Choosing a shampoo for fine hair

  • Mar 24, 2018

Shampoo for fine hair, in the first place, should contribute to the volume, so its components can not include components that weight the structure.

Effective products contain detergents that provide abundant foaming, and keratin, which increases the strength of hair.

Hair type depends on many factors, first of all - on hereditary traits, age and race.

It is a well-known fact that representatives of the Scandinavian countries possess the most delicate hair. There is a direct dependence of thickness and color( the most delicate hair in blondes).

Hair type and color

The main parameters characterizing the structure of hair include thickness, length, porosity and elasticity.

Throughout life, the thickness of the hair changes - in infants it is three times less than in adults, and in the elderly, the process of thinning also begins.

The natural hair type can change under the influence of various mechanical and chemical influences, such as coloring, permanent or hot styling.

Fine hair is particularly pro

ne to deformation, so effective cosmetics are required to maintain their health and normal appearance.


  • Popularity rating of shampoo manufacturers
  • Additional accents when choosing shampoo
  • Questions to professionals

Rating of popularity of shampoo manufacturers

Thin hair can be dry and oily, straight and curly, brittle and elastic.

Thickness is only one of the parameters that determines the choice of hair care products, but other criteria should be taken into account along with it.

All shampoo for fine hair combines a common feature - they are focused on creating volume.

At the same time, they can include various components that contribute to the treatment, recovery, growth, nutrition, strengthening of hair and the realization of other hair care goals.

Shampoo refers to the products of daily use, so, of course, the cost affects the choice of consumers.

A good shampoo for thin, damaged or colored hair from Russian manufacturers in most cases can solve the problem of combining the price and a positive result.

Rating of domestic brands is growing rapidly. For example, such brands as Timotei, Sunsilk, "Clean Line", "One hundred recipes of beauty" received wide popularity.

Special preference is given to shampoos based on natural products and herbs. One of the leaders in the market of natural cosmetics was the brand Natura Siberica - according to eco-characteristics this brand is among the best.

Many analytical companies compose a rating of Russian and foreign manufacturers and conduct research to determine the popularity of various brands of shampoos among Russian consumers.

The average leader rating is as follows:

  • Pantene Pro-V;
  • Head &Shoulders;
  • Nivea;
  • Shauma;
  • Clean Line;
  • Linda;
  • Nature of Siberica;
  • Vorozhey;
  • Forest Berry.


For fine, weakened or dyed hair, Pantene Pro-V, the leader of the popularity rating leader, uses a good shampoo "Extra Volume", which helps not only to create the maximum volume, but also to strengthen hair, shine, protect from damage inStowage time.

Manufacturer has a special certificate from the Swiss Institute of Vitamins. The products of this brand as a whole have excellent characteristics, therefore it is included in the leader rating.

Head &Shoulders, included in the rating at the second position, recommends using a good shampoo for thin and colored hair intended for the care of sensitive scalp.

It contains an extract of aloe vera, which produces a soothing effect on the skin and prevents hair loss and brittleness.

Rating popularity is often headed by shampoo for fine hair "Effective volume" from Nivea.


Women give it preference, due to the fact that the product name fully corresponds to the achieved result.

The shampoo contains liquid creatine and bamboo extract. These are two components that are extremely effective in promoting the nutrition of bulbs and restoring the structure of the hair.

The product helps to lift the hair at the roots, which creates the maximum volume. Reviews about this shampoo are very positive.

Clean Line offers a good shampoo "Volume and Strength" for the care of weakened and thin hair. It contains an extract of wheat germ and a decoction of flax of the field.

These components not only create the maximum volume, but also contribute to the enhancement of shine and the protection of color.

This brand is loved by Russian women( this is evidenced by numerous reviews), because at the heart of the produced products are only natural extracts of herbs.

Among the Russian producers, Kalina's brand "Clean Line" topped the rating of eco-cosmetics products in Russia. To study the useful properties of plants, even a specialized institute was created.


Recently, the rating of Natura Siberica shampoos has been growing rapidly, as they contain unique natural ingredients that promote health.

The manufacturer offers several series of products that stimulate the maximum volume and ways of thickening the hair.

These include shampoos designed for all types of hair and certain types, including rare, weakened, fatty, thin.

The composition includes unique extracts of pine cedar, medinitsa, arctic raspberry, Daurian dogrose.

The products manufactured by Natura Siberica do not use synthetic components, and for this reason the brand rating is very high, and the positive feedback is 75%.

Natura Siberica Shampoo

Along with this, the price for Natura Siberica shampoos is quite affordable, and the quality meets international standards.

This brand is popular both in Russia and abroad, and user reviews are encouraging and suggest that this is a really good product.

Additional accents when choosing shampoo

Manufacturers do not always indicate the type of hair for shampoo - fatty, dry, mixed or other hair.

For owners of thin structure, basically, means with a sign "Volume" are intended. They can contain the placenta, keratins, silk proteins, extracts of herbs or other plants, as well as other useful components.


The main goal - to strengthen the hair bulb, improve the skin and lift hair from the root, create the conditions for thickening.

Reviews of women suggest that to care for delicate hair should not seek to use the means that combine the properties of shampoo and balm at the same time.

If the hair is very thin, the presence of the weighting components inherent in the balm can lead to unwanted coalescence and rapid contamination.

The main task is to clean and lighten hair. The maximum volume can be achieved by additional rinsing with mineral water or a solution containing lemon.

Thin and rare hair requires gentle treatment, so experts recommend applying the shampoo at first to the roots, and then distributing it softly throughout the head.

During washing, it is advisable to carry out a light head massage, representing circular movements from the forehead and temples with a gradual transition to the occipital part.

In this case, the inclusion of herbal components in shampoo is of particular importance, since they contribute to increased blood circulation.

For thin and rare structures recommended and abundant long-term washing, washout period shampoo should be an interval of time three times greater than its application.

Also should pay attention to the foaminess of the agent, for thin structures it is recommended to use shampoos of a sparse consistency.

The positive result of using shampoo for rare, thin, fatty, dry or other types of hair, undoubtedly, depends on many factors.


When choosing a product, attention should be paid not only to the composition, but also to the pH value indicated on the package. This indicator indicates the level of acidity.

The value 7 is considered the norm, since it characterizes the state of pure water at a temperature of 25 ° C.Indicators with values ​​less than 7 are characteristic for acidic solutions, more than 7 - for alkaline solutions.

Manufacturers of shampoos seek to provide pH values ​​between 5.5 - 7. Such characteristics are suitable for normal hair.

For those with dry hair, a shampoo with a pH level of less than 5 is suitable, for greasy - shampoo with an alkaline medium( pH more than 7) is preferable.

In the old days, for normal hair, regular soda was used to make the volume. Modern cosmeticians do not recommend resorting to such remedies, since this is fraught with the appearance of allergic reactions, drying out the skin and fragility of the tips.

Questions to professionals

People who aspire to take care of hair as efficiently as possible, often want to get professional advice, and seek advice from cosmetologists and trichologists.

Among the most frequently recurring questions are the following.

Question: Advise what shampoo for fine hair should be chosen, and what means should I use to repair the damaged structure?

Answer: The most effective means are, and first of all - shampoos, which have a formula with the content of ceramides in their composition.

In addition, they must be enriched with active ingredients that are able to penetrate deeply into the layers of hair and skin.

Ceramides help fill and repair damaged areas, and active substances eliminate the causes of the problem.

For example, L'Oreal Elseve shampoo uses lactic acid, which can penetrate up to 10 layers of organic tissue.


Question: Advise if it is worth shaving your head, following the folk method, to make your hair thicker, have a greater thickness?

Answer: This is a myth that has no scientific confirmation. The number of follicles is unchanged throughout life, if they are not damaged by mechanical or chemical means.

Thickness depends on the generation of keratin by the body and the hair distribution system. In the initial stage of growth, hair is always stronger, because they are exposed to the environment for a small amount of time.

A feeling of density and strength is created, but as they grow back they become weaker, as they are exposed to the sun, drying by a hair dryer, improper care.

Hair Growth

Question: Advise which shampoo is the best, how to choose, so that it gives a guaranteed result?

Answer: The individual characteristics of each human organism predetermine the perception of various types of cosmetic products. Manufacturers seek to find a formula that would be most suitable for most consumers with a certain type of hair.

However, a good result can only be obtained experimentally, therefore it is impossible to rely on a positive outcome only on the basis of recommendations.

Question: Advise which brand products should be preferred?

Answer: Each manufacturer has effective products, because entire laboratories and institutions are engaged in research to create unique formulas.

However, the effectiveness of the use of funds depends on a number of factors: individual perception, regularity of application, combination with other agents in the complex and other reasons.

Question: Please, what shampoo and other cosmetic products are the least harmful to the body?

Answer: Uniquely - cosmetics based on natural products.


Question: Advise, thickening with silicone is the solution to the problem of fine hair?

Answer: No. Cosmetics containing silicone allow temporarily improving the appearance, creating a sealing effect, but not eliminating the problem.

It is more sensible to use the means that contribute to improving health and eradicate the causes of negatives. For example, it is necessary to use shampoos that favorably affect the bulbs and scalp.

Question: Advise if it is possible to eliminate the problem of increased fineness of hair only with the help of cosmetics?

Answer: Only to a certain extent.

It is necessary, along with the choice of the best hair care products, to organize a rational diet that contributes to the filling of the body with vitamins and minerals.

In addition, you should always remember that hair is a mirror of our psychological state.

A normal lifestyle without stress is the way to a healthy appearance in general and an ideal hairstyle in particular. A good shampoo will not solve all the problems with the hair overnight.