Three-dimensional hairstyles for liquid and fine hair

  • Mar 10, 2018

Hairstyles on liquid hair need to choose those that help to hide these features of the head of hear and make it visually larger.

In the article you will find suitable options for laying on hair of different lengths.


  • For short strands
  • Assembled hairstyles
  • Loose hair

For short strands

Short haircuts are exactly what experts recommend for thin or liquid strands.

This is because short strands will keep the volume better, and also can hide that the locks are liquid.

There are a lot of variations of short hairstyles: they can be ultra-short strands in the style of "pixy", haircuts "for a boy", "ganson" or shortened square and a bean.

Choose the image you need, based on the shape of the face and the structure of the curls.

For those who want to create a visual volume on the head of hair, the haircut of a bean will suit - it is characterized by shortened locks on the back of the head and elongated in the face, and also by a noticeable volume on the top

of the head, which is achieved due to graded haircuts.

This image is especially suitable for owners of a round face, becauseCan make it visually already.

Hide that the hair is liquid, you can also use a special technique of staining - it can be melioration or coloring, but you need to choose colors that are related to one palette and close to the natural color of your hair, then the color depth turns out to be more saturated and the hair style is voluminous.


Those who have a face oval or elongated, fit any short haircuts.

For thin curls it is recommended to choose graduated haircuts with the most shortened locks on the crown and elongated in the face.

An attractive option is a haircut "Ganson" - it is made with a beautiful thick bangs and a noticeable volume on the top of the head, which, thanks to proper haircut, holds well even on delicate hair.


Короткая стрижка "гарсон"

Kare - another popular hairstyle for short curls. There are a lot of varieties of quads, but if the locks are thin, then it's best to choose the shortened haircut options.

However, it can still have many variations: the hair can be with oblique or straight bangs, oblique or straight parting, asymmetrically or evenly cut strands.

Squiggles quads are very simple to clean and do not require special styling, so they will be an excellent way for every day.

Styling is also a very important factor, even if the hair is short. It is very important to try to keep the volume of hair, so do not choose smoothly combed styling.

Try, on the contrary, to lift it at the roots. A good option will also be naches, which hold well on thin short strands.

In general, the correctly selected short haircut does not need special packing, so, first of all, you need to pay attention to it.


Collected hairstyles

Medium and long hair can also be transformed into a beautiful styling, hiding some drawbacks.

Best for thin and liquid ringlets are the high collected hairstyles - with their help you can give the curls the necessary volume.

Loose strands are not always a good option, because on thin curls the volume will be kept very poorly.

There are a lot of varieties of packing with collected hair, so you can choose the right variant for absolutely any type of appearance.


Tail with fleece

Especially suitable for girls and women with round faces - stowed up styling will make the face visually slimmer, and will also be able to emphasize the dignity of appearance, for example, a long neck.

A good hairstyle for every day - a bow from your own hair. It is made very quickly and will suit both medium and long strands with bangs or without.

In order to make a bow, the strands must be carefully combed and gathered in a high tail on the crown.

In this case, a small curl should be left free - you will need it to fix the hair.

The tail needs to be pulled out a little from the gum, but not until the end, after which it is divided into two equal parts.

In the middle, you need to pass the left loose strand to get a knot of bow."Ears" need to be fixed with invisible, and additionally the hair can be fixed with a varnish.

This laying is very convenient and looks original, so it will be the same for both study and date.


Bow from hair

With your hands, you can create more festive hairstyle, for example, beautiful beams of hair.

Of thin liquid strands, it is best to do bulk beams with a fleece - to achieve such an effect will not be difficult, even on the hair of this type.

Before the creation of laying strands it is better to curl - you can do it not along the entire length, but twist them from the middle of the head.

You also need to comb your hair, then gather it in a bun at the top or back of the head.

The bunch is fixed by the hairpins and the lacquer of strong fixation. This laying is very easy to decorate with additional elements - it can be sequins, special accessories for hair, bandages, rims, etc.

With the help of a beautiful beam with your own hands, you can create a vivid and memorable image, suitable for your type of hair( see photo).

Bundle with fleece

Another suitable option for thin and rare ringlets - Greek styling. They are made on the collected hair and turn the image into a feminine and romantic, suitable for any celebration.

The simplest version of the Greek hairstyle - gathered in a bunch of curls on the back of the head and dissolved in the face.

Make it possible for long and medium hair, and decorate the laying can, for example, a diadem, a bright bandage or other accessory.

Loose hair

If the hair is fluid and long, then just leaving them loose is not always a good option, even if they are healthy.

Not very attractive, this hairstyle will look with a narrow, elongated face, becauseMake it visually even narrower.

If you want to wear medium or long strands of loose hair, then think about a specific haircut, for example, it can be a ladder or other varieties of multi-layered haircuts.

They will help keep the volume on thin strands due to the special technology, thanks to which the upper part of them make it noticeably more voluminous than the lower one.


If we talk about hairstyles, it is better to choose options with partially loose strands, especially if they are very long. A good solution may be, for example, styling "Malvinka".

It is suitable for both straight and wavy head of hear, with or without bangs.

The peculiarity of this laying is that the curls on the top of the head are brushed with layers: it helps to hide that they are liquid, and creates a noticeable additional volume on the hair.

After you have combed the strands, they need to be fixed on the back of the head with the help of a beautiful barrette, and the lower part of them remains loose.

All you need to do with it is to screw it with a curling iron or curler, becauseMalvinka "is made only on wavy strands.


Укладка волос "мальвинка"

If you love braids, they also need to be done taking into account the peculiarities of your head of hear. Too tight weaving only emphasizes that the hair is liquid.

It's better to choose sloppy braids in the style of "Boho" or Greek varieties, while the weaving should begin from the middle of the head, and the top part of the head of hear can be combed, giving it an extra volume.

If we talk about completely loose strands, here, too, you need to create the most voluminous hair.

It's best if the hair is medium, becauseOn long thin hair any volume will not last long.

The images with accessories will look good, for example, you can scratch the top part of your hair, and then fix it with a band or bandage, the lower strands need a little twisting to make them wavy - this is a simple but stylish version of thin hair for every day.