We get rid of split hair

  • Mar 10, 2018

If you are asking yourself how best to get rid of split hair and grow long hair without any haircuts, start using methods from split hair, which are described later in this article.

To feel attractive, often a little beautiful figure and fashionable clothes, you want something more, because without beautiful shiny curls, all of the above can not create a whole image.

Cutting hair

To many girls and women in achieving this goal is particularly hampered by the problem of split hair.

Pollution of the environment, the impact of modern styling and cosmetic products contribute to the development and aggravation of this problem.

Ways for home use

How to get rid of split ends of hair?

In addition to the haircuts, there are several ways that you can use at home to solve this problem, among them is the haircut with hot scissors split ends for their sealing, express lamination, classic lamination at home and gelatinous sealing flakes.

These methods are very different from each other:

  • The use of hot scissors allows you to cope only with split ends. In this case, the procedure must be carried out at least once every six months in order to prevent it;
  • Classical lamination by professional means, purchased in special shops for hairdressers, even made at home, can give shine and radiance to the entire length of the curls, however only for a month;
  • Express lamination, made specifically for application in the home, holds only until the next wash of the head, the same applies to the gelatinous version. Let's consider each method in more detail.

    The procedure for sealing the split ends with hot scissors is done in the salons, but by no means all.

    Also, the tool can be purchased for home use, but its cost is about a thousand dollars and not everyone can afford it.


    Yes, and the effect of scissors only applies to the tips, and the problem as a whole does not solve it.

    As already mentioned, classical lamination makes it possible to get rid of split hair for a month. It is usually done in hairdressing salons from a reputable specialist.

    However, if you have an acquaintance master or a person who is well versed in the hair care industry who will cope with the procedure, then purchasing professional laminating equipment and holding it at home will also be a good option.

    After lamination, every hair on the head will be covered with a protective compound that will get rid of the lack of split hair, firmly adhering the scales on their surface, making the curls shiny and healthy.

    Thus, split and brittle ringlets stop losing the necessary substances for their health, but still retain the ability to breathe, since the protective microfilm contains special pores on the surface.

    The appearance of the hairstyle is improving, the problem of brittle and split ends is solved. Hair, which before the lamination was painted, will last longer the brightness of the color and shine.

    The result of sealing fragile and split hair depends on the chemical composition of the film, so it is important to choose the most suitable product for the content.

    Do not forget to test the effect on a separate strand before applying the tool.

    Trying to solve the problem of split hair at home, do not forget to do an allergy test every time, applying a little money to the inside of the elbow for at least a couple of hours. After this, the reaction of the skin, you can easily understand whether you are suitable for this tool or not.


    It's worth noting that if you have already done the procedure, you will not be able to change the color of the treated hair until the protective microfilm dissolves.

    If you still try to do this, then the resulting color may be uneven, since some areas where the film is smaller can be painted, while others, where it is denser, do not.

    With a strong and irresistible desire to dye your hair, it's better to go to the salon to professionals for removing laminated protection.

    Being under the film, the hair will be insensitive to any therapeutic masks and balms-conditioners, the efficiency of which will be equal to zero.

    However, if the roots are slightly grown, you can try the mask, especially if you have fragile and split hair.

    Probably, the lamination procedure is the best option if you do not want a haircut and dream of long hair without split ends.

    Disadvantages of lamination

    It is also worth noting one significant drawback of the classic lamination: the film appeared sufficiently thickens the hair and can contribute to their loss if the roots are not large enough.

    Do not use such chemicals and inflammation of the scalp, otherwise from their penetration into the blood may come intoxication of the body and even possible fatal outcome.

    That's why many believe that the problem of how to get rid of split ends, has not yet exhausted itself.

    Laminating procedure

    After homemade lamination, as well as after salon, you need to choose for yourself a special shampoo designed specifically for these purposes, this applies to balms and conditioners.

    In the aside, leave and scrubs. Improperly selected hair care products can cause premature removal of the protective laminating film.

    However, even if you are laminating at home, the cost of the funds themselves, depending on the brand, can be very significant.

    Therefore, it is worth considering the option of periodic application of express lamination or gelatin mask.

    These two options are great for those who do not want to get rid of split ends of hair with a haircut, but the look of brittle and lifeless ringlets only causes negative emotions.

    The best and safest option for solving the problem of split ends of hair at home is gelatin lamination.

    Gelatin is mixed with water, applied to the hair and warmed for about a quarter of an hour with a warm hair dryer, and then left for an hour until completely cooled.

    Do not put gelatin on the roots, because you can provoke increased fat loss. Gelatin tightly glues the scales, making the hair smooth, elastic and pleasing with its shine.

    The cost of gelatin allows you to carry out the procedure at any frequency. Gelatin lamination is an excellent alternative to haircutting.


    Express lamination helps to get rid of brittle and dry tips of hair, however it is only a cosmetic solution to the problem.

    It is easier to apply, both on dry and wet hair, but it keeps even less gelatinous variant, only until the next washing of the head.

    It is reasonable to apply it when you need an ambulance to your hair: before an important event, a date or when you just want to look special. The effect of such a procedure appears instantly.

    I would like to note that no matter how you struggle with dry, brittle and split hair, you should not be upset by the short-term effect.

    Beauty at all times required time and investment, because there are no ideal people and ideal super glossy hairstyles, however much you like.

    And if suddenly after the procedure you notice the split tip - do not get discouraged, because you can apply beauty recipes again and again, as long as there is a desire.