disappear after the first wash of the head, contact a professional hairdresser.

In the salon you can make several procedures that give the locks a permanent volume, but the most popular of them is a procedure called Boost Up.

If during this procedure to do everything correctly and accurately follow the technology of its implementation, the result will be a strong root volume, which can last for up to six months.

This solution is guaranteed by a solution containing special chemicals used during the procedure.

What should the masters do in the framework of Boost Up to give the curls volume?

To begin with, the hairdresser washes the client's hair and dries them with a hair dryer. Then the master winds the entire radical hair zone, breaking it into thin strands, into special curlers that can give the curls the desired shape.

After the winding procedure is performed, the hairdresser applies a special chemical composition to the hair roots, which fixes the result of winding.


The chemistry that is applied to the curls during this procedure is not classified as harmful.

However, pregnant girls and ladies who feed their children with their breasts, it is better to refrain from giving your hair volume with the help of Boost Up technology.

Chemistry has a slight drying effect on locks, which regulates the work of the sebaceous glands.

Some ladies who want to save think that the Boost Up procedure is easy to carry out not only in the cabin, but also at home.

This is not so, because during its use hairdresser's chemistry is used, which, if not properly applied, can ruin curls.

To twist the strands you need to use special curlers, which cost a lot of money.

Reviews of ladies who decided to undergo the Boost Up procedure to visually increase the density of their curls, full of enthusiastic comments.

Many of them believe that the only drawback of Boost Up is the relatively high price.

Please note that the Boost Up procedure, which helps to increase the basal volume, is not suitable for all girls.

For example, it's not worth it to make its owners short hair - the allowable length of the ringlets on which the Boost Up effect will look organically - over the shoulders and below( see photo).

The Bust Up procedure

At home, it's easy to take care of ringlets that have undergone the Boost Up procedure.

Most likely, you will have to change the usual shampoo and balm, if you used non-professional means for washing your hair.

If you are going to visually increase the thickness of your hairstyle using a permanent procedure, at the base of which special chemistry that fixes the effect on the hair for several months, contact only qualified hairdressers.

Then you can be sure that the procedure will not harm your locks, and you will like the Boost Up result.

Root volume with thermo instruments

Create a beautiful volume at the roots, which will help hair look denser, you can and using a hair dryer and ironing.

If you want to achieve an easy volume, use the following method of drying hair with a hair dryer: tilt your head down and dry the curls with a thermo device, from time to time combing the strands with a conventional comb.

To make hair more voluminous, using a hair dryer, you need to dry them, winding the root zone on a round comb-brushing.

Please note that the best combs of this type are those made of wood or ceramics - these materials less injure curls.

To achieve a more noticeable radical volume, you need to use ironing. There are two technologies for using this device, which make it possible to give the hair a visual density.

To cope with both technologies of temporary increase in volume of a hairdress in house conditions under force to any girl.

If you have never done before or have not used corrugated hair tongs, practice in front of the mirror.


Many girls who strictly followed these recommendations to create a radical volume, say that there is nothing complicated in them.

The first technology involves the use of special nozzles on the rectifier, which create on the curls effect of fine corrugation( pictured below).

Comb your hair and divide it into two parts according to your usual parting.

Throw away a layer of hair that is a centimeter thick on the left side of the hairstyle on the right side - it will cover the small waves that will give the hair a cleavage.

Nozzles for corrugation

Digly process the entire radical area, trying to corrugate the hair from the roots. The width of the corrugation of each strand should not exceed the width of the ironing.

After you finish with the left side of your hair, treat it with any hair styling agent.

For these purposes, suitable varnish, spray, as well as a hairdresser's powder, about which was told above.

Gently cover the corrugation with a layer of straight hair and proceed to the right side of the hairstyle, step by step repeating all the described actions.

When you finish making the corrugation, comb the hair and give it the desired shape.

Do not forget to fix the result with a thin layer of varnish, which will not allow the corrugated strands to get out from under the upper layer of hair.

The second technology of creating a root hair volume by ironing allows the use of a device equipped with classic flat plates.

The root volume is made as follows. Divide the curls into two parts, as described above, and separate the top layer of hair that will cover the results of the comb and ironing( see photo below).

With a flat comb, lightly coat the root area of ​​the hair and fix the resulting hair, holding it between the plates of the rectifier for about five seconds.

Creating a volume

Repeat the procedure until the moment when you do not fasten all the lower strands.

Arrange curls and fix hair with varnish, hairdresser's powder or spray for hair styling.

Reviews of girls who can be found on the Web, confirm that any of the ways listed in the material, allowing to make a hairdo more voluminous, really works.

It is possible to give hair to radical hair both with the help of salon procedures, and thanks to special technologies of stitching curls in the home.

If you dream of a beautiful hairstyle, then try to transform your curls, adding to them the volume. You will notice that the styling will look thicker and more attractive.