What should I do for autumn hair care?

  • Mar 23, 2018

Hair care in autumn, especially at home, requires special approaches: the number of treatment measures should prevail over preventive.

Hair, like nature in general, sneak, tired of the abundant effects of burning sun rays. They lose their luster and begin to fall more intensely like leaves in an autumn park.

It is a well-known fact that on the eve of winter the number of rods( hairs) remaining on the crest during combing increases by a factor of 1.5.

Autumn care

We should not fall into despair, because such increased losses are considered the norm from the point of view of scientists.

It is established that the physiological processes in the human body depend to a large extent on seasonality.

However, during this period it is necessary to carry out care with special care, choose cosmetics and components with special love and desire to nourish the head of life with vitality.


  • Shampoos, optimal in autumn-winter period
  • Application of masks to stimulate growth
    • Causal effects and productive measures

Shampoos, optimal in autumn-winter period

According to experts, hair care in autumn and winter at home orOther life situations should provide, in the first place, hydration and nutrition.

It is necessary to revise the list of cosmetics used daily and components included in it.

Emphasis should be placed on soft shampoos and nourishing masks, pay attention to head massages, balance the diet, restrict the use of styling products and instruments associated with intensive thermal exposure: hair dryers, ironing, plaques and the like.

Autumn is a period of maturity, so even the form of hairstyles should not be frivolous, as in the summer.

Even the young ladies, when they see the first yellow leaves, go to the salons to cut off the hair-tips dried by the summer sun and give the hair a traditional and, maybe, even a conservative look.

Such actions are completely justified, since experts recommend a few decrease in length in anticipation of the winter.

The claim that a radical short haircut stimulates hair growth is not justified in terms of physiology, since only the normal activity of the follicles determines the appearance of new rods and an increase in the length of the hair as a whole.

However, well-treated tips give the hairstyle an attractive appearance, and the appearance of new hair bulbs can be stimulated by applying special masks, including components that activate growth and have a beneficial effect on the hair roots.

Prepare hair for the autumn-winter period and can be at home, or rather, the measures taken outside the hairdressing salons are the most productive.


For example, traditional shampoos can be replaced with conventional products found in any kitchen.

A habitual egg can clean the hair of dirt much more efficiently than any "advanced" shampoo from a well-known brand.

It is necessary to actively mix natural ingredients - protein with yolk, and apply a consistency to the hair.

There is no need to hold the mass for a certain period of time, it can be washed off immediately after application, like a normal shampoo.

Egg is the ideal product for washing, it was worshiped by women who lived many centuries ago.

To this day, the egg is a part of the majority of cosmetics produced at home, and causes satisfaction in women's performance.

Delicate natural kefir is another product, the effectiveness of which is unparalleled.

Even without the use of additional components, it can give softness, elasticity, silky and shine to the hair. However, he has one drawback - a sour smell.

Aroma, when yogurt is used as a drink, has nothing to do with the smell after applying the product to the hair.

Alas, this is the only drawback that kefir has as a cosmetic, but it is easy to eliminate.

It is necessary to rinse your hair with a solution containing fresh lemon juice, which is a neutralizing component in most cosmetics.


Application of masks to stimulate growth

Hair care in the autumn-winter period assumes, in the first place, intensive nutrition of the roots responsible for the growth of the rods( visually visible part of the hair).

Queen of cosmetics for hair, of course, are masks, especially those made at home.

In autumn, special emphasis should be placed on recipes that presuppose nutrition and stimulation of growth.

They can include nutritional components such as vegetable oils, kefir, egg, honey, animal fats in the form of cream or interior fat, as well as a complex of vitamins in the form of fruit and berry or vegetable juices.

In addition, very common ingredients can be used to stimulate hair growth: mustard, red pepper, onions, garlic, cognac or other alcohol-containing ingredients that cause active circulation.

There are a lot of masque recipes. It should not be thought that a clear adherence to recommendations or proportions of components will give a positive result.

Although the experience of women, of course, should be taken into account. Proportions should be chosen according to preferences and intuitive perception.

Causal relationships and productive measures

It is more important to know the principles of approaches that can give a positive result. For example, if the goal is to answer the question: "How to care for the hair in the fall?", It is necessary to determine the cause-and-effect relationship.

Factors affecting the condition of hair in autumn:

  • deficiency of vitamins;
  • structural damage during the summer period;
  • physiologically low activity of follicle activity.


  • no gloss;
  • increased brittleness, hair tips;
  • deficiency of components for nutrition;
  • active deposition;
  • dryness of scalp.



  • application of natural shampoos( egg, kefir, softened rye bread, mustard solution);
  • use of nutritional-regenerating masks for hair regeneration, including effective components: vegetable oils, honey, eggs, herbal decoctions and other useful ingredients;
  • compulsory use of formulations for the activation of follicles, including aggressive components: ray, garlic, mustard, red, pepper, honey, salt and others;
  • regular head massage, stimulating blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Regardless of the season, remember that hair is the main trump card in the appearance of a woman.

Therefore, it is necessary that they attract the attention of others, and in the first place of men, their well-being, health, shape, style, glitter, free fall of curls, color, conformity to inner spiritual content and other factors.

Only balanced care, based on the recommendations of cosmetologists, will allow hair to become the main decoration of a woman.