Means for oily scalp and hair loss

  • Mar 23, 2018

Oily scalp with hair loss is a common female problem.

To get rid of it, you must first understand why it occurs, and then solve this problem.

A distinctive feature of oily hair is the need to wash your head almost every day.

Disease on oily skin

1. Oily skin is infected with Malassezia globosa;2. There are micro dermatoses of dandruff;3. Visible flakes of dandruff.

Despite some problems and inconveniences, the fat skin has its positive side.

First of all, it will be longer look young and radiant, and her hair looks healthier than dry, they are protected from the negative impact of external factors, so there is less whipped.

On this head, you can easily apply a variety of masks, without fear of harming them.


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Causes of excessive fat

Fat color is formed by the intensive work of the sebaceous glands.

The reasons for this are different:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • of the GI tract;
  • problems with the autonomic nervous system.

In addition, the function of the sebaceous glands can be increased for other reasons.

Often such a problem can be observed in lovers of head massage, too hot water for rinsing hair, frequent bathing, eating fatty foods.

Often dandruff and fat on the skin of the head causes seborrhea.


The main feature of seborrhea is hair loss, but there are also other signs of this disease:

  • oily shine;
  • inflammation and redness of the scalp;
  • itching and flaking;
  • compaction of stratum corneum;
  • oily dandruff.

Due to the increased secretion of sebaceous glands and excessive fat production, hair sacs are clogged, and the protective properties of sebum are markedly reduced.

In such an environment, fungi and other microorganisms are formed, which causes the skin to become inflamed, the surface becomes thicker, and the nutrition of the follicles becomes more difficult. Because of this, hair loss begins.

If the patient has oily seborrhea, then in a very short time after washing, the hair becomes dirty, gets a greasy sheen, pustules develop, large yellow dandruff is formed, and scaly scaly crusts form on the skin.

Another typical symptom is very severe itching, because of which patients often tear the skin up to the blood.

The main causes of this ailment, experts consider malfunctions in the immune, endocrine, digestive and nervous systems of the body.

Often also, head seborrhea occurs with depression and after stress.

Inflammation of the follicle

To determine if a patient has seborrhea, doctors prescribe to pass a blood test for hormones, bacteriological crops, trichogram and other examinations.

Often, seborrhea and vegetation loss occur with various failures in the body, so you need to go through a complete diagnosis for the presence of various pathologies.

Treatment of oily skin and hair loss

Fat seborrhea, loss of vegetation and dandruff are treated not so difficult, but this does not mean that once washing your head with a healing detergent, you can be permanently cured of this ailment.

Hair loss, seborrhea and dandruff are treated by several methods:

  1. Medicated. First of all, the doctor prescribes external and internal medicines. Usually, antifungal medications are used for treatment that stop the spread of infection and remove inflammation. Also for treatment use hormonal ointments;
  2. Injection. Improve the circulation of blood, nutrition and hair growth will help mesotherapy - subcutaneous injections with a special mixture of medications. Regenerating and disinfecting effect has ozonotherapy on the scalp;
  3. Physiotherapy. Cryomassage, microcurrents, darsonvalization also well help against baldness and for a fat head. The greatest effect can be achieved by combining different methods of treatment, for example, medicines and ozone therapy.

To increase the effectiveness of therapy and improve the appearance of the head of hear, it is important to monitor your diet. Every day you must eat fish, meat, vegetable and fruit dishes.

But different canned foods, marinades, salines and smoked products will have a bad effect on the condition of your head of hair and scalp.

With oily seborrhea, you need to reduce to a minimum the intake of saturated fats - fat, margarine, butter, and easily assimilated fast carbohydrates - sugar, confectionery, dough.

Every day, you must eat fiber, which is in the composition of vegetables, legumes, cereals, bran.

In addition to balanced nutrition, you should also consume a sufficient amount of liquid. On the day your body should receive at least 2 liters of water.

Hair and scalp care should be as gentle and gentle as possible. Any skin irritation will cause increased salivation.


So that your head of hair is not covered with fat and dandruff for a long time, you do not need to comb it often and strongly, massage your head.

Hot water also increases the secretion of sebum, so cosmetic procedures are necessary with water at room temperature.

The use of a hair dryer, as well as various styling products, irritates the scalp.

If you still need to dry your hair quickly, then it's best to use cold blowing, and it's better not to use hot air.

The right choice of cosmetics

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of detergent. Normal shampoos that are sold in all stores will not work.

Even shampoos that remove dandruff and fat from the skin are quite aggressive and are not intended for daily use.

Shampoo is better to choose from professional or special organic cosmetics, or you can make a remedy against the loss of vegetation with your own hands.

For regular use from hair loss, you need to choose a mild shampoo for oily hair or for normal.

If shampoo against the loss of vegetation will be selected successfully, there will be no need to wash your head every day.

Usually, you can choose a suitable shampoo against hair loss from expensive brands that are not known to the masses.

Usually, even when the head is oily, the tips of the hair are dry or normal, in this case, it is necessary to apply the detergent only to the roots.


Every 1 to 2 weeks, experts recommend using a cosmetic remedy for deep cleansing of the skin or doing a peeling for the scalp, which removes dandruff and fat from the scalp.

Unlike shampoo, balm needs to be applied for the entire length of the hair, and not on the roots, receding 10 cm from the skin.

Folk treatment

Folk recipes offer a variety of masks, which help treat oily skin. For this type of hair oil mask is perfect.

It is better for a mask from vegetation to take light oils as a basis - almond, sesame, jojoba, grape.

Recommended essential oils - eucalyptus, tea tree, mint, sage, cedar, lemon, cypress, pine.

Dry the problem areas with a henna mask. You can use both coloring and colorless henna.

These masks will not only make the scalp less greasy, but also give the hair a natural sheen.

Dry the skin with a mask with green clay. In addition, alcohol tinctures of marigold or parsley will also be useful.

You should just apply the medication on the tampon and wipe the problem areas. Also, with this problem, you can use tincture from young needles of pine or fir.

For its preparation take 3 tablespoons of greens and pour them with a liter of liquid, boil for 15 minutes and pass through a sieve. The broth is rubbed in pure form or in half with alcohol.

To treat dandruff and a fat head, you can use Sulsen paste, which can be used alone or together with shampoo.

Very effective against alopecia is a mask of sour milk or kefir, which also helps to dry the skin.


Before washing, lubricate problem areas with curdled milk or kefir and wrap with a towel. After 15 - 20 minutes, remove the mask with shampoo and rinse your head.

Also before the washing process, it is possible to apply aloe juice to problem areas, and then use the balm.

Specialists also recommend washing off any shampoo and balm that suits your type with infusion of herbs such as hops, horsetail, nettles, burdock, coltsfoot, calamus.

Dark hair is best rinsed with acetic water - 1 tablespoon per liter of water, and light - an infusion of chamomile with lemon juice or lemon juice.

To remove dandruff and an unpleasant greasy shine will help mustard.

Mix 1 tbsp. A spoonful of powder with two liters of hot water and treat this mixture with a problem place, then rinse with water and vinegar.

Lively shine and beauty of your head of hair will be presented by such masks: crushed green mint rubbed with the fruits of mountain ash and put this slurry on your head for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

The greens of a plantain or dandelion, ground into a gruel, are also applied for half an hour to a greasy head, after which it is removed with water.

Whatever masks against the loss of vegetation on the head you have not chosen, it is important to correctly apply them to the skin.

With the left hand, the hair is divided into strands, and the right is applied to the mask so that all the skin is covered with the mixture, and then on the hair.