Lightening by the ombre method of the tips of hair

  • Mar 22, 2018

A few years ago beauties could not even think that overgrown clarified strands would become a fashion that would be followed by most of the girls and women from around the world. A smooth transition from dark roots to bright tips was given the French name - ombre. Today, any beauty salon can offer to lighten the ends of the strands by special means, but with the same success, the lightening of the tips of the hair can be done at home.

Tone variations of the ombre

In the translation "ombre" means a darkened, i.e., color gamut, which has a smooth transition from a darkened state to a lighter one. In relation to strands ombre is a transition of one color shade of strands to another. But how to make this transition - sharply or harmoniously - is already an individual decision of each girl.

Before deciding to update the external image with the help of modern ombre, you need to decide on the variety of tone scale. The color palette has numerical designations that are uniform for the whole world. Accord

ingly, the values ​​start from 1( black) and end at 10( ultra-blond).

The color palette table looks like this:

  • 1 - black;
  • 2 - saturated dark brown or dark-haired;
  • 3 - dark chestnut or dark brown;
  • 4 - light brown or brown;
  • 5 - light brown or light brown;
  • 6 - dark blond or dark blonde;
  • 7 - medium-blond or medium blond;
  • 8 - light blond or light blonde;
  • 9 - very light blond;
  • 10 - the ultra-blond hair.



Shades or dots indicating the direction of the color gamut( copper, violet, etc.), also denoted by the numbers that are prescribed after the value of the main color tone.

When purchasing a suitable paint of the required tone, it is very important to pay attention to the table, since only with its matching can you get the desired result.

Varieties of ombre

It is important to note that there are a lot of varieties of lightening of the ends of the strands. So, the ombre is:

  • Traditional two tonal - it is proposed to use 2 tones, but between them the border is not clearly marked, it seems visually that the color is stretched along the length of the strands. In this case, it is recommended to choose shades that are close to the natural color of the curls. You can see the coloring technique here.


  • Traditional inverted - in this case, everything is the other way around, - the roots are lightened, and the ends are darkened.


  • Vintage - it seems from the visual assessment that the roots of the painted strands have simply grown back. Vintage ombre in common features is similar to the traditional view, but the line of transition here is more subtle.


  • Ombre "Ponytail" - here the lightening of the strands takes place in the zone of the "horse tail".Ideally, this type of lightening to use long-haired beauties. If the girl has a bang, then it is recommended to lighten the entire length.


  • Transverse - the transition from dark tones to lighter is very slow and gradual. In beauty salons, stylists can offer a variation of the multistage overflow. Unfortunately, it will be quite difficult to repeat the work of masters at home.


  • The contouring of the contour - the lightening of the tips helps to emphasize the clarity and form of the "puff" haircuts.


  • Scandinavian - perfectly suits the owners of light curls. In this case, there is a transition from the roots of the platinum hue to the darkened tips.


  • Monochrome - is an analogue of the Scandinavian ombre, but here the edge of the transition is designated more clearly and brighter.


To whom?

What is called the modern lightening of the tips of the hair is known, but who can use a fashion novelty?

Ombré can be done almost to every girl, it will look equally beautiful both on short, medium and long strands. Ombre can be done on curly or straight locks, the length of lightening can be varied as much as you want - from a couple of centimeters to the coloring of several centimeters of tips.

It's unique and unusual to look and shade out of shades, that is, you can include not the main color gamut, but add a crust - crimson, purple, platinum, white-blue, black-red, etc.

Lightening-method-ombre-tips-hair 11

The most important thing to achieve, It is with the help of a new image that it is important to improve the external image, but not to disfigure it. It is for this reason that it is required to carefully and harmoniously select the color tones of the dyeing compositions.

Tips to help you color the tips of your hair in the ombre technique:

Lighting technology

You can lighten any natural tone of the strands, but between the coloring of light( 6-7-8-. ..) and dark( 1-2-. ..) curls, there is a hugedifference. It is important to remember that from a bright brunette to make a burning blonde just does not work, this rule must always be remembered when choosing the tone of the color composition.

Without special losses 1 tone of the strands can be clarified only up to 8 tones( see the table above), but in this variant it is necessary to prepare for reusable and gradual staining. Of course, along with the coloring, it will be necessary to apply the appropriate means for healing and repairing the strands.

Stylists recommend to initially try to lighten not the entire shock, but start with 1 lock. It must be clarified in the chosen shade, if the result was satisfactory, then you can safely continue to brighten the remaining tips.


It is important for those who possess thin, fragile and painful ringlets to remember that for 3-4 subsequent bleaching the hairs risk becoming lifeless, dry, dull.

In any case, despite the choice of the coloring composition, each of them will have a clarifier - the main component for obtaining a positive result of staining. The clarifier is always made on a chemical basis, which adversely affects the health of the hairs. Before you visit a beauty salon or try to lighten the ends of the strands at home, you need to prepare for a long and high-quality restoration and improvement of the structure of the curls.

Lightening the hair tips of the house

There are many ways to color the ends of the strands at home. But to achieve a positive result of lightening the owners of curls with a tone scale from 1 to 4 is best in the salon conditions. Girls, whose strands belong to the tones from 5 to 7, you can safely carry out the corresponding procedure yourself.

It is easier to lighten on long strands, but for short hair, lightening of the tips is done carefully and it is best to entrust this procedure to a professional master.

The main basis of beautiful and gentle lightening of the ends of the strands is the choice of the coloring composition. You can buy any clarifier for hair, but you can give preference to professional paints for ombre. Before the procedure, it is important to study the instructions for using the dye composition and to make an allergy test.


The dyeing compound is dissolved only in glass or porcelain dishes, it is strictly forbidden to use plastic bowls for such purposes. Staining of the strands must be done with gloves.

  1. Apply to the ends of the strands( 5 cm from the length) the coloring composition with a special brush. Wait 5 minutes. Then again paint the tips, while you need to capture and the area above the painted ends.
  2. Thus, with a break of 5-10 minutes, it is necessary to paint all the desired length of the tips.
  3. After staining the entire desired length of the ends, the hair is combed by a comb with thin teeth.
  4. Each strand wrapped in foil, hold no more than 15 minutes.
  5. After the necessary time has elapsed the foil is unfolded, the coloring composition from the tips of the hair is washed off.
  6. The completion of the clarification procedure is the application to the locks of the means for fixing the color.


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Important nuances of

  1. The dyeing composition for lightening tips is applied to clean and thoroughly dried strands. Before coloring, they must be combed and divided into the same partitions.
  2. Paint is applied to the strand from all sides, it is important that every hair of the stitch is carefully painted.
  3. The total duration of the dyeing procedure should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the risk of obtaining uneven dyeing increases.
  4. If bi-toning is used, the hair roots are first colored in dark colors, and then the tips are lightened.
  5. If it is necessary to achieve a sharp transition from one tone to another, the boundaries between the coloring should not touch each other.
  6. The duration of the coloring agent( in diluted form) lasts no more than 40 minutes, after which the paint loses all its basic properties. To get a positive result, after dilution, it is important to immediately use the paint for the intended purpose.

Lightening-method-ombre-tips-hair 15

It is important to remember that the ombre affects negatively the curls, rather than the usual staining. After the chemical dyes of the hair tips have been clarified, they will need a long restorative procedure. With special care for the corresponding procedure should be applied to female owners of dry and thin strands, since fashionable staining can make hair lifeless and provoke early baldness.

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