Unforgettable holiday with a bright hairdress for the New Year 2016

  • Mar 11, 2018

To make the holiday unforgettable, it is important to choose for yourself a special bright and cozy image, corresponding to the temperament of the fiery red monkey - the patroness of this year, thinking through all the details, including having beaten in fashionable hairstyles for New Year 2016.


  • Carnival motifs
  • Evening hairstyles with weaving
  • Festive hairstyles for hair of different lengths

Carnival motifs

What is the New Year? This is a special celebration of a mass character, which combines a lot of positive emotions and seemingly incompatible elements.

This is both a family, but at the same time noisy company party.

It should be both cozy, and solemn, positive and dramatic, in the evening elegant and naive-cheerful.

This is a holiday for both adults and children. Age here does not matter, everyone is equally noisy and crave for magic, which makes it possible to fully reveal and boldly fantasize in choosing your evening image and not feel ridiculous

by combining naive and bright motifs in packing or dressing.

Young girls will be approached by daring and deliberately innocent hairstyles with bows of hair. Such laying looks original and fervent, but are made easy.


Bows made of hair

It's not for nothing that the New Year is rather a carnival holiday, combining masquerade elements: dressing in Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and other characters( sometimes even unrelated to traditional New Year's fairytales) with social events.

In 2016( Monkeys) are very actual hairstyles with elements of weaving. You can beat the image of the fashionable

Snow Maiden, using bold and complex hairstyles with different braids: asymmetrical, ethnic, especially loved in 2016, the braid "fish tail".


But at the same time it will be appropriate to meet the holiday and with laconic simple hairstyles - it is enough to use a bright accessory to make the outfit relevant.

For example, one of the trends this year - laying with a clear straight cut with loose or just gathered hair.

These hairstyles look stylish and natural, although quite often, and you can decorate the evening with a ribbon, a soft diadem, or catchy juicy rims.


Often the New Year is celebrated by arranging a themed party. Accordingly, the outfit and hairstyle should take into account all the features of the celebration, emphasizing the uniqueness of the evening( its idea, positivity and ease), and be socially appropriate.

The uniqueness of this holiday in its symbolism, in the transition to a new stage in life, a new period of time.

He leaves the worries and problems of the outgoing year and opens the door to hopes and pleasant discoveries in the new year.

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2016 passes under the auspices of the red fiery monkey.

Stylists expect that, respectively, the actual colors in the accessories and clothes of the New Year, corresponding to the character of this sign, will be red, blue and pink tones.

You can safely play on the contrasts and not be afraid to be too bright - the monkey's favor will be enjoyed by those who will be able to positively present themselves on this holiday.


Stones and crystals in hairpins, ribbons and beads, original accessories - all this will be appropriate, the main thing is that the elements of the costume harmoniously and stylishly combined.

Even the eccentric image, inspired by the ruler of the year - the monkey, - must be composed with taste.

When choosing which accessories are best suited, it should be borne in mind that floral motifs in decorations will be inappropriate.

New Year is a winter holiday, so it's better to give preference to rhinestones. Bright and shiny stones will be associated with colorful ice and other Christmas decorations.

Beads, mesh and hairpins with neutral weaves and patterns will also be appropriate.

Evening hairstyles with weaves

Evening hairstyles that can be made for the New Year's Eve are quite varied. Especially fashionable Christmas hairstyles of 2016 will be made on the basis of various weaves and braid.

Hair can be partially assembled, twisted in braids in bundles, or it is possible and simply to dissolve them, decorating with braided crowns.

There are a lot of types of plaited braids, and many of them are very beautiful and in fact quite simple.

But even more there are variations of hairstyles, in which these weaves are used - from simple, but always actual malvinok, to complex multi-level piling.

A masculine hairstyle with wicker and curly hair, which will be originally emphasized by a luxurious feminine accessory: a diadem, a patterned hairpin or beads( the beads can be put into several rows, adding a stacking of volume and multilayeredness) are grand and romantic.


Hairstyle of Malvina

Styling in the form of a lush high tail, wrapped in light weightless weaving that can be decorated with rhinestones or beads, will look interesting and exquisite.

To give the volume of the front part of the hairstyle, it is possible to create a curtain on the crown or add a Greek sophistication, letting a crown of woven hair over the forehead with a forehead and slightly spreading out for the expressiveness of its loop.


Exquisite hairstyle with crown

As already mentioned above, in fashion in 2016 the year weaving "fish tail".This braid as a separate element, volumetric design, already looks very nice and elegant.

To create an evening hairstyle on her basis, it is enough to braid this braid, decorating the stitch with accessories - leather or suede ribbon, hairpin or diadem.

Feminine will look like a braid fish tail, woven asymmetrically sideways from one side to the other and volume-designed.

To make your hair look even more elegant, you need to add to the base of the braid, which will be slightly to the side of the neck, any accessory. This will emphasize the romantic character of the image.

You can get the loosely woven pigtail in a curvy bundle behind the ear, fixing it with invisible and stilettos.


Hairstyle with a bundle of braids

Ethnic hairstyles will also be relevant. Greek curvy bundles with braids are still in trend and are often found in stars in evening images, striking with their femininity and softness.

Original stylish and daring styling in the style of severe Vikings with laconic make-up that emphasizes natural beauty will look original.

To make a similar hairstyle, you need to collect high on the top of a disheveled bunch of medium volume, using mainly the hair from the top and the back of the head, leaving loose locks on the crown and temples.

Loose hair should be smoothly combed and, dividing them with a strict straight parting, braid into symmetrical braids, which, like a bundle, should look a little careless.

Such a styling will emphasize makeup with accents on cheekbones and eyebrows.

Festive hairstyles for hair of different lengths

Short hair can also be laid in stylish and spectacular evening hairstyles.

Young girls with hair up to the earlobes, for example, with a short haircut bob, you can create a hairstyle in the style of glam rock.

In one of the variations of such a hairstyle, the hair is combed by a side cut on one side and fixed with disheveled and slightly raised upwards.

You can simply form stylish spines in one direction, and in the presence of an elongated bang, you can slightly curl it with your finger, creating a beautiful wave( the remaining strands should be in a creative mess).

This styling will be made even more expressive by the strands of hair painted in bright colors.

Now there are many coloring agents that allow you to give your hair the necessary color or shade for a short time( crayons and tonics, mascara and many other professional tools).

This calling image will not require additional accessories, but the makeup will have to match the style of the hairstyle.


A feminine image for girls with short hair will help create elegant rims or ribbons. Elegantly will look like a veil in a retro veil. All this will be originally combined with elegantly laid waves or with lacquered in wet hair.

Long or medium length hair can be laid in a variety of simple but beautiful hairstyles with the help of various special accessories.

For example, a wand-receiver can be a twister( the original hairpin to create evening hairstyles).

It is better to have in stock even a couple of similar pins. With their help, you can create voluminous elegant stacks with beams, shells and other interesting elements.

Also on medium and long hair, hairstyles with beautifully flowing hair will always be relevant, given that the feminine Hollywood waves are again in fashion.

This hairstyle will be an ideal evening option for girls who want to make an indelible impression.


In fact, there are a lot of evening hairstyles and variations in the laying, so they can not be listed.

It should also be noted that certain carnival motives allow non-traditional approaches and creative fulfillment of the question of what kind of haircut is best done to meet the year of the Monkey.

The main thing is that the image was thought out and neat in execution, approached the person and was emotionally comfortable.